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22nd January

Just had the most amazing day in school. It was so lovely the children were so excited to see us. Lots of smiles, screams and jumping up and down. Not only did they have visitors from England but it was also a festival day.  The children were able to come to school dressed in their best clothes it was a colourful scene.  They had an extra special treat as their lunch was a variety of biscuits, fruit and sweets a real treat for the whole school. 

The children were so excited by the big bag of goodies that we gave them. The biggest hit were the figet spinners and the dolls. The children instantly said the name figet spinners and knew what to do with them instantly bringing children together across the world. 

Mrs D played cricket and was up against so amazing bowlers. 

During children free time we went into the women institute which was somewhat impressive. The ladies range from 18-45 and use two rooms in the school block to sew, knit and embroidery. These are women who would not have a skill so they are being trained to produce goods for sale. It was a wonderful experience as they carried out a welcome service for us. 

Once we had been welcomed we then had the opportunity to look through their sample and ask questions about the items they make. They have the opportunity to design, create patterns and also make them up. It was so interesting as the machines that they use are the traditional pedal machines. 

Ladies at work

First day in school

In the afternoon we went to visit the Mother Teresa House. This was special because we got  to read her life story and see her resting place. We  also had the privilege to see the Nuns taking their prayers.  This was very moving.  


We then went to a shop called the Central Cottage industries emporium, this is where all the gifts are made in India, and are hand made. Most of the group purchased some really lovely gifts. It took us that long to decide that the shop stayed open for longer, just for ussmiley