St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Rosa Parks Class

Class information:

Home learning:  

Home learning will be given on a Tuesday  and due the following Monday, for example, given on the 12.09.23 and due on the 18.09.23 


Home learning will be in their purple home learning book that should be kept in your child's book bag and placed in the cream trays located around the classroom on a Monday morning ready to be marked and new home learning to be given. 



PE will be on Thursday afternoons. However, we ask for PE kits to be in school everyday and we will send them home to be washed at the end of each half term or when we feel necessary. PE kits should include:

- PE top and jacket or jumper

- PE shorts / trousers 

- PE footwear dark coloured trainers 

- Socks only if your child wears tights 

Hair should be tied back and any watches taken off. 


Forest school: 

Forest school will be running every Monday afternoon for Reception children from the 18th September 2023. Please provide a water proof and wellies that can stay in school. Children will also need a sun hat, winters hat, gloves when the weather changes.  



Reception spellings: 

Reception will be given tricky words (exception words, words that don’t fit a phonic pattern) these will be given at appropriate times based on individuals. There is a copy of the tricky words in the back of the purple home learning book. We will highlight the words we want you to focus on and once secure with reading and writing each word a tick will be placed next to the word.  


Year one and two spellings: 

Every Tuesday Year Ones will be given spellings on spelling frame. These spellings will be tricky words (exception words, words that don’t fit a phonic pattern). Please practise these words at home reading and writing them. We will then focus on these words the following week in their writing. The children's spelling frame account details are in the front of their reading records. 


Active Learn: 

Your child's login details are stuck in the purple home learning book. We use active learn during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Active Learn.  When using Active Learn you need to allow pop ups as the e-books open in new window. Each e-book has a small picture of a bug and these are the children to click on and a question will be provided about the book for your child to answer. Please ensure your child answers the bugs. 



Your child will bring a reading book home each night these will be changed regularly in school; Monday and Thursday. We encourage re-reading books to allow for questions to arise to ensure a better understanding. We advise parents to read at least 4 times a week with your child. Please ensure you record when your child has read and to who in their reading record.  We also advise a mix between e-books and physical books. Your child will bring home a book of choice as well from our class library which will be changed once a week.  


The purple stage / picture books: These books are to encourage your children to look at the illustrations and infer what is happening in the story and what might happen next. There is support and example questions in the inside cover of each book.  



If your child reads four times or more in a week they will be given a raffle ticket which will be stuck in there reading record and a chance to win a prize. 


Word reading + Understanding = A GREAT READER! 


Below is a link to aid with phonic and reading at home:




Here is a link to the Active Learn login page:

Below is a link for the spelling frame login page:

WOW moments:  

If your child has a WOW moment please record it and inform Parks’ class staff of the WOW moment and any photos you may have of it. These moments can be record on tapestry for reception year 1 and for year 2s class email. WOW moments can be things like riding a bike, baking a cake or achieving something they had found difficult. We want to share these with the class.  


Reward systems in class: 

We  use class dojo for individual points and whoever has the most at the end of the week will get a certificate and a sticker from us. 


Class reward jar - as a class we have a reward jar that we will fill with marbles for great teamwork and the class will be able to vote on a class treat once it is full. We then empty the jar and start to work towards another class treat. 


We also have merits and a star of the week which is shared with the entire school on a Monday during Collective Worship.