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Lego Club

We're into our second half term and the children are still enjoying Lego club.  With mixed ages attending it's great to see how the older children take the younger children under their wings guiding them through the Lego kits that they build together; showing great team work, patience and perseverance knowing that at the end they can all enjoy the finished product.  The big box of Lego came out this week and the task was to surprise me, they had great fun. The pictures show that they are all just as keen to tidy away as well as having fun.

21st November 2023

Once again a mixture of children's ages and once again it was lovely to see the older ones nurturing the younger ones into producing a piece of work that they are SO proud off. A lot of fun and laughter can be heard as the children enjoy the lego.

Next week we'll be making Christmas trees - how exciting, so watch this space!!