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Arithmetic Proficiency

What is arithmetic proficiency?

• An appreciation of number and number operations, which enables mental calculations and written procedures to be performed efficiently, fluently and accurately.

• Requires good understanding of the key principles that underpin arithmetic procedures.

• Fluency – accurate, efficient, flexible.

• Learners can make decisions based on the numbers involved.

• Quick recall of key number facts.

• Fluent computational skills are dependent on accurate and rapid recall of basic number bonds within 20 and times-tables facts.

• Spending a short time every day on the basic facts quickly leads to improved fluency.

Having analysed data:


KS1 -  will be focussed around additive.

KS2  - sessions will be focussed around multiplicative.


Fluency in calculations such as multiplication facts will lead to our children tackling more complex problems with greater confidence and resilience. Because they are no longer having to tackle remembering how to do the calculations needed or the most appropriate strategy to choose each time, they are able to put all their energy into how to solve their mathematical problem.