St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Autumn 1

The amazing homework produced by Maya Angelou Class on the Vikings

PE - Team Game - Netball

Congratulations on your achievements in swimming.

PE - Throwing and Catching practise. Using these skills in a team game.

History - Researching the Vikings in pairs.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement in Jiu Jitsu.

Science - Investigating the strength of magnets.

Science - sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement in Jiu Jitsu.

PE - Yoga - Angelou children have turned into 'Minions'

Literacy - Using a 'story mountain' to support summarising a poem.

PSHE - An online workshop supporting ways to improve our 'Mental Health'.

Topic - History - Vikings - Sorting facts into different categories.

RE Lesson - How do Hindus show their faith?

Local Poet - Rob Simpson - A class workshop around chocolate, custard and monsters.

PSHE - Teamwork - Showing support and giving positive comments

Road Safety Workshop - 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think'

Maths - using place value cards to help support partitioning.

Art - Abstract Faces - Using materials to show colour, lines and shapes to express emotions and ideas.

Maths - using a resource (tape measure) to help with halving.

Art - expressing emotions and feelings through colour.

Science -Forces - Friction - using different types of materials to see how far the car travels.

Topic - History . A poem named Dane - Geld written by Angelou

Harvest Service - Joy - giving and receiving.

Literacy - The Promise - Learning about Inverted Commas (speech marks) for conversation.

Maya Angelou School Council Representatives

Maya Angelou

School Council Representatives


Well Done to all of Maya Angelou Class who decided to try for school council. The children stood at the front of the class and told the other children about what they would bring to the school council meetings and what kind of things they would like to change and improve within school.  After this, the children voted for two Year 3 children and two Year 4.

Our School Vision - interpreted through art.

Well Done for achieving 'Best Behaved Brownie'

PSHE - Finding out about their partners interests.

RE - A discussion about 'What's important to me' and 'What's important to followers of Hinduism'.

Well done for achieving the Man of the Match Award.

Science - Forces - Pushes and Pulls - An Investigation on how far a car can travel.

Well Done for achieving your Man of the Match Award and your medal for helping others.

PSHE - Recognising positive things about themselves and their achievements.

Topic - gathering information about the 'Vikings' through a time line and fact sheets.

RE - Harvest - making clay pots ready for the Harvest Service and learning a song called 'Joy'

Literacy - reading aloud their amazing writing, based on the book called 'The Promise'

PHSE - circle time - getting to know each other - all about me

Welcome to Maya Angelou Class