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Stay and Play

We had such a fun session during our messy play today. the children especially loved the cream and weetabix building.  The children used paint, played in straw and oats and the adults were able to have a chat and a drink as well.  Looking forward to our next stay and play on 13.3.24.

We had a lovely Christmas messy play session. We had paint for hand and feet painting which the toddlers loved. Glitter and glue as well as some salt dough. We had some sticking and cutting activities to go alongside as well. Thank you very much for coming the children seemed to have a blast. 

Stay and play session Autumn 1:

We have had a lovely couple of Play and Stay sessions this half term and we have had the pleasure to welcome some new children into our sessions as well as their adults. 

Welcoming Stay and Play session back:

We have welcomed our Stay and Play sessions back for this academic year. These will be held once every fortnight on a Wednesday 2-3pm in Mandela room.  Please check out the calendar for specific dates: 

Our FREE Stay and Play sessions are from birth to school starting age for parents or grandparents as a free, safe and warm place to bring your child for them to have an hour of fun whilst you have a Free hot or cold drink and a chance to meet other parents / grandparents and make new friendships in a supportive group of parents. 

If you have an enquiries about Stay and Play sessions you can either ring on 

0115 932 4252 or you can email the school admin team on or

We hope to see you soon! 


We explored the mud kitchen, the den before decorating sticks with wool. I think parents enjoyed this activity more than the children. 

Helpful tips to aid developing speech in babies and young children. 

We had lots of fun exploring different items such as, corn flour, paint, cereal tuff spot, water and sand. 

We saw new faces this week which was great and it is lovely to see the children’s confidence grow week on week. 

We had a lovely first session back after the Christmas holidays and this weeks theme was exploring. We had water beads, sand, veggies, the Eco garden and den as well as many more activities such as jigsaws. 

Don’t forget your lidded cup for a warm drink for our next session. 

Week 3 of stay and play: Christmas crafts. 

We had a lovely play and stay session doing lots of Christmas crafts such as, salt dough decorations, Christmas garlands and much more. We also had the stickle bricks out and a few jigsaws for the children to use as well.  We enjoyed biscuits too. 

Week 2 of stay and play: We had more babies, toddlers and parents join us for stay and play this week. The aim was to go into the Eco garden and play with some musical instruments in class, however, the weather was not in our favour and so, we stayed in the class instead. We had playdough, Pudsey Bear colouring, stickle bricks, big books and much more for all to enjoy. 

Week 1 of stay and play: This was a bit of a  taster to see how many children we had and of what ages. It was a lovely hour spent with babies, toddlers and children playing and exploring an EYFS classroom and the resources within it. Parents were able to spend some time talking as well as guiding their child in a new environment. 

The children really enjoyed the playdough station, the big dolls house, big books and the bricks the most. 

Stay and Play sessions: 

We are offering a stay and play session for our families who have younger children from birth to starting school once a fortnight  for an hour (Friday 2-3pm)  throughout the Autumn terms. 

If you are interested please see the contact details on the image and arrange a viewing with them. 

Fun, Free, Talking Activities:

Safeguarding documents to support parents and grandparents: