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Week 1 - The Natural World


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Have you ever been to Chatsworth? It's time to get designing! 


You have three challenges to complete:

1 - Design your own fossil stone.

2 - Design a new and interesting garden for the front of the house.

3 - Build a mini sculpture.

Click on the PDF for more info!

More information to help you build a mini sculpture.

The Natural World Challenge Cards

Fancy a challenge? Give these a go!

Animal Doodles

Fabric Lenny is a painter, animator, sculptor, designer, illustrator, creative director and he LOVES to draw!

Watch the videos below and have a go yourself.

1 Fabric Lenny DMS PenandWash

2 Fabric Lenny DMS ConnectingDoodles

3 Fabric Lenny DMS Tagtool 1

Build a nest with Michelle.


Notes for adults: Please use child friendly scissors and supervise your child while they are cutting and using wire and sticks.

Little Creatives Artist Michelle Reader - Workshop 1