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Strand 7: The effectiveness of Religious Education

One of our workshops is based on Buddhism and we created Mandala patterns with coloured rice and then brushing that creation away or into a pile to represent impermanence. We also created reflection boxes with the idea of reflection and looking at our selves and seeing who we are; what we do well, what we can do better and who we want to be. 

We have a new RE display board exploring the key elements of world religions to support children's sticky knowledge within RE. Alongside this we have displayed some of our artefacts from our RE resources to help support big questions. 

We had a great workshop led by Fiona Moss where we explored religions such as Islam and Christianity. The children had chance to meet and work with other children from other schools and share their RE knowledge as well as learn new and exciting aspects from the religions before creating a piece of art work to represent this. 

RE WOW week showcase:

We have had an incredible RE WOW week which was started by our amazing whole school trip to the open centre, a mosque and a Gurdwara in Derby. Children and staff have worked so hard and learnt lots about some of the world religions we focused on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. 

Monday we attended church and completed a session on stations of the cross. 

Tuesday we focused on Judaism.

Wednesday we focused on Islam 

Thursday we focused on Sikhism 

Friday we focused on ourselves and sharing our learning with parents and grandparents. 

We closed our week by inviting parents and grandparents into school to our RE showcase to share what we had been learning about and what the children had created. We then had a fantastic Collective Worship led by Fr. Julius to mark Palm Sunday the following Sunday. 

World Religions:

We have had a set of large signs created for our bottom playground and some smaller signs for our spiritual area to help celebrate diversity and develop children's sticky knowledge of world religions. 

RE described by our children:

RE overview 22-23:

Stanley St. Andrew's RE intent:

'Our school aim of RE is to engage pupils to join in conversations, about ‘BIG’ questions around religions and views about the world, so pupils can gain understanding to respect and appreciate different people’s opinions and create their own answers to improve their responses as their knowledge grows through their school life.'

Written by our Yr5 and 6 children.

Please click on the link below to see our class pages with all the amazing achievements our children have made. As well as,  the great experiences  offered to our children.