St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Robins – Reception

Stand up Derbyshire

Reception had a fantastic afternoon taking part with the rest of the school in Stand Up Derbyshire. Yr 5 and 6 lead the 11 different activities throughout the afternoon and supported younger in these activities. 

Counting and Ordering numbers:

The Creation Story:

The children discussed and planned what they wanted to create in their books and then went on to build what they had planned. 

Investigating numbers:

Enjoying P.E:

The children are having great fun investigating different ways of moving. 

Exploring the outdoor area:


Reception children participated in our harvest celebrations by joining in with our service and actively taking part within it.  

Show and tell: 

Show and tell is time for the children to develop their confidence and show or tell us a bit about themselves and what they do at home. Children are asked if they would like to stand up in front of their class and share their show and tell. The show and tell session will be every Monday afternoon. Each child will get a turn each week and encouraged to have a go. 


Our topic this half term is EXPLORERS and so it be nice if the show and tell items or events to share are linked, for example, bringing a souvenir in from a holiday or an interesting object such as a fossil. 



Home learning: 


Home learning will be given on a Monday and due the following Monday, for example, given on the 10.9.18 and due on the 17.9.18. 


Home learning will be in their black home learning book that should be kept in your child's book bag and placed in the wooden basket on a Monday morning ready to be marked and new home learning to be given. 


Active Learn: 

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of the black home learning book. We use active learn during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Active Learn.  When using Active Learn you need to allow pop ups as the e-books open in new window. Each e-book has a small picture of a bug and these are the children to click on and a question will be provided about the book for your child to answer. Please ensure your child answers the bugs.  




Your child will bring a reading book home each night these will be changed regularly in school. We advise parents to read at least 4 times a week with your child. Please ensure you record when your child has read and to who in their reading record. We also advise a mix between e-books and physical books.  


The purple stage / picture books: These books are to encourage your children to look at the illustrations and infer what is happening in the story and what might happen next. Therefore, these books will not be changed each day to allow your child to build up their confidence. 



If your child reads four times or more in a week they will be given a raffle ticket which will be stuck in there reading record and a chance to win a prize in the Friday Collective Worship. 


WOW moments: 

If your child has a WOW moment please record it and inform Robin class staff of the WOW moment and any photos you may have of it. These moments can be record in their reading records or just simply passed on.  WOW moments can be things like riding a bike, baking a cake or achieving something they had found difficult. 

Reception class of 2018/2019:


Our first week we have had a lovely start to the term.  

P.E WOW week: Circus day

The children had great fun learning the different circus acts. 

P.E WOW week - Monday:

The children worked on building up core strength. 

Jack and the beanstalk

Still image for this video
Children worked in groups to act out the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Maths: bar charts

The Yr 1 children enjoyed using their birthdays to create a bar chart. The children were able to read the bar chart and then worked in partners to create their own bar chart using lengths of books in cubes. 

Jack and the beanstalk:

Children were asked inference questions about how the different characters might be feeling at the same and different points of the story. Children showed the expressions on their faces, named them, described the feelings and why the characters might be feeling that way. 


One child said Jack would be shocked when he opened his curtains to find a giant beanstalk growing outside. 


Another child said Jack's mother would be cross because Jack sold the cow for beans rather than money. 

Telling the time:

Challenges wit telling the time for year ones and reception. 

Bullying day:

We discussed bullying and how to be a good friend. As a class we made a friendship circle and discussed how to be a good friend and how it makes you feel knowing they all have lots of friends in the school. 


Children exploring 10s and 1s and how to separate numbers into 10s and 1s.  
On Tuesday we flew to Paris and built the city. We built the Eiffel tower, the river Seine, the Louver, Montmartre and the Metro. After we built the city we visited the different places. In the afternoon the children tried some French foods which were, baguettes with brie, croissant, melon and crepes. 

Show and tell information Summer 2

Guided reading from the rainbow book

Time to say goodbye to our butterflies

Robin children caring for our ECO garden.

Exploring musical instruments

The children have been exploring lots of different kinds of instruments and experimenting with their sound and how to change them. 




Children explored the properties of kitchen roll and tissue and decided that they wouldn't be a good choice for a door mat. 


Reception applying what they have learnt in maths to their play and  exploration. 


Day 6 of 15. Robins can't wait for them turn into butterflies. Children have suggested many colours they think the butterflies might be.   

Turning a liquid into a solid:

The children poured double cream into two containers and then shook and shook them. Then we had a look and we discussed the changes we could see. Then they shook and shook some more until a yellow blob appeared and we decided that that was enough shaking. the children tried the butter on a finger of bread. 


4.5.18 Yr 1's have discussed and demonstrated their vast knowledge about capacity. 

New show and tell list:

2.5.18 Weighing scales:

The children predicted the amount of cubes it would take to balance the scales. The children also discussed a fair test as there was two different cubes in the tray and so the children decided it would be fair only if we used one type of cubes. The first set of cubes we needed 12 and the second set of cubes we needed only 8. The children discussed and decided that the second type of cubes was the heaviest as they needed less of them to balance the scales. 


We have been into the Eco garden this afternoon and found a special tree and sign post. The children read the sign post and found out about the Diamond Jubilee. This discussion then sparked a child's interest about diamonds and so, we looked at diamonds later in class.   
The children have been using their shape knowledge to create repeating patterns.

Yr 1 Maths 30.4.18

Yr 1 have been pretending to be scales and weighing different objects and comparing them with another. 


The children have been extending their knowledge about materials and have been describing what they fee like as well as categorising them into natural or man made. 
Today we went on a shape hunt on the playground and then we drew around different 2d shapes. After that the children enjoyed playing guess my shape. The children asked fantstic questions and were able to draw the shapes I was thinking of. 

Number work:

Year 1 have been looking at numbers and separating them into tens and ones/units and learning how to use a number square.  




We looked at corn flour and water and how it can be both a solid and a liquid. We experimented with the amount of water and corn flour we added. We then added some colour to our mixture and explored further. 

Rainbow Bear is back!

I wonder where Rainbow Bear has been? 

Robin children have interviewed Rainbow to find out where he has been and why he disappeared. 

The children have been experimenting with the amount of water needed to make powder paint and how the thickness can be changed. 

Spider found in class:

A reception child found a "tiny" spider in class and so, we stopped the lesson and had a fantastic discuss about spiders as some of the children thought the spider had jumped / flown from the table to the chair whereas, he had used his web and when the pencil was moved so was the spider. Fantastic in the moment learning!

18.4.18 Year one maths:

Year Ones have been using concrete objects to complete both additions and subtractions. 

I week update on our caterpillars:

WOW! Look at our caterpillars, they are becoming more and more active. They are very hungry caterpillars. I wonder what they might eat next? 

The children have been looking at shapes and patterns. The children have been counting the sides of 2d shapes and putting them into categories of the same amount of sides and then comparing the shapes based on their properties. The children have looked at 3d shapes and discuss vertices, corners and faces. 


Challenge: Which shape has 4 sides and all 4 sides are of equal size?


Challenge 2: Which shape has 1 face and no vertices or corners? 


Please bring in your answers into class. 


Trip down into the Eco garden:

We have had a fantastic time down in the Eco garden looking at the plants we planted as bulbs and making faces out of the different natural materials in the environment. 

Acting out 'We are going on a bear hunt'

The children said acting the story out was their favourite activity from today. We had lots and lots of fun.  

Our P.E session:

The children enjoyed developing larger movements and how to control them. 

Estimating, measuring and problem solving:

The children were exploring how many cups of water it would take to empty the water tray. All children estimated and then they were introduced to a different sized cup and asked again. The children quickly decided it would be different due to the capacity of the different cups. The children were asked which cup would make it faster? How could we measure the amount of water. Bringing in the language of ml and l.  

Our colour poems

This selection of colour poems are from year one and reception. The children enjoyed the colour hunt and then planning our poems as well as writing the poems. 


Robin class have a cup of caterpillars to watch grow into beautiful butterflies. We will then release the butterflies in the Eco Garden when they are fully grown and ready. 

Number activities:

Children have been looking at numbers 1 - 20, 1 more, 1 less and writing the numbers 1 -20. 

Our colour hunt outside:

We have been on a colour hunt inside and outside of the classroom and have found lots of colours. We have learnt a rhyme to help us remember the colours of the rainbow (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vein - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet). The colour hunt aided the children in their colour poems.  
Reception enjoyed exploring the changes to the outside area. The children used their area to explore maths. The children were completing word problems, placing numbers in order, counting objects, making an amount to the numeral, putting paint pots in weight order and much much more. 

Our new topic:

The Easter bonnets were fantastic and the children had a lots of fun parading in them. 

STEM WOW week:

The children had been learning about mini beasts and decided to build mini beast hotels. 

To see more STEM work, pictures and videos please go to the STEM page. 

Show and tell list for after Easter

We explored the air, water and earth sections. The children had a lot of fun and learnt a lot in each area. However, the children's favourite area was the water section. The children experienced it raining, looked at waterfalls and how water can be used in different ways. 
The children enjoyed every minute of this trip. The children played eye spy and sung on the bus. Once we arrived we took part in our Dinosaur workshop where the children found a range of footprint fossils. The children discussed which dinosaurs made the footprints and how many dinosaur had been at the site. The children decided on three dinosaurs and then discussed why they had been there. It was decided that the T-rex had eaten the raptor and then followed the third Dinosaur.  After this the children separated  fossils from other materials such as rocks. This sparked a great discussion about 'fouls gold' iron pyrite and what this was as many children had thought it was a fossil at first. 

Easter bonnet making with the PTA:

PTA ran an after school session for children to make Easter bonnets for the annual parade on Friday 23rd March after our Easter service in church. The bonnets were fantastic! 

Number bonds to 10 and 20:

As a class we made a number line to 20 and used Dinosaurs to add on from a number. The children then chose their own resources to  experiment with making 10 or 20.  

What life is like in class:

School council set each class a challenge. Our challenge was to create something that showed what life is like in Robin class and so we created a large poster. This poster has every child's drawing of themselves and lots of drawings of the activities we do in class. This poster is also displayed in our classroom. 


EYFS and KS1 took part in a talk from the NSPCC about how to stay safe. The children listened very well and answered all of the questions very well and knew who their trusted adults are. 

World Book Day:

In Robin class we had many different characters from a range of books. It is clear to see that our children do have a love for reading. As a class we shared an e-book on Active Learn and we clicked on all of the bugs to answer the questions about the story. 

Shared reading with Yr1 and 5:

In the afternoon the children were changed round to complete shared reading of their own books. Reception worked with Yr 6 and Yr 1 worked with Yr 5. 


Yr 1 and 5 worked fantastically well with each other, showing lots of support and encouragement. After the shared reading the children discussed front and back covers of a book and why they are important. The children then created their own front cover and blurbs for their own book. Some children used the ideas of their favourite book and improved the front cover and blurb.  

The children had great fun getting sticky with PVA glue. The children are making their very own Dinosaur egg. 

The Dinosaur egg has HATCHED!!!

The children voted as to whether the egg had hatched over the weekend or not. 

22 children voted that the egg has hatched and 4 children voted that the egg hadn't hatched yet. 


22 children where right it had hatched over the weekend!!

Looking after the Dinosaur egg:

The children discussed what the egg needs to hatch and they decided to place the egg in water so it had something to drink. The children also predicted what Dinosaur they think it might be. 


Three Dinosaurs came into our classroom last night! 

I wonder why they came into our classroom? 

One of the Dinosaurs laid an egg! 

I wonder which Dinosaur laid the egg?

Can you name the three different Dinosaurs that came into our classroom last night? 

Our topic is Dinosaurs:

These pictures are of our Dinosaur museum and our Dinosaur jungle. The children are having great fun playing and learning about Dinosaurs and fossils. 

Child led learning:

Today at playtime in began to snow and the children enjoyed playing in the snow. After playtime the children wanted to learn more about snow. We learnt that snow flakes are unique and described how to make a snowman. The children then drew snow pictures using chalk. 

Child investigating snow in the mud kitchen:

The children were making ice lollies and ice milkshakes in our mud kitchen. The children were stirring, mixing and discussing what ingredients they needed and what they were going to do next. The children used the till to charge for the ice lollies and milkshakes. 

Our outdoor area is ready:

The children now have a den to encourage independent reading and writing. We also have a water wall for the children to develop and use. As well as this the children have, sand, a mud kitchen and many other resources for outdoor investigations. 

Show and tell list on the topic of Dinosaurs and fossils:

Balance bike activity:

The children had a fantastic time on the balance bikes and learnt a wide range of new skills. 

Reception children PROBLEM SOLVING:

The children tried to rescue the ducks from inside the coil reel using different methods. The children discussed different ways in which they could rescue the ducks. 

Reception have been looking at length:

The children found that the playground was 43 building blocks long. The children also voted to see with line was longer the line of bricks or the line of chalk and all the children voted for the brick line. The children had great fun working together outside.  

Year Ones have been learning about suffixes:

The children have been learning about adding suffixes to words such ed, ing, est and er. We had lots of fun playing with words and their meanings. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations:

The children have learnt about The Great Race. The children have acted out the story and sequenced the story. 

Eco garden:

The children had great fun on Friday! The children went on a plant hunt and found lots of different plants such as, ivy. 


The children also, found mole hills and we have found interesting facts about moles. 

The CHEEKY bus:

This week we have been looking at the naughty/cheeky bus. The children have found the cheeky bus in our classroom who has got toys out, drawn with chalk and made a team with the quite critters to make even more mess. The children have made their own bus outside and played imaginatively together. 

Fluffy Painting of the world:

We have been using shaving foam to make fluffy paint to paint the world. A great big THANK YOU to all the parents in Robins for providing resources for use to make this. 

Our new paint easel:

Our new topic is all around the world:

Christmas in Robin class: