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Strand 2: Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

Wisdom, Knowledge and skills is the easiest strand to evidence as our children, staff and whole school community demonstrate these areas every single day. However, we don't always capture these moments in a picture or on film but rather in our day to day life. Sometimes we can become to rigid with collecting evidence such as, taking photos, videos etc... instead of living in the moment and celebrating with each other our amazing successes. 

The best way to see the wisdom, knowledge and skills of our whole school community is to come and spend some time with us at Stanley St. Andrew's. 

Below is a link to our class pages which demonstrates only a small portion of our school communities wisdom, knowledge and skills. 

Lego Club

Lego Club - a mixture of year groups ranging from Year 1 - 6 coming together to build lego. Every group showed good teamwork, respect for one another resulting in a positive outcome as well as having great fun, age just didn't matter!!

Angelou Trip to Tribe 

Angelou had a great time at Tribe. The children completed lots of different activities in the environment, celebrating what they achieved as a team, working well with each other, learning new skills and living out the school values. 

Two of our children using their skills to support worship within the local church

Truth is the value for January

Each month we focus on a different school value. As we go about our school day we try really hard to show this value in all that we do. Our children are rewarded for living out the school values and our staff are praised for joining in on this whole school ethos. 

This year we aim to help to feed our school community and to think about food waste. We are using the Fareshare to ensure that all our children get access to a range of food products in breakfast and after school club. All our children have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and water throughout the day. 

As we create stones to represent ourselves we bring them together to reflect our diverse community. 

Maya Angelou Class appreciating "Our Wonderful World" and reading the Bible in the ECO garden.