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26th January

Today was republic day which means most people do not go to work and spend time with their families. All schools in Kolkata were closed today and the children celebrate with their families. This gave us the opportunity to go and visit a programme which is being developed to ensure that children in the outskirts of Kolkata get access to Education and Health care. It was a very long journey to Diamond Harbour we travelled by coach with the team and arrived to a wonderful greeting. We had a look around the school room, and watch a  traditional Indian dance by the children. 

We then went on to the women's empowerment section where they are working hard to create a school uniform for CRS  schools in Kolkata. If this project goes ahead it will mean equality for all children in the Catherdal Relief Schools.

We had a very exciting lunch which was served on a banana leaf and consisted of rice, vegetables and a spicy sauce, followed by a drink of coconut water.

Once we said our goodbyes we then went back to the coach and went down to the harbour, to board a boat along the Ganges. This was a peaceful, still and calm experience and gave us the time to reflect and enjoy the beautiful landscape.