St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Having a debate about meeting a strange looking character and whether we would approach them.

Getting ready to write a character description.

War Poetry

Congratulations to these children for doing so well on Spelling Frame.

ROLE PLAY - Being treated unfairly to help us write a diary extract.

Congratulations George!

Going to sleep and being woken up by a cockerel.

Being chosen to go to our evacuation homes.

Looking out of the window on our journey to Wiltshire.

Getting to know each other on the train.

Walking to the station and getting on the train to Wiltshire.

Getting ready to evacuate!

Acting out the build up to our Native American stories.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Spelling Frame winners.

Writing character descriptions.

Researching Native American stories

Our best copies of ours letters to Marcus, we even got to use pens!

Writing letters to Marcus Rashford.