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Spring 1

Year 6 in their new hoodies

This terms homework  - Our Changing World

Science Day 

I thought science day was awesome. We did stuff like seeing what can and can't dissolve and if we could reverse the process. We had 5 solutes (solids) sand, chalk, coffee , sugar and salt. We then put them each in the same amount of water (solvent) and watched to see if they dissolved to make a solution.

In the afternoon we tried to see if we could reverse the process by filtering the solution . We mixed some flour with water and we already had sand and water from the previous investigation and we got a clear , plastic cup and some special paper with microscopic holes to filter the water through. The sand was quick but the flour took forever! After many burst pieces of paper, it filtered through successfully . By the end of the day we both felt like proper scientists.

By  Aidan and Elsie.


We had an extra PE session learning archery and how to play boules. We had great fun!

Careers Day

Time to Talk - Self Care and how we look after our minds and bodies.

Our Jewish Workshop

In the Jewish workshop (done by Peter) we learnt a lot more about Judaism. Peter showed us his tallit (praying shawl) and his skullcap/kippah/yarmulke. He showed us slides about important things to Jews; like their menorah and the Star Of David. Their holy book (the Torah) would take a year to read un-scrolled! There was one of a person studying for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, which happens when they turn 13. Overall, KS2 really enjoyed it and thought it was exciting and amazing!laugh 

By Casey


Another brilliant session of boxercise.

Some outstanding art work by Daisy.

Year 5's went to a sporting event at Broomfield.

Boxercise - how exciting!

Enjoying our Christmas books from Santa. Thank you!

Today we have been looking at equivalent fractions.