St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Making slime:

We used different ingredients to make three different batches of slime. We found that the oil made the best consistency out of water and Golden syrup. However, we also suggested it wasn't a fair test as we didn't weigh the flour out before starting. 


Finding, identifying and grouping materials found in our classroom. 

Our senses:

Year ones explored our five senses today from going on a sense walk on the playground to taste testing cheerios. 


"I can smell nature." 

"I can see cows."

"I can hear footprints of others."


Why trees are important. 

Plants and trees:

We have identified different UK plants such as, daffodil, snow drop, bluebell and sunflower, labelled parts of a daffodil and learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees.  

We used bicarbonate of soda and different temperatures of water to see the reaction. We found cold water there was little to no reaction. Where as, just boiled water there was a big reaction of bubbles the reaction between the two caused air bubbles. We then tried bicarbonate of soda with lemon juice and saw a big reaction which we made foamier by adding fairy liquid to it. 

Floating and sinking:

The children tested a range of items that they had decided on as a class and predicted if it was going to float or sink.  They then experimented with the different items in our water tray. 

Yr1s completed to different colour experiments one worked and the other didn’t. One was to make a colour bubble snake and the other to create a rainbow. The yr1s have been tasked with experimenting further at home to explore and change the bubble snake experiment to see if they can get it to work by changing elements one at a time to see the impact it has on the experiment. 




Our playdough results:

Our playdough was amazing today the children loved playing with it, creating different things. 

Making play dough:

We had a huge amount iof fun making play dough with the year one children. The children had great predictions of what might happen when different ingredients were added. We started to look at different states of material solid, liquid and gas. 

Exploring ice:

After our number work outside we decided to come inside and explore the ice that the children had found outside. The ice in the helmet was very thick and had a trapped air bubble as there was many layers of ice as it had frozen and then refrozen. This took 4 hours to melt whereas, the ice in the water tray took an hour as it was thinner. We spoke about how we stay safe around ice / frozen bodies of water as well as, discussing human body temperature compared to the ice. 

Awe and wonder science experiment:

We had a lovely afternoon looking at a science experiment of adding water to a paper towel with felt pen on it and observing what happens and asking why. We compared the results looking at why some had  spread further and we discussed the amount of felt tip pen used to create the blobs before adding the water and whether that had an impact on the results. 

Grouping animals

We sorted animals into different groups and discussed what they have in common and compared each group. 


We have started our new topic based on animals. We had a great discussion about different types of animals and what they need as well as why they are important. 

Exploring Autumn:

Yr1 have explored all of the Autumn material they found in the Eco garden. We described the leaves as crunchy. 

Science: Weather forecasts

Children worked in groups to create and present their very own weather forecast. 


We had lots of fun learning about our shadows. We followed the children's interest as we were completing an input outside the children noticed their shadows and so we decided to have a go at drawing them, seeing how big, small we could make them and we started to  discuss what shadows are and how they are made.