St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Autumn 1

Creation / Where we belong?

We retold the creation story and explored the idea of what the Creator (God) might be like as well as exploring ourselves and who we are and how we know others. 

Forest School


Reception class enjoying their first day at Forest School, playing with nature, running around in the mud and rain  they weren't bothered, they were just having fun.  Making conker necklaces, stroking slugs, catching spiders and looking for more of God's creatures to enjoy.




Basket weaving:

One thread on its own could not have done it, just as one person on their own cannot make a family or class or a church. Everyone is important (humility).

Outdoor provision:

We have had a morning full of exciting investigation of what happens when we add water to sand. 


Children have investigated the scene and had some CCTV photos from the school security. They have pieced together what has happened and found that the little pigs came through the blue door first, had a picnic in the room and then played in the house before the Big Bad Wolf came through an knocked down the house and then ate all three of the little pigs apart from their curly pink tails. 

PSHE : Being me

Children used a mirror to explore different emotions and what they look like  on their own faces. We then discussed what makes us special, unique and individuals. 


We started being testing our reflexes:

How our pupil size changes when going from dark to light. 

How we automatically grab the ruler when being dropped. 

Making noise and seeing who turns to the sound. 


We then worked in groups to look at how plants carry water to different parts of a plant. This investigation didn't work as the pieces of celery didn't drink the dyed water to show how water is transported around. This allowed us to have a great discussion about science experiments and how sometimes they don't work. We shared our thoughts on what a fair test is and what could we change next time.

A wet and windy walk:

Receptions have started their phonic journey with listening to the sounds around us in God's world. We went on a wet walk around the playground and discussed how our hoods on our coats made it a little tricky to hear or changed the noise. 


We heard birds, cars, leaves and the wind blowing things. 

Hot seating with Year 2:

We have had a great morning hot seating as police officers and witnesses of the crime scene in Parks' classroom.  We have had some amazing language such as, suspicious and mystery. 


We have been looking at repeating patterns using different colours and shapes. Children have also used their fine motor skills; using their pincer grip to select the colour pegs and place them into the peg board. 

Crime scene:

We came into school on Monday to a Crime Scene! 


Someone had come through the Traditional Tale door and knocked down the house. We had a great discussion about the evidence we could see and who we thought it could be and why.  Some of the suggestions were:


"The three little pigs because there is pink curly tales. Maybe they did it by accident."

"A dog on a walk."

"The big bad wolf has eaten the three little pigs because he was hungry."


The year 2s worked amazingly as a team to build a house made from bricks and cement from our traditional tale ‘The three little pigs’. We have been discusSing what meat we get from farm animals such as pigs. Please recap this at home. 

Year 1s building a house:

The year ones and reception have been working independently to build their own house for a little pig to live in. This led onto a discussion around what the building are called in pig fields which are called pigloos to keep piglets safe. 


Our PSHE topic is all about me and we started off by looking at our reflection. 

Exploring our outdoor provision:

We have had lots of fun exploring our outdoor provision especially loving the water tray and trying to get the water to other parts of the provision using the drain pipes. The construction area has also been a big hit building a second bus that was going to Oakwood as our blue one was going to London. 

Treasure hunt:

We held a treasure hunt in the classroom finding where all of our resources are. The children worked well together supporting one another. 

Mysterious wooden door:

Over the summer there has been a little blue wooden door appear in the classroom. As a class we are currently debating who lives behind the door or where does the door lead. So far we have had suggestions of fairies, snails and Komodo dragons. 

Writing found around school:

The children were very excited about the writing they have found around school. The children have discussed it together and through this found more in different places. The children have been great at using their observational skills to spot this. The children are suspecting it is fairy writing. 

Our love for learning:

It has been lovely to see and hear all about our children’s summer holidays. It is clear to see that children have enjoyed learning new skills such as swimming, golf and so much more as well as developing on skills they already have such as reading by completing the summer reading challenge led by libraries.