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Coding Club

This week in Coding club the children have been learning how to do a web page. They are looking at changing font size, colours and using paragraphs. 



We have been using our new Microbits in school and are learning to program them. This week we were using code to create our own step counter which we tried around the classroom.

The members of coding club are doing really well and are learning valuable skills that they will carry forward into secondary school.

In coding club we have been working hard on using Scratch and now some children have moved onto coding in Trinket. We learn to complete simple programs to make objects or characters move and talk on the screen and basic computer skills such as remembering our passwords and turning the computers on and off safely.

We operate Coding club on a Tuesday 3.15-4.15 and it is run by Mr Wood and Mrs Stals. 

Coding club Term 3