St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Molly has been looking at the effects of friction

An insect's view by Molly

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For those old enough to remember, this reminds me of the Honey I shrunk the Kids film.

Aimee enjoyed carrying out the Lava Lamp and Fun with Density experiments

Fab lava lamp Aimee!

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Lochlan and Arwen made their own rainbow with a packet of Skittles and some water.

Edie enjoyed carrying out the fireworks in a glass and rain cloud in a jar experiments

Aimee has found a great science experiment and has got a challenge for her class mates. The experiment is that they've got a plate of juice, an empty glass, matches and some coins. They have to get the juice into the glass using those items. BUT without touching the plate. (This experiment requires adult help as matches are required).

The solution to Aimee's experiment is in the video below.

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Aimee has had a go at the Fireworks in a glass experiment. She really enjoyed it

Fireworks in a glass.

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Lochlan has been learning how to lift fingerprints.

Jack enjoyed the helicopter experiment.

Oliver has designed a way to increase drag in our science investigation

Aimee has completed the 'How slow can you go?' activity for Science. She tested the impact of different weights, frictions and designs on how quickly the bottle rolled down the ramp.

Friction work by Jack.

Amelia has carried out her helicopter investigation

Oliver carried out the helicopter investigation

Aimee's helicopter investigation.

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Aimee has completed the paper helicopter investigation.

Oliver has been looking at how the force of gravity affects different objects

The force of gravity by Aimee

Olivia has been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of friction.

Friction - advantages and disadvatages by Evie.

Oliver has been looking at the advantages and disadvantages of friction

Eve has designed a new playground ride and explored the effects of gravity with Harrison

Advantages and disadvantages of friction by Aimee.

Forces In Action by Evie.

Amelia's forces work

Sophie A has been learning about forces.

Aimee has been finding out about forces.

Molly's exciting piece of playground equipment that she has designed.

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Molly's new playground equipment :) looks so much fun!

Edie is growing potatoes and green beans, We can't wait to see her first crop!

Evie's playground design.

Amelia's playground design.

Aimee's model of playground equipment. Super work Aimee!

Aimee has made a start on the forces playground equipment task and has designed one. We can't wait to see the finshed product.

Aimee has been experimenting

Amelia has made a forces booklet, brilliant work Amelia!

Oliver has been carrying out some of the forces challenges this week.

Lochlan produced a fantastic PowerPoint presentation of the forces investigations he carried out.

Millie set up her own experiment to test gravity. She got a bucket of water and attached it to a zip line. She did this to see if an empty bucket would slid down the line quicker than a bucket that had some water in it. Look at her data to see what the results were.

Aimee is researching forces by conducting a variety of experiments.


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Aimee has been thinking about how the size of an object affects its air resistance.

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Molly has made a booklet about forces

Aimee has been studying Forces.



For a fun science experiment Millie has been following the progress of a fast growing marrow plant, who she called Martin the Marrow. Though he has had a bit of an injury recently he is growing fast.   She has attached her progress spreadsheet. Fantastic use of ICT Millie, well done.

Martin the Marrow growth spreadsheet

Edie's Forces mind map.

Eve's Forces mind map

Sophie's Forces mind map

Olivia D's salt dough for the NHS

Aimee, Is all about forces!

Eve has been learning about the PH of food, what the PH scale is and how the PH of food effects our body.

Aimee's wonderful creations made from salt dough.

Science of Pots by Molly.

Amelia's Science of Pots work

Lochlan's Pottery Poster

Lochlan's salt dough models

Lily's NHS salt dough

Baking is science! Aimee's Tweetie pies.

Fit for a king or queen - Millie's magnificent meal!