St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Our work:

We are very proud of all of our work so far this term. 


We have looked at The Wild by Emily Hughes and There's a Rang-Tan in my bedroom by James Sellick and Frann Preston- Gannon. We have focused on what it means to be wild and why it is important that we look after our environment to protect animals homes. 


Great discussion around what palm oil is and whether we should use products with it in. 


Well done Robins!

Class seed collection:

We have added to our seed collection today lots of different types of beans as well as wild flower mix. 

New bricks:

We have had create fun today unpacking and playing with our new and old bricks. 

The journey of poo:

23.3.21 COVID silence:

As a school we took part in the COVID silence at lunchtime yesterday to reflect on the year. 

23.3.21 Planting:

Children had great fun watching the compost discs expand in the water ready to sow our seeds in them. Robins have beetroot and salad leaves to grow from the innocent smoothie  school packages and the other classes have a range of other seeds to grow this year. 

22.3.21 Science - habitats:

Children worked in groups to discuss different animals and what they need to survive and what their habitat is like. We looked at a frog, bird, ladybird,  a worm and a snail.  The children worked really well together in their teams it was clear that the children were upholding our school values such as respect, teamwork and love of learning.  Great discussion about the similarities and differences. 


Well done Robins!

22.3.21 Holy week:

We built the Temple that Jesus travelled to in Jerusalem and explored how Jesus felt when he arrived and the Temple was being used as a market place (shop). 

19.3.21 Holy Week:

We have started to look at Holy Week leading up  to Easter and we have acted out Palm Sunday. 
We all had a lot of fun exploring ways in which to move a ball. We focused on rolling the ball with some accuracy and control. 

18.3.21 2d shapes:

We have identified that we needed to look at 2d shapes more and so we have explored 2d shapes and created our very own hopscotch using shapes. 

17.3.21 Music:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
The children really enjoyed their music session with Mrs Crabb exploring the different musical instruments and creating different sounds with them. 

16.03.2021 Maths Outside


In our maths lesson today we focused on making 2 colour and 3 colour patterns using various resources. We also focused on counting up from a given number to 10 using an Abacus.


A great maths lesson with lots of effort from the Robins and they all tried really hard at both the activities. Well done!

Easter gardens:

Great Easter gardens created at home!


15.3.21 Science and Understanding the World activity: LI: I can discuss what a habitat is. 


We discussed our homes and what we need from our homes such as, they need to be warm, dry, comfy etc.. We then went on to discuss what facilities we need in a home such as a toilet, kitchen etc... 


After drawing our homes we  found a lovely lady bird on the playground that the children wanted to move to ensure it was safe. Children looking after minibeasts!


We then moved into the classroom and worked in teams to discuss what a worm, black bird, snail, frog and lady bird need to live. 


Great team work Robins!

Nature Sculptures

First week back after lockdown:

Robin classroom already for our class to explore on the 8th March:

Robin classroom has gone back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in the quest to find out whether a dinosaur would make a good pet? 

Remote learning Spring 2 week 2:

Remote learning Spring 2 week 1:

Remote learning Spring 1 Week 6:

Remote learning Spring 1 Week 5:

Remote learning spring 1 week 4:

Remote learning spring 1 week 3: