St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

uploaded 8th Jan

Super Work Olivia. Well Done. I love your mask.

Lots of different subjects being covered today. Well Done Aimee

WOW - brilliant Literacy and Numeracy work here. Well Done Jack

Amazing Science, Literacy and Numeracy work. Well done Oliver

Collective Worship with Bob H plus some Literacy and Numeracy.

Science Experiment by Doctor Who!!!!! with Literacy added in.

Super time work - such an important skill to learn

Another amazing mask drawn by Elliot.

Science Experiment by Sophie. I love how you decided to present it.

Super Work Aimee. You look very active in the PE session, well done. I love the lion design.

Excellent Numeracy Skills shown here, well done Amelia

Brilliant Work Dalacey - lots of Numeracy and Literacy skills used here

Love the PE session Eve but I think someone wants to join in, Ha, Ha.

Excellent Work Lily. Well Done.

Fantastic Work Livvi - or should I say MONSTER..........

Amazing Work Molly, your handwriting is beautiful.

Brilliant Work Oliver - I like your mask design.

Wonderful Work Evie. Well Done.

Trying out the PE in school

Super Work Joshua. Well Done

Lochlan's Mask Design - a little bird mentioned it looked like 'Iron Man'

Lucas, great work but your expressions are much better, ha ha

Edie's Mask Design - super work