St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Spring 1

India In a Jar Project

Wow we are amazed by our children's home learning and the effort that has gone into their India in a jar project. Mrs Davies has taken photos to share with Dum Dum. Alongside this Ranu has sent across some photos of wildlife seen in India so we can compare with the British wildlife we see. The photos collected of British wildlife we be sent across to Dum Dum as well. 

Chinese New Year:

We learnt about the Great race and how this story started the Chinese New Year. We then worked together supporting one another to create paper fans to make a dragon. 

R.E Half Term Learning

Children have had time to reflect on their learning within R.E this half term and have produced a piece of art work to reflect this.


Year 2 - Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?


Year 1 and Receptions - Who made the world?

Making a Shop and Using Money

Receptions were set the challenge to make a shop using items from around the classroom. They had to label each item with the price that they would charge for the item, they did a brilliant job and they really enjoyed taking it turns to be the shop keeper and customers.

Sports Workshop

Parks class took part in a sports workshop in school yesterday. They played a game of  Bowls and Year 2's had a go at archery and did an amazing job as it wasn't easy!

Learning about the Vets.

Today we looked at real items from a Vets and discussed what each piece of equipment was used for. Mrs Ellis kindly bought the items into school as her daughter is a vet in Scotland. We have sent some questions to her as we really enjoyed our afternoon. The children shared all of the knowledge that they have learnt this term.

Fun in the Snow

Our day started with a fantastic workshop run by Twycross Zoo which focused on the continent of Africa and it's diverse range of habitats.  We also learnt about the different animals that live in the habitats of the Savannah, the Dessert, the Beach and the Rainforest.


We had an amazing day and got to see so many different animals, Zebras, Gibbons, Rhinos, Monkeys, Gorillas, Giraffes and lots more! 

Tuesday 6th was ICT Day across school.

Parks took part in lots of activities through out the morning. The class had a great discussion on how to use the Internet Safely and year 2's used the computers to design some great posters to show how to stay safe on the internet.


Receptions and Year 1's worked amazingly well as a team and built a Human Keyboard. They had to make sure all the keys were in the correct place. They really enjoyed this activity and did a great job!

Addition Using Base 10s and Number Lines

Year 1's have been using resources to help with Addition. They have been using base 10s and number lines to help.

Addition - Using 10 Frames

Receptions have been looking at addition. They have been using 10 Frames to help with addition up to 10.

Talk about Judaism

Peter came in to speak to our children about Judaism. During our workshop we explored our resources and artefacts as well as those brought in by Peter. The children were really engaged and learned about the Kippa, Hanukkah, mezuzah, Synagogue and so much more about the Jewish religion.

Reception accessing the indoor provision:

Children have had a great morning accessing the provision, playing schools, painting, number and letter games as well. 

Year 1 and 2 science: Living things

Yr1 and 2 have been looking at what makes something living,; how can we tell. We explored a realistic baby doll and discussed how we know its can alive, its not living as well as what do babies need to survive. Great discussion from the year 2s who support the year 1s.

Group / shared writing in reception:

Wow great sentence forming on how to feed their imaginary pet. 


Wow great body movements and stretches as well as fantastic listening skills. 


Great number work from the receptions. 

Exploring Islam:

The year 2 s shared what they already knew about Islam and then we explored some of the artefacts we have in school. We then started to discuss prayer (5 times a day) as well as some of the actions involved in Islamic prayer compared to Christian prayer. 

Building our very own imperfect pet:

We have been reading The Barnabus project  and so, we thought we would have a go at planning and creating our very own imperfect pet. The children really enjoyed this activity and had lots of discussion around the book such as, "all things deserve to be loved" and " I would choose an imperfect pet instead of a perfect one" and so very much more

Early morning sketching:

We have been using some time on a morning to sketch different types of animals that are native to different countries. We have been wowed by the sketching well done Parks!


We looked at what words are and how we can build them up together to great a sentence. We then looked at what makes a sentence thinking about capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation. The older children then support our younger children in writing sentences about our picture cards. 

Year 2 explore the holiday mags:

Yr2 enjoyed exploring the holiday booklets discussing the different places, countries and weathers they could see. 


Reception showed great teamwork by building a zoo together. This zoo was incredible the enclosures for animals and path ways for people to view the animals as well. 




Our first day down in the Eco Garden since the storms and windy weather and what a beautiful day it was too.  The children clearly enjoyed the freedom and got 'stuck in' to many activities including:  finding gnomes, cutting branches up into smaller bits ready for fire making, toasting marshmellows and finishing with drinking hot chocolate. They enjoyed making the fire and learning the fire safety rules, seeing how easy it was to get a flame and then loose it again!! being given a marshmellow  and then allowed to toast it, what fun!

D&T - Using Various Media to Design a Picture