St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Strand 1: Vision and Leadership

Our School Vision and Values:


Our Church School is a warm and welcoming place where everyone is valued. The open, friendly atmosphere provides a secure and safe environment where all can succeed. We foster positive attitudes, good social skills and an enthusiasm for learning, embraced by the Christian framework. Through discussion with our children, parents/grandparents and staff we selected 8 values we feel our school community represents. These 8 values are: Happiness , Peace , Truth, Respect, Teamwork, Dedication , Trust and Love. 



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A lovely visit from our local MP:

Pauline Latham our local MP came to visit our school and join our Yr6 children during Collective Worship. We received an amazing book voucher of a £100  from Pauline as well as supporting our investigations of building a school library.  


The children really enjoyed the visit from Pauline learning about parliament and choosing new books for school as well as  enjoying reading them . 


Thank you Pauline Latham for your support and promotion of a love for reading!

Eco leadership:

Our Eco committee arranged for the whole school to hold an Eco fundraising day which consisted of a non-uniform day which raised £ 110 that went towards plants, plant pots and herbs for our top playground. 


Well done to our Eco committee for arranging and organising this as well as a huge thank you to the children who look after the plants. 


Please see below a link to our Eco page to discover our fantastic Eco committee and all of the achievements we have achieved through their leadership. 

Governing body:

Below are some of the recent discussions taken part in our Governor meetings:


What makes us different to a community primary school? 


Value of worship even more apparent feedback children really missed the whole school worship. 


Holding worship at heart of everything we do.


DG advised that we have been monitoring collective worship and found that our children have been keeping up with this and have enjoyed taking part with this at home.  


LJ added that we also have our Easter prayer and Easter garden competition which is running. 


ESW advised that we have given all of our children a rainbow badge of hope as a reminder that they belong to a church school and that however dark their world may seem, there is always hope. ESW added that the children really love their badges and we have had some nice responses to these from a handful of parents.


ESW advised that for her it was that the Christian ethos is really apparent and is acted out by all of our staff and children. Behaviour is really good, and staff have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our children are really clear about our rules and expectations which has had a massive impact. 


DG suggested that seeing the children take part in collective worship on the playground and their visual disappointment when it is raining and can’t take place is evidence of our difference to a community school. ESW added that one of the things children missed most in lockdown is worship and they are still missing worship through song. NW commented that worship is one of the things that will stick in their minds when they are adults.


Foss ( Friends of Stanley School, or Stanley St Andrew’s PTA):

Please click the link below to see the amazing support and work our FOSS ( Friends of Stanley School, or Stanley St Andrew’s PTA) put in to support our whole school community.