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25th January

Last day in school, so disappointed, we both would like more time to introduce phonics and number. We started the day using number shapes for counting, dividing and problem solving. We had a group each and it was very interesting to see their response to using number shapes and bottle tops in phonics.

when the resources were handed out the children automatically picked it up and made piles under their legs and skirts. We had to have a good talk about sharing, partner work isn't usually in this school. However, once we got over that issue the children were very quick to make up given amounts of numbers. 

In the reception class we then did an introduction to,(Logan's), Lego wow the children had never seen such things before. Teaching the colours, numbers and how to attach the bricks to the base board took ages, it highlighted the importance of play. 

Time seem to fly next session was completing phase 2 letters and sounds using magnetic letters on baking trays. The children are very confident with the letter names but not really aware of the sounds. Lots of fun was had with us showing them the different shape that our mouths makes when sounding out. Magic!