St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Tuesday 5th January


Worksheets to be completed after watching the video input. (Answers are provided on a separate sheet)


YEAR 3 - Comparing statements

YEAR 4 - Multiply 3 numbers

Reading comprehension


Purple Mash  ( in your 2Do page)

Please read chapter 1 of Around the World in 80 minutes.


Answer the questions on the quiz.




Inventions that changed the world

Purple Mash 2Do.

What inventions have shaped the world?

Research your favourite world changing invention and write an information leaflet about it.

Include diagrams and sub sections to describe what the invention is and how it has changed the world.

This can be completed on Purple Mash or paper.

Collective Worship and RE

Why do people pray?

Watch video

In this short film, the director shows us how five children with different religions pray every day. You see children from around the world, carefully pull on their best clothes and get ready to go to their houses of worship. They have different religions (Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian), but when they pray, they look quite similar. It’s a beautiful piece of art about spiritual reflection.


Write about or make a poster describing the things that people do when they pray.

This can include:

  • how they dress
  • what they do to prepare to pray
  • where they go to pray
  • how they pray


Get Active!


Have a go at some of the activities on the Getset4PE home activities.

Download the active calendar and try to complete a different activity every day.


Write, draw or take photos of each activity that you do, saying what you enjoyed, what was easy, what was tricky and whether you would choose to do the activity again.