St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Eco Community

Green flag school:

Our Green Flag has arrived. Our children and staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this award for our school. 

New planters November 2021

Eco explorers with Robin children

Eco reading:

One of our Eco committee members brought in a lovely Eco book to share with us at school. 

Eco award:

Random acts of wildness:

Robins in green for our Eco day:

Golden Eagles celebrating Eco Day - It's good to be green.

Puffin class loved dressing in green on ECO day.

Robin class planting:

Robin class had great fun planting the variety of beans, wild flowers, beetroot and the plants the children nurtured over lockdown in the Eco garden and are very excited to see the plants in bloom and try the beans hopefully. 

Eco garden waking up for Spring:

A huge thank you to one of our families for helping us take care of the Eco garden and ensuring it is a safe and exciting area for the children to enjoy and learn from. 


The pond has really settled after another family extended the pond for us to allow for the pond to be used by us. 


As you can see from the pictures the Eco garden is all ready to welcome the children and staff back for a lovely Summer term. 

Golden Eagle Eco poster challenge:

A great Eco poster design by one of our Golden Eagle children over the Easter half term! 

Tools for the Eco garden:

Great new tools for us to use in the Eco garden and around school to water the plants we have in school and on the top playground. 

Robin's seed collection:

We have added lots of different types of beans to our seed collection along with wild flower mix. 

ECO poster designed by Elise from Puffin class.

Journey of poo:

Robin class planting seeds:

We have received the innocent smoothie school packages of seeds and so each class has their own type of seeds to grow this year. Robins have beetroot and salad leaves to grow. 

Our Eco garden ready for classes once again:

One of our families have been into the Eco garden and given it a tidy up ready for classes to start using once again. We can clearly see spring is well on its way. 


We thank our school community for supporting us in the up keep of our conservation area and helping us to work towards the silver Eco award. 

British Trust Ornithology (BTO)

Eco challenges set by our Eco committee:

ZT and family joined CPRE's star count. The results from Star Count help CPRE make a map of where star-spotters are enjoying deep, dark skies. By showing on a map where light pollution is most serious, they can work with local councils and others to decide what to do about it.

Help EW (Puffin Class) to Save the Ocean from Litter.

Children from our classes have been making bird feeders.

Save the ocean picture:

Children from our school have made fat balls to feed the birds in their garden.

One of our pupils has been busy making bird feeders, using peanut butter and mixed seeds. The birds love it and he enjoys watching them landing in the apple tree through his binoculars.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend; 29-31st January 2021

Join thousands of people taking part to see the drama unfold on your doorstep.

We might not be able to get together with loved ones at the moment, but you can make plans with friends and family to take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey, all from the comfort of your own homes.


If you enjoy taking photos, try taking 5 pictures of the birds you see in your garden and send them to and we will put them on our school webpage: Artsmark/Five Fab Photos.

Our Eco committee:

Our children have worked extremely hard to create two Eco display boards. One who is in our committee and what they are leading and the other one to celebrate children's work from our half term ECO challenge. 

Litter picking:

During Robins class playtime they noticed a lot of tinsel on the playground and so made it their mission to pick it all up so it didn't hurt any animals in the Eco garden and placed the tinsel in the bin. 


Well done Robins living out our school values working as a team and respecting one another (and living things)!


Year 5 Half term Eco challenge

Year 6 half term Eco challenge

Kingfisher half term ECO challenge!

See Kingfisher class page for their amazing ECO work!

Robins half term Eco challenge:

Helping to fill the compost bin:

Robin class helping to fill the compost bin and weed the planters. 

Den structure:

Eco bronze award:

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our children and families who have worked so hard over lockdown to  achieve our Bronze award for Eco Schools!

Completed Environmental review and notes:


Environmental review of our school:

The importance of water:

Seeds and growing:

Niger, Millet and sunflower seeds as well as, green beans, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and more sunflower seeds. 

Feeding the birds:

Re-using a toilet roll tube as a bird feeder!

Our school Eco pledge:

Eco pledges:

Our Eco committee have all completed an Eco pledge to support our school and community area. 

Amazing act of kindness and recycling:

A pupil decided to sort through her toys and instead of throwing them away decided to clean them and pop them outside for any children who would like one can take one. 

Growing our own veg:

Peas and carrots planted in school and taken                                       Planting potatoes at home. 

home to grow and produce veg. 

A large bug hotel:

An amazing bug hotel made at home. 

Up-cycled items:

A plastic bottle made into a piggy bank. 

A milk bottle made into an Elmer. 

Examples of the challenges:


We are still collecting household batteries!


The Eco club have enjoyed planting carrot, cress and pea seeds. Lets watch them grow!
Our Eco song is sung to the music to There's a hole in the bottom of the sea. 

Eco display board:

We have held our very first Eco meeting today which was fantastic the children had a fantastic discussion and some brilliant ideas about how we are going to move forward as a school and towards the Eco award. 

Amazing Workshops:

Great opportunities for February half-term at Woodside Farm. 

Eco Committee:

Amazing contributions from pupils! Our first Eco committee meeting will be Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 12:30pm. Let's get our action plan sorted! 

Our journey to becoming an Eco school:

Stanley St Andrews are forming an Eco Committee! We are going to apply for the Eco award for our Eco garden and other spaces around the school. Part of this process is the forming of and Eco committee, children will be presenting posters or presentations in one of our collective worships to say why they want be part of the committee and what they feel our first steps should be. The presentation date is the 22.01.20! 


Poster / Presentations should include:

- Why you feel you would be a good candidate for the Eco committee

- What are you passionate about and why? 

- What first steps you feel Stanley St. Andrew's needs to take and why? 

Eco club enjoying the garden:

Eco club enjoying the Eco garden after the parent help days. Wow! The Eco garden looks amazing thank you parents and grandparents it looks fantastic! 

Litter pick opportunity:

Yr6 Eco Leads have found a local litter pick and would like as many of you to go and help as possible. If you do go and help out please take a photo and bring into school for us to pop on our website and Eco book. 

First session in the Eco garden of 2019/2020:

Great session in the Eco garden and a great start to our bug hotel! 
Autumn 1 Overview:

Requirements for the club (every session):

  • Wellies / appropriate footwear ready for some mud and fun
  • Waterproof coat / clothing
  • Trousers
  • Gardening gloves


Outside activity

Inside activity

Resources required from pupils:

Week 1

Week 2

Insect hotel

Explain about lavender and how we are going to dry it.

Design a seed packet

  • Plant pots small
  • Hay/straw

Week 3

Making scarecrows.

Making scarecrows.

  • Hay/ straw
  • Small old clothing

Week 4

Planting winter bedding plants in Eco garden

Eco friendly school – What can we do?  

  • Winter pansies
  • Cyclamen Primulas
  • Ornamental peppers/cabbages
  • Heathers

Week 5

Lavender bags

Lavender bags


Week 6

Planting indoor bulbs to sell at Christmas fair

Planting indoor bulbs to sell at Christmas fair

  • Small plastic pots
  • Compost
  • Indoor bulbs

Week 7

Wind charm

Wind charm

  • Natural resources such as, pinecones etc…

Week 8

We really enjoyed making bird feeders. 

Junk modelling mini beasts:

Eco club had a fantastic session learning about how to identify an animal through their droppings. Great conversation about what animals eat and where they live. 

After School Club have been exploring the ECO Garden this afternoon, they went bird watching and they put there bird feeders out they made yesterday.

Children's work:

We have been designing  mobiles for the Eco Garden. The children will use twigs, string and their pictures they have made as well as bottle tops to create a wind charm affect. 

Our fantastic Eco Garden in the mist:

Eco club helping tidy up the Eco Garden. 
The children have made some tree faces and a sign for the gate down to the Eco garden. We completed these one of the evenings it was far to wet to go out. Otherwise we would have put the material onto the bark of the tree to make the faces. 

Parent day in the Eco Garden:

A great big thank you to all who came along to help on the very cold and wet day. We made a huge amount of progress. We are luck enough to have a parent to repair the wooden structure. Further work will be going on through this year and into the next. 

Special treat for Eco Club:

Hot chocolate as a treat for all of their hard work!

Reception enjoying the outdoors:

Finding twigs to compare size, twigs that look like numbers and children getting close to nature. 

Eco club:

The children in Eco club have been working really hard gardening to ensure the veg boxes are clear of grass and weeds. 

Eco Garden at the start of the year:

Eco Garden 2018