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Stay and Play

Week 3 of stay and play: Christmas crafts. 

Week 2 of stay and play: We had more babies, toddlers and parents join us for stay and play this week. The aim was to go into the Eco garden and play with some musical instruments in class, however, the weather was not in our favour and so, we stayed in the class instead. We had playdough, Pudsey Bear colouring, stickle bricks, big books and much more for all to enjoy. 



Week 1 of stay and play: This was a bit of a  taster to see how many children we had and of what ages. It was a lovely hour spent with babies, toddlers and children playing and exploring an EYFS classroom and the resources within it. Parents were able to spend some time talking as well as guiding their child in a new environment. 


The children really enjoyed the playdough station, the big dolls house, big books and the bricks the most. 


Stay and Play sessions: 


We are offering a stay and play session for our families who have younger children from birth to starting school once a fortnight  for an hour (Friday 2-3pm)  throughout the Autumn terms.