St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Strand 6:The impact of collective worship

Year 6 Leavers Collective worship

Rev Ingrid worship based on what clergy wear

Worship with Fr Julius in Derby May 2023


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Fr Julius shows us how to enjoy the music of worship

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Our first experience of worship flags

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Wow what an incredible evening being part of an amazing worship lead by Fr. Julius to celebrate Pentecost! Our children wowed us as always by representing our school on stage in front of a lot of people and sung walking in the light and shine Jesus shine. 

The worship was very active and our children were fully engaged and took part by listening, reflecting, waving flags, dancing and singing. 

Local Sunday School.

Spirituality doughnuts

Children in need day finished off with our second visit to What is Spirituality?

We asked big questions.

Who am I ?

Why am I here?

We were brave enough to capture our thoughts through the silence of reflection.

Ask your child about the following words.

doughnut, ladder, window, door, camera

What do they tell you?



We are really enjoying praying for each other.

Rashford class then had some input using a great resource It’s a No- Money Day by Kate Milner to have an insight into developing empathy. Some great questions, ideas and thoughts shared it was a privilege to have this opportunity to use this resource with such a great group of children.

It’s a no money day

Children in Need collective worship was launched by our collective worship team. We were able to take the time to think about others and how our contributions impact upon others. The team worked hard to pull out the important facts from Children in Need to share. Mrs Gresswell also showed us all the local charities who benefit from the money being collected this helped us to realise how children close to us may need support. 
Thank you to Mrs Hardy-Fryer for arranging the doddle competition, purchasing the prizes and making the awards. Thank you to Jenson for collecting all the money and using our new table tennis table to sort the coins. The children have clearly enjoyed the whole event and we can’t wait to find out how much we have collected.

Children in Need worship.

A big thank you to Mrs Daykin who came into read a letter from 1919. A lovely service organised by Megan we are very proud today. Thank you to all parents and grandparents who have brought poppies from our poppy sellers. 

Remembrance service 2022

We are very grateful that Rev Christine and Father Julius from Kirk Hallam church are happy to support us while we do not have a permanent clergy in place. Building this new relationship will help to support Rev Jan with working across the four schools and churches in the parish. Thank you so much.   

Today’s harvest was wonderful the children enjoyed being back in church. Our new reception children had already had a visit in their RE lesson early in the month. We love our church it is a time when we can come together and it feels very special. Today’s harvest gift went to Every one eats in Kirk Hallam, thank you to Mrs Fryer for dropping off our school donation.

Thank you to Rev Christine and Father Julius for coming in to support our collective worship.

Rev Jan conducting our harvest festival

Harvest 2022 order of service.

Collective Worship

Below is a link to our Collective Worship page:

Harvest Festival