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Terms of Reference and Remits for the Governing Body and Committees

Stanley St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School


Governing Body and Committee Terms of Reference 2021-22


As a church school we believe that every person, every child and every adult is unique and special with God given gifts and talents which is our job to nurture and cherish.


Governing Body Terms of Reference


The Governing Body needs to take a strategic role, act as a critical friend to the school and be accountable for its decisions. It should set aims and objectives and review, agree and monitor policies, targets and priorities. Governing Body meetings will be open to the public with Minutes available except for matters considered confidential. In the event of a tied vote the Chair or Acting Chair/Vice Chair will have a second or casting vote


The Governing Body will:


  • Hold at least 6 meetings per year
  • Appoint or remove the clerk
  • Elect a Chair and Vice Chair
  • Advise all parents of any parent governor vacancies, all staff of staff governor vacancies and to appoint co-opted governors
  • Set dates of meetings for the year ahead
  • Receive Head teacher reports
  • Review and monitor national test results
  • Review the level of exclusions
  • Monitor attendance of pupils/staff/governors
  • Monitor accidents/incidents involving pupils/staff/governors/visitors
  • Review, adopt and monitor a Freedom of Information Policy
  • Set pupil performance targets
  • If required, consider the suspension of a governor
  • Provide induction for new governors
  • Encourage governors to visit school and to review, adopt and monitor a governors’ visit policy and feedback procedure
  • Review, adopt and monitor the procedures for dealing with complaints from parents/carers
  • Review, approve and monitor the School Improvement Plan
  • Annually review and approve the School Health and Safety Policy
  • Monitor the implementation of the schools health and safety arrangements
  • Ensure at least 2 governors are appointed to complete the Headteacher’s Performance Management.
  • Maintain and update annually a file of pecuniary interest declarations
  • Review, adopt and monitor a governors’ expenses policy and curriculum policy
  • Review annually the delegation of functions and committee structure
  • Organise support and training for governors
  • To receive a regular report on Safeguarding
  • To receive a regular report on Community Cohesion
  • Ensure compliance with the GDPR


The Governing Body has a strategic role in the financial management of schools and its key responsibilities include:


  • Approval of Annual Budget
  • Termly review of the school’s financial position
  • Authorisation of the 3 year financial plan
  • Setting financial priorities through the School Development Plan
  • Authorisation of Statement of Internal Control
  • Appointment and salary of Head Teacher
  • Determination of the staff complement and pay policy for the school
  • Authorisation of Terms of Reference for all committees
  • Authorisation of non-budgeted expenditure and virements
  • To approve financial regulations and procedures on an annual basis.
  • Act as a critical friend to the school on all financial matters


The Governing Body will not delegate any functions relating to: the constitution of the Governing Body (unless otherwise provided by the Constitution Regulations), the appointment or removal of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the appointment of the Clerk, the suspension of governors, the delegation of functions and the establishment of committees.

Delegated Functions Overview


The following functions are delegated to the committee, but not to any individual:


  • Functions relating to the alteration, discontinuance or change of category of maintained schools;
  • Functions relating to the approval of the first formal budget plan of the financial year;
  • Functions relating to school discipline policies;
  • Functions relating to the exclusions of pupils (except in an emergency when the Chair has the power to exercise these functions);
  • Functions relating to admissions.



Committee Terms of Reference




The Governing Body will appoint no less than four governors to each committee.


The Committee Chair should be appointed at the beginning of each school year by the governing body or by the committee and shall not be a member of staff at the school or an Associate member or a non-governor member.


The Chair of Governors can be an ex-officio member of each committee and may attend each committee meeting and vote because s/he has chosen to be a governor.


The Headteacher may attend meetings but may not vote unless s/he has chosen to be a governor.




Any member of staff other than the Headteacher, when the subject for consideration is the pay, performance or discipline of any other member of staff.


The Headteacher or any governor may not attend when he/she is the subject under discussion or there is a perceived conflict of interest.




Three governors who are appointed members of the committee.




The committees will meet when the Head teacher or Chair of governor consider it is necessary.


Committee meetings will not be open to the public but minutes are available except for matters which are considered confidential.


In the absence of the Chair, the committee shall choose an acting Chair for that meeting from among their number.


In the event of a tied vote the Chair or acting Chair shall have a second or casting vote.


It is advisable that each committee shall be clerked by the Clerk to Governors. In the absence of the Clerk the committee shall choose a Clerk for that meeting from among their number (someone who is not a member of staff at the school).


The draft minutes of each meeting will be circulated with the agenda for the next ordinary meeting of the full Governing Body and will be presented at that

meeting by the Chair (or in his/her absence another member of the committee).


General Terms


  • To act on matters delegated by the full Governing Body.
  • To liaise and consult with full governors meetings where necessary.
  • To contribute to the School Improvement Plan.



Terms of Reference for the Teaching and Learning Committee


  • To review, adopt and monitor an overall curriculum policy.
  • In collaboration with staff, to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
  • To review, adopt and monitor policies for Collective Worship and Sex Education.
  • To ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met, as laid out in the Code of Practice.
  • To monitor and review the information about school performance and report according to statutory requirements.
  • To review, adopt and monitor policies including pupil behaviour and discipline, child protection, and SEN and to monitor their implementation.
  • To advise the full governor meetings on the relative funding priorities necessary to deliver the curriculum.
  • To oversee the arrangements for educational visits including the appointment of a named Co-ordinator.
  • To prepare and publish the school prospectus and school website.


Terms of Reference for the Resource Management (Finance) Committee


  • To prepare consider each year’s School Improvement Plan and budget plan and options for consideration and approval by the Governing Body.
  • To monitor the budget and make recommendations to the Governing Body for any in year changes.
  • To review the School Finance Regulations and Procedures annually and to make recommendations for changes and additions to the Governing Body.
  • To recommend virements between budget heads in excess of any delegation granted to the Headteacher under the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  • To consider and make recommendation to the Governing Body concerning any proposal involving recurring expenditure not provided for in the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  • To be responsible for contractual arrangements in respect of items approved by the Governing Body in accordance with Council Standing Orders and Financial Regulations including the placing and opening of tenders, obtaining quotes and recommendations to the Governing Body concerning acceptance.
  • To consider proposals involving additional expenditure from other committees and make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  • To make recommendations to the Governing Body on the financial aspects of the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  • To determine the arrangements and the scale of charges for the letting of school premises and other remissions.
  • To consider and give advice on any matter involving finance or financial management referred to by the Governing Body.
  • To ensure that the principles of Best Value are followed when making decisions.
Finance Functions Delegated to the Headteacher


  • To be responsible for the day to day management of the budget, subject to reporting to the Finance Committee.
  • To make permitted virements within the budget to a maximum of £1,000.
  • To make a purchase up to the value of £1000 without obtaining 3 written quotations, but ensuring that the school obtains best value for money.
  • To make purchases up to the value of 5% of all invoices per year.


Approved by the Governing Body: 4 October 2021

Review Date: September 2022