St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Week 3 - Literacy and Creative Writing

Future History Journal

These are very unusual times. In the future people will look back on this period and wonder how we got through it? 


Our Future History Journal will enable children to investigate and record some of their daily experiences and use their imaginations in response. 


Who knows, one day their journal could feature in a museum or gallery exhibition? 



Once Upon an Adventure Activity Pack 

Download and print out our Once Upon a Time activity pack and embark on an adventure with Little Red Riding Hood, the cheeky Wolf and your own wild imagination!

Get Creative - Let's Write!

Engage have been working with the fantastic author of Alfie Bloom, Gabrielle Kent, who uses objects as inspiration in her writing.

Better still Gabrielle has put her ideas on film and written tips on how to do it. Why not have a go yourself?

Story Making Challenge

Writer and playwright, Jayne Williams, challenges you to create a story.

Watch and listen as Jayne retells her story of The Night the Books Came to Life

Then why not have a go at writing your own story?

The Night The Books Came to Life - written and read by Jayne Williams

You could write about books coming to life, like Jayne, or maybe it is the characters in the books that come to life and cause chaos amongst the shelves? Your story could be based on true facts about your library or you might want to let us know all about your favourite library?