St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Collective Worship

preparing for Lent:

As we begin February we start to prepare for Lent! 

Our big Frieze:

We have recreated the big Freize as a school. 


What are you thankful for?


Prayer Competition: 


We would like you to write a prayer for Collective Worship. 

We will pick twenty prayers!

The twenty that have won will get to go to Church and hear their prayer read out and you can enjoy juice and biscuits. 


A child from each class, who has the best prayer, will also get to pick a prize out of the box. 


Yr6 Collective Worship team!

Child led Worship on trust:

Challenge for trust:


In Collective Worship we are learning about trust and so the children have been set a challenge to create a trust wordle so we can dig deeper as to what trust is and means. Please complete these by 1.10.19 and return to Mrs Gresswell in Robins. I can wait to see them!

Fantastic TRUST wordles:

2019 / 2020 Autumn 1: Trust

Collective Worship timetable

Reflection time on friendship:

By allowing children more reflection time we have had a lot more deep spiritual thinking about the discussions throughout the day but especially in Collective Worship. 


Easter Service in Church:

We created an Easter garden during our Easter Service. 

Our wings:

Our feathers together make an amazing pair of wings. 



We have asked the children to create a picture of a courageous person who means something to them. 

Challenge set: 28th January 2019 

Due: 4th February 2019  before Collective Worship

Spring 1:

Autumn 2: Compassion

Autumn Term Worship

Collective worship theme this term is Truth

Last term's collective worship was fantastic we ended with a wonderful visit from Severn Trent who helped us to understand the importance of water. We were able to understand the different projects that Severn Trent have in place to support people in India having clean water. 
Collective worship this term is Service. Worship will be lead this term by a staff, children and clergy. 

Collective Worship this term is Perseverance

Collective worship this term is Generosity

Collective worship is a time where we come together as a school and use the space to stop and think. It is a time when we can pray, sing and come together to give thanks. Our worship can be classroom based, in church and outside. 

Collective worship can be lead by staff, our worship team and a range of visitors. 

We need to put items into the capsule that can be discovered in 100 years time, any ideas?