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Forest School

Bug hunting - we found a centipede!

We got to make animals with clay.

These are Lauren's ladybirds that we use to play hide and seek.

We absolutely love whittling sticks using potato peelers.

Playing in muddy puddles.




We love playing hide and seek with Lauren's gnomes.

Monday 11th March 2024

Spring has finally arrived and so has Forest School. We had a FANTASTIC session with Lauren, children played with the mud kitchen, jumped in muddy puddles and practised their fire starting skills. We can't wait for the next session!

Monday 3rd October 2023

Today we got to identify different types of slugs using Lauren's identifying cards, not only did we find slugs but  we also found worms and beetles and used magnifying glasses to look at them closely. Lauren kindly bought in some apples for us, we used her spiral machine which peeled and took the core out, we loved our tasty treat.


Monday 18th September 2023

We are all so very excited, it's our first session with Lauren , the forest school leader.  At first,  we sat around in a circle to discuss what activities Lauren had planned for us. There was den building,  playing in the mud kitchen and making necklaces with conkers.

Monday 17th April 2023

Monday, 17th October

Monday, 3rd October

Monday, 26th September


Monday, 12th September

Today was our first Forest School session, we had time to explore, taste crab apples, build bug habitats and have lots of fun.

We are excited to start working with Lauren Kinnersley, an experienced forest Schools practitioner. She will be in schools on a Monday delivering a curriculum session in the afternoon as well as an after school club. 

For more information about forest Schools, please see Laurens Website: