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28th January

Today was a good day the focus was phonics in the morning then an afternoon session of numeracy. Phonics focused on how to play fun games using the resources provided. This was a great session with all the teachers getting fully involved with the interactive style of teaching. All the staff were thoroughly engaged in all the sessions, which really made us think about how we can encourage more of this back in the UK.


Problem solving was also unpicked to model that for the children they need practical resources to support the methodology. In many classrooms in India, the teachers are only focused on the right answers rather than the process of gaining an answer.

The teachers then told us a story in Bengali using basic props; this was both entertaining and thought provoking for us all. The moral of the story was we are all equal it does not matter where we come from we are all the same.

The farewell by the teachers was a lovely traditional Indian dance and songs which were both fantastic to see but also sad as it was our last time of seeing the team.

Tea with the Bishop

The Bishop house was well worn standing on a busy road opposite the cathedral. The stain glass window in the meeting room was somewhat beautiful and the decoration was stunning. We all sat around a large glass table feeling somewhat nervous. The Bishop entered the room in a formal manner he was surrounded by his colleagues. He introduced himself and all his colleagues and the meeting started, it was interesting listening to his views about the work we have been doing and intend to do.

We were then served tea on white China and had a formal photograph taken. At the end of the meeting all, the Derby team were given a gift to take back with us and our cars came to take us back to the hotel.

Our final meal that the Blue and beyond was peaceful and stunning as we watched the sunset our farewell to a wonderful place. Kolkata.