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21st January

We went for a boat ride in the afternoon along the Ganges. It was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed the trip. While travelling we had a lovely lunch and saw porpoises dancing in the water, but you had to be quick to see them.  We took a short time out to visit a Temple, which was built as a shared place of worship for Christians, Muslims and Hindus, it was stunning and peaceful. The decoration was breath taking, but unfortunately  we were unable to take photos. 
P.S. Can you stop Brave?



Had the most amazing sleep last night despite the traffic noise outside. I didn’t wake until 7:30 missed breakfast but was ready to visit the cathedral. The service today was very fitting as we were saying goodbye to the Rev Nigel who is raving Kolkata to go and live in Australia. The choir sang and the service was lovely some of the service took place in Bengali but the majority was in English. As I sat looking at the beautiful


glass windows a squirrel came in. To say I was distracted was an understatement I’ve never been in a church service with a squirrel before. 

Once the service finished we walked to the Victoria memorial park for a wander around. The weather was beautiful. The park was packed with families having time together it was a precious moment.