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Summer 1

Overview and home learning tasks:

  • Summer 1- topic overview with home learning.pdf
  • Garden bird identification sheet.pdf
  • Using maths resources 
  • Children have loved showing the younger children how to use the resources to support their understanding and aid working math problems out. 
  • Computing 
  • Children have started a new unit in computing and are enjoying learning new skills. 
  • Planting apple seeds
  • The children enjoyed having some eating their apple to then get the seeds to plant to explore the planting process to aid their tree reports in literacy. 

  • Phonic outside
  • Children enjoyed their phonic session outside in the sunshine and fresh air. The children chalked the sounds on the playground as well as applying their new sound to a word. 

  • Position and direction 
  • Yr 1 children have been looking at position and direction in maths. The children have been learning left, right, half a turn, quarter of a turn and much more. 





  • DT- Paper helicopters 
  • Children created a paper helicopter to then time and test how it fell when dropped. The children worked together in teams demonstrating the school's values and took turns as well as supporting one another. The children recorded times and theories of what might make the helicopter fall faster or slower. 






       Science experimenting with materials 

         Yr 1 children completed an experiment and then presented this and their findings to the Yr 2 children.  





  • Exploring trees for our Literacy non-chronology report
  • Yr 1 and 2 children explored the trees in the Eco garden. The children took leaf rubbing, discussed how to measure the age of trees by counting the rings on cut logs as well as thinking about how to measure a tree that is still growing. The children also collected leaves and sticks to help support their report writing. 




  • Fire safety talk for the Yr2s 
  • Yr 2 children took part in a Fire Safety talk linked to Dexter the dog who came home with them to teach about how to stay safe. 








  • Forest School 
  • First session of Forest school of the Summer term. Children enjoyed a wet and wild session in the Eco garden. Children made and decorated drum sticks with sticks they found and then they used a saw to cut them to size. Children also played in the mud kitchen. 








PSHE Growing Up 
Year 1 and Reception children had a great discussion about what skills they can do now that they couldn't as a baby.  

I can read now, we can walk, use scissors, eat food, write and draw...