St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Time to Talk

Outdoor leaning - games based around our feelings and emotions.

Our finished placemats, which the children are so excited to take home.

World Book Day - Buddy Reading.

Games - team work, turn taking and using good listening skills.

Designing our place mats.

Playing Top Trumps - asking questions, listening carefully to answers and taking turns.

Thinking about our favourite place.

Friendships - What makes a good friend? (lots of speaking and listenin).

Meet the 'Super 6'

Super '6' Six

'Super 6' are a group of children who meet twice a week. The programme they follow will help to develop and reinforce the following skills-


Promoting vocabulary,

Developing spoken and written vocab,

Conversational skills - turn taking, sharing, asking/answering questions etc,

Attention and memory,

Making friends,

Understanding emotions and dealing with them appropriately.

The programme is based around a number of intervention programmes such as Time To Talk, Positive Play and Word Aware.


Our trip to Stanley Shop.

Our trip to Stanley Shop. We all walked to the shop remembering our Green Cross Code.  We talked about what kinds of food we would like to  buy at the shop ready for our picnic on Friday, such as cake and crisps. We looked at the price off food and worked out how much it would cost for our picnic items. We then worked out our change and walked back to school deciding on the games we might play on Friday.

Making our own obstacle course. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Obstacle Course Fun!

We have been outside making obstacle courses. The children will be leaders and will give the group instructions about their course. They will need to listen and follow these instructions carefully.  We have been learning key words such as through, over, below, beside and next to. 

Learning about our Feelings and Emotions.

Feelings and Emotions Week

We have looked  at a number of Ginger Bear pictures showing his feelings and emotions. These could be happy, sad, upset, angry, shocked, confused and excited. As a group we discussed these and the children gave some amazing words to describe these. We then talked about our own feelings and emotions and why we feel this way. We then went on to discuss how we can deal with these feelings. So,  if we get really upset and angry, we can STOP! THINK! and decide the next step (saying sorry). They also took home their emotions and feelings fans to use at home. 

We have been doing some amazing activities during our sessions in Ginger Group. We have been looking  at - 

Sequencing - What order do we do things in the morning? What comes first? What comes next? (First, Next and Last.)

Routines - What is the school day like? What does my timetable look like? What lessons do I do on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?

Days of the week - Learning the days of the week, putting them in the correct order and spelling them. We looked at key words including yesterday, tomorrow and next week.

Role Play -  We acted out our routine when coming into school and getting ready for home time. 


Take a look at the amazing photos from our sessions.



Acting out Ginger's School Day.

Learning 'Days of the Week' and 'Our School Timetable'

Who has been given 'Best Listener' in the group?

Time to Talk  - Ginger Bear Group!


So many think that language is simply the ability to speak ; however, language is a complex task that involves many processes including: memory, reasoning, organisation, concept and syntactical development.


This is how we develop these skills:


We love our time to sit and talk;

We watch Ginger Bear like a hawk,

He shares his stories and we shares ours.

We learn to have amazing listening powers.

We learn to ask questions and answer them too.

We learn poems, sequence stories - we do so much more, it's true!

We share our interests, feelings and dreams. 

We are Ginger Bear's super talented TEAM.





Story Telling, Sequencing and Jigsaw Fun.