St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15



The children had great fun creating car parks and adding cars to them. Then completing the  number sentence to go with it. 

Making Mr Potato heads:

A lovely afternoon making Mr Potato heads in the Eco Garden. 

Transition afternoons:

A big thank you to Sam who created giant bubbles with Robins and the new children who will be starting in September. 

Place Value:

We had great fun using our large numicon pieces to start learning about place value. 

Sports Day:

What an amazing end to a great P.E WOW week!

P.E WOW week:

Salsa dancing and yoga!
What an amazing and soggy day. We have had lots of fun toasting marshmallows on a fire and building dens for animals in the woods, as well as, making faces out of clay to look after the woodland. We are very proud of Robin class fantastic behaviour which allowed us all to have fun and make it a very memorable experience. Well done Robins!!

New starters for September 2019:


What an amazing welcome from a range of Pre-school and nursery settings as well as a warm welcome from the children starting the transition to school. We have held our new parents meeting and again which was a great success and is the start of a fantastic supportive relationship between home and school. 


A huge thank you to FOSS for making goody bags for our new starters including bubbles, a book, pencils and lots more.  FOSS also, provided hot drinks for our new parents as well. Thank you!  

Sponsored balance bike obstacle course:

WOW! Amazing balance bike skills. 

Robins have raised £183.00 for the Doorstep school in India. 

Well Done!


What a lovely morning! 

Our mock Wedding:

What an amazing experience a mock wedding in Church. Thank you Rev Gill. 

Our Church visit:

We had a walk around the village, spotting cows that were having a rest in a field. We then took a look inside our Church and the children were very interested in drawing their own stain glass window. 

The Doorstep School at Brace Bridge, Kolkata:

A little more information about why Robin class are trying to raise money. Sponsor forms for our balance bike obstacle course went out yesterday. The balance bike event will be on the 14.6.19. 

Drawing different germs:

Drawing different germs:


Common cold 

Tummy bug 

Learning how to wash our hands properly:

We used glitter to act as germs. The glitter helped us to learn about how to wash our hands properly to ensure as many germs are washed away as possible. 

How germs spread:

We used blue glitter to demonstrate how germs are spread. 

A class full of germs:

We are looking at germs all week to help us understand what they are and how we can reduce the amount of germs in our classroom and on our hands. 

Show and Tell for Summer 2:


We have had a fab morning learning and acting out a Baptism with Rev Gill in Church.  After the Church service we came back to school for a biscuit and a drink to celebrate the Baptism of the baby.  

Hide and seek in the Eco Garden:

Planting sunflower seeds and playing hide and seek in the Eco Garden. 

Learning about Holy Communion from Rev Gill:

Rev Gill came in to lead an RE lesson on Holy Communion which links very nicely to our topic of the Last Supper. The children acted out Holy Communion trying the bread and the wine. 




Look how much our caterpillars have grown in 1 week!

Adam and Eve: The garden of Eden

Robins worked well together to move the bricks from one side of the classroom to the other. The children made a conveyor belt. The children again worked really well to remember the Bible story of Adam and Eve and create the garden of Eden. The children ensured there was a river running through the middle by using a blue piece of material and lots of imagination.   

Meet our caterpillars:

We have 5 caterpillars to look after in Robin class. 

Look at our amazing drawings:

Amazing drawings inspired by our Animal Magic!

Exploring texture:

Robins have used power paint today to make their own paint. Fantastic discussions about what they needed to add to change the consistency of the paint. As well as this Robins explored puffy paint and created hedgehogs. 

Animal Magic:

The children have had a fantastic day meeting lots of visitors. All Robin children had a goat stroking or holding all of the animals brought. Robin class did brilliantly sat quietly and held the animals very carefully. Well done Robins!


Children have been drawing sunflowers using ICT independently. 

Adventures in the village:

Robin class had a fantastic afternoon on our village adventure. A lot of great climbing skills demonstrated by the class. 

Our new class notice board:

Exploring sunflowers:

We looked very closely at a sunflower plant yesterday and discussed what plants need to grow. We have created a diagram as a class. 

Experiences over Easter:

Robin class have had a fantastic Easter holiday. It was great to hear about all of the exciting things they have been up to. 

Proud Clouds: 

We want to hear all about your Easter!


Proud clouds are for any WOW moment for example, riding their bike.

Post it notes are at the back on the top shelf of the classroom:


Pink post it notes are for staff to share. 

Yellow or Orange post it notes are for parents and family to share. 

Please share these WOW moments! 

Show and Tell topics:

Summer Term 1:

How do we grow? 

Easter bonnet parade:

Another year of fantastic Easter bonnets. Well done Robins!

Happy Easter!

Left and Right:

Children had great fun learning different directions, drawing their feet and learning how to left from right. 

Guessing game:

Using our animal cards to play a guessing game. 

Staying SAFE:

With have been learning about safety and how to keep ourselves safe. 

We have learnt the PANTS rule and the song. 

We have learnt about E-safety with Smartie the penguin.

We have also been learning about how to stay safe in different environments.  


Please ask your child about staying safe. 

Mindfulness WOW week:

We have had a lovely calm and relaxing week. The children have learnt lots about well-being and mental health. The children took part in a workshop about mindfulness drawing. Robins drew a bird. This work will be sent home for you to see at home.  

Imaginative play:

We have a picture of the queen, a nurse, binoculars and lots more. 

Child-led learning:

The children were very excited for their first STEM WOW week and one child had been making volcanic eruptions and wanted to share this with the class and so, we made some eruptions in class. The children have been fantastic scientists.  

Indian music workshop:

The class enjoyed hearing and playing all of these lovely exciting instruments. The children also learnt how to dance with their hands. 

Our new balance bikes:

The children have been very patient this week waiting for the weather to improve.  The children sung Rain Rain Go Away but nothing worked. Therefore, we had a go on the balance bikes inside and the children love them. Thank you once again to the parents who helped build the bikes for our children.  Children have started to design their own bikes as well. 

Recreating the Last Supper:

The children were fantastic and  acted out the Last Supper. We tried the bread and wine (Squash) and acted out the washing of  feet. Children had lots of fun and learnt a lot about the Last Supper. Well done Robins! 

Last Supper:


Monday 11th March we are acting out The Last Supper:

Note for Parents and/or Carers: please provide your child with a small hand towel. Thank you. 


Keep a look out for photos! 



Children created their very own treasure box full of special items to them. Children created these at home and brought them in to present to the rest of the class. This was fantastic and encouraged children to discuss their items more. Children were asked to write down where they would hide the treasure box to keep it safe. Some fantastic writing from Robins!

Our Literacy Working Wall:

Guess who we have been writing about? 

World Book Day:

Sharing our favourite books and drawing our favourite characters. 
We spent some time as a whole school sharing literature and then Robins designed a front cover for their favourite book. In the afternoon the children paired up with Kingfishers to share their special books with one another. After this the children have designed their very own bookmark. 

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake day:

We tried pancakes and discussed what we need to make pancakes, how we cook pancakes and favourite toppings. 

A special visitor:

The children had a fantastic time dressing up as Police Officers and learning about the Police. The children have learnt about Stranger Danger. 

Gruffalo Crumble:

We spent the whole morning in the Eco Garden designing and making Gruffalo crumble and pie. The children made pretend ovens and bonfires to cook their crumble and pies. The children pretended to taste the crumbles and the pies and decided they didn't like the ones with grass. The grass was to sweet. 

Gruffalo writing:

This is some of our amazing writing about the Gruffalo. The children changed the ending of the story.  Well done Robins!


Whilst the children have been exploring outside they have found lots of webs and so we made sparkly spider webs with glue and glitter. Some of the children decided they wanted to draw webs and make a spider to put on the web ready to catch something to eat. 

Team Work:

The children were asked to pick a number up and work as a class to create a number line. At the start the children struggled to communicate what number they needed. We stopped and we modelled how to communicate as a group. After the children communicated with each other and finished the number line. As a class working as a group is our next step. 


We were on a big train and a  very fast and noisy train. 

Welcome back Robins!

We have had a fantastic first day back after the half term. We have spent most of the day outside due to the fantastic weather. We made number lines and made large numbers out of cubes.  We also worked as a team to tidy up the outdoor area after a few weeks of poor weather. We found a mouth who appeared to be helping us as well.  


All in time for our new topic question: What is nature? 

Home learning 26.2.19 and is due on the 11.3.19


The children have shown a real interest in time. A few of the children have started to wear watches to school and are using a lot of time language in their play. We played What time is it Mr Wolf. The children shared lots of knowledge about time and how to read a clock to the hour.  Well done Robins! 

Paper aeroplane challenge:

5 Robins entered the paper aeroplane challenge set by Ms Middleton. Well done to everyone who entered. 


Children taking part in some mindfulness at the start and end of the day. Children took the time to be calm and take in the tasks of the day. 

Balance bike activities at Rutlands:

The children had a fantastic afternoon at Rutlands completing lots of different balance bike activities. We went on a bus and came back on a double decker which was very exciting.  Children took take in an activity of how to stay safe on  a bike. All children listen throughout  the activities and were very eager to take part.  The children were fantastic and pleasure to take on a trip. 

Number bonds to 10:

Today we made number bonds to 10. 

Our updated Reading and Writing area:

This is our updated Reading and Writing area. To encourage more independent writing from the children. The area is full of language with pictures alongside them to aid their ability o use the words in a meaningful way. We have an interactive display board for the children to correct sentences and or make sentences and show them off. Within the area we have provided a range of interesting writing equipment with a variety of materials to write on. 

Building a town:

Children working together to build a town with a very complicated railway line. The children were discussing how to cross the roads safely and that they needed to find a lolly pop person to help the children on the way to school. The town also had police officers and doctors as well. 

More voting:

Children have listened to one another today and we had a discussion about listening to others and that its ok to have different ideas and thoughts but we must respect each others ideas and thoughts. 

Decorating our Family Tree:

The children had great fun working together to decorate our new role pay area. 
The children were amazed by the frost on Thursday. The children thought it had snowed as there was white salt/grit on the floor and so, we had a great discussion about why it was there.