St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Home Learning Photos

OT and AT (Puffin & Robin class) became archaeologists for the day. They made salt dough fossils and their Mummy hid them in the garden. AT & OT then went out to dig for them just like real archaeologists.

ZT and family took part in CPRE's star count from home event; venturing out on a field walk before bedtime. He counted 15 stars using his homemade star finder.

Puffin scientist ZT stood on toilet rolls set in a honeycomb pattern to represent the strength of his bones and found they did not crush as under his weight as he expected them to.

Is it science or is it art? Illusion Art from OT (Puffin Class) and AT (Robin Class). Go to AboutUs/Artsmark/Fun with Stanley Squirrel for more fun DT ideas.

A juicy lemon fizz experiment from OT (Puffin Class).

A fizzing lemon with a little encouragement from OT (Puffin Class).

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Make your own volcano erupt with instructions from AT (Robin Class).

OT (Puffin Class) and AT (Robin Class) tried to make a volcano erupt. It didn't work very well the first time. Can you think why?

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Add more reactants and try again! Do you know why it worked better the second time? Never give up with science, sometimes it takes a few goes for the experiment to be successful.

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ZT (Puffin Class) made a lung and looked at how the diaphragm moves down to create more space for the lung when it fills with oxygen and goes back up when the lung deflates as it releases the carbon dioxide.

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Make your own poo!

ZT learnt how the digestive system works by creating his own poo: first he cut up food with scissors, representing biting; mashed it up, representing chewing and added water as saliva.  He represented swallowing the food down his 'oesophagus'; he squashed it up and added vinegar as bile in the stomach, he put it what was left in a pair of tights to be the intestines and squeezed out the liquid;  just like his body takes in the nutrients it needs and then finally, he pushed the remaining, drier mixture out as a poo showing the bits his body doesn't need!

How your digestion works with ZT (Puffin Class).

Learn how to create a rainbow with OT (Puffin Class)

Rainbow chromatography from OT (Puffin Class).

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The science of how to stay safe during COVID from CS (Puffin Class).

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