St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


We have been explorers in the eco garden

ICT Lesson

During the class ICT lesson, Robins were tasked with logging onto the computer with their individual passwords and then accessing one of their Active Learn Books through the Active Learn website. 

A Fantastic Sports Day!

Whole School Ramble - Robins had a brilliant time and were amazing!

Art work set by one of the arts ambassadors:

Robins really enjoyed this art activity and had a lot of fun exploring different shapes, sizes and effects they could make. Children  enjoyed the idea of no end specific end product. 

We had great fun meeting four different dinosaurs yesterday and learning how to be a dinosaur trainer. 



Our dance from the arts ambassadors

Still image for this video
Children watched a video of one of our art ambassadors and recreated the dance copying some moves as well as adding in their own to express their feelings when hearing the piece of music.

Generous donation:

A huge thank you yo Mercer Building Solutions who have provided us with hard hat, high vis and some lovely items to enhance our outdoor area. 


Thank you! 

Exploring music:

Children exploring music!


We used a range of apparatus to help solve number problems.  

Virtual gymnastics video lesson from Erewash:

Great PE lesson!

Yr1 Maths:

We recapped some of the maths questions we found a little tricky and worked together to explore them whilst using a range of apparatus to support us. 

Robins had a great time grooming and walking Splash the miniature horse and holding the guinea pigs. 


Great knowledge about horses and guinea pigs. 

Children had great fun trying to reach the top of the beanstalk whilst recapping their phonic knowledge. Children enjoyed the activity so much they decided to create their own beanstalks with sounds on. 

Our amazing displays:

Here is all of our hard work for Summer 1. 

Showcase Collective Worship:

Great science experiment watching the reaction between coke and mentos and Dr Pepper and tictacs. 

More PE:

Overview of our maths:

We have looked at lots this half term from coins to number to shapes etc...

Robins had great fun exploring the equipment and deciding what activities they wanted to set up for their peers. 

Teamwork during STEM week:

STEM week - kite making:

Robins really enjoyed kite making and have continued to create their own kites. 

STEM Ice pack making:

Great fun making our very own ice pack. 

Eco day in Robin class:

Great designs of bridges!

DT - Making dips and dippers:

In school we have been looking at dips and dippers and the range of these. We have looked at consistency and texture as well as taste. 


The children have had a go at making their own dips and dippers at home. 


They all look yummy!

Mental health awareness week:

Above are some lovely activities to give yourself some reflection time. 


We focused on what these numbers are and what they represent.. Then looking at less and more of a given number. We introduced the number eating crocodile who likes to eat big numbers. Mr. Crocodile was a big hit with the children. 

Guided reading: Lost and Found

A fantastic discussion about what we would do if there was a penguin knocking at our front door. 


" Cuddle it."

" You need to take it back to the South Pole"

" It needs to be cold" 

" We could fill the hot tub with ice cubes and then put the penguin in it"


We then read on a little and found the penguin followed the character around so we acted this out and discussed feelings and emotions for both characters. 

Building supply shop:

The children recreated their own shop after the several inputs on money and created a building supply shop where the builders needed to buy the bricks for the house the children were building. 


Great effort from the phonic groups with their blending for reading and segmenting for writing. 

Bus ride:

The class went on a bus ride with two conductors who kept changing the price of the fare as the journey went on. Great work with recognising coins and adding two coins together to make an amount of money. 


The bus stopped at the zoo, airport, space, Eco garden and many many other places before driving back to school for just in time for lunch. 

Writing based on Handa's Surprise:

We recreated the Handa's Surprise story together on the board and introduced the idea that it was their story now and they were Handa taking a basket of 7 pieces of fruit to a friend's house as a surprise. 


The children really enjoyed this way of recalling the story and then wrote some amazing independent pieces of writing from the planning on the board. 


Great effort Robins demonstrating dedication, teamwork and love of our school values. 

We all had great fun in the Eco garden planting our bean plants from the classroom as well as the plants the children had nurtured during lockdown. We can't wait to see our plants in bloom. 


The children also had time to free flow to explore, recreate and use their imaginations. We had children digging for treasure, building a campfire to toast marshmallows on in our den and others searching for minibeasts. 


Our favourite bits:

" Digging up a brick"

"Digging up treasure"

"Looking for iron"

"Making the campfire"

"Pretending to be a vet"


"Fixing the electricity in the den"


Answering and writing number sentences. 

The children really enjoyed the different equipment we put out and had a go at all of the different activities and tried their best. The children then self assessed how they felt they did in the PE lesson. Well done Robins! 

Guided Reading - reciprocal reading

27.4.21 Whole class Guided Reading session 

We have had great fun looking at an e-book 'Around the world with Max and Lemon'.


The groups worked together to either ask or answer questions about the story including summarising and predicting events in the story. 

Science: Health and exercise:

The children had great fun identifying the different foods and deciding on which food group they fit into before designing their very own healthy meal. 

Upper case (capital letters) and lower case letter sorting:

Yr 1 children have been sorting our magnetic letters into uppercase (capital letters) and lower case letters to help with letter formation. 

Paper invention:

Great teamwork o your paper invention!


We had a brilliant maths opportunity to measure how long  this invention was compared to the other one they had created using cubes and a ruler. 

Science - Food and exercise:

In our science lesson we used our pretend food and categorised them into from an animal and from a  plant or tree.


Yr 1s looked at meat, diary and fruit and veg and placing items into the three different categorises. 


Sequencing Handa's suprise:



We were amazed at how well the children could remember the sequence of the story including which animals took which pieces of fruit. 


Well done Robins!

Our new scales in our construction area:

We have all had great fun playing with our new outdoor scales in the construction area. Lots of language being used about size, weight, capacity  etc... 






"Heavy "


"That side goes down"


"It goes up when its less" 


"Its full" 

Identifying coins:

We have started to look at coins in class!

In our RE session today we looked at what a creator is and had a go at being a creator. The children each made 3 items they felt makes the world special to them. 


We had a lovely discussion about the word special which we then went onto talk about that things can be special to one person but not another as we are all unique. 


Unique has been a word we have focused on throughout the first week as we introduce class identity and have finished our class identity cube for our Collective Worship tables. 

Handa's surprise:

The children enjoyed trying a range of fruits today! There favourite was mango and passion fruit. 


What does delicious mean? 






What does the fruit taste like?






"I don't like it!

"I really like it I have it at home"

"My favourite was the mango"


We worked in teams to create number lines and then used cubes to see what each number is worth to so more and less. 


We then challenged ourselves to build number sentences. We used more cubes to create the symbols needed make a number sentence, number cards and cubes to show what happens when we add numbers together (the number gets bigger). 


Robins showed our school values during this activity especially the value of teamwork! 

Science: Feeding and exercise

Our science topic is about feeding and exercise and we pretended to be pirates shipwrecked on a desert island. We started to discuss our basic needs such as food, shelter etc... 


We created our very own islands and then as a team built a big ship to return to school on. We used our new bricks, material and much more to make the specific parts of a ships and lots of cannon balls  as well. 


Yr1s then spent some time discussing our basic needs and what happens if they are met or not met. We started to compare needs and wants which formed a great discussion. 

Prince Philip:

After the Easter holiday our topic is:  How could we get around the world in 30 days?  


The first week back we will be looking at the UK and our Royal family after the loss of Prince Philip on the 9th April 2021. 

What are the different ways we travel?

On the last day of term we had great fun looking at different ways of travelling ahead of our new topic when we come back after Easter. 

Enjoying the sunshine in our outdoor area:

We are enjoying the sunshine and the new items we have been bought to extend our outdoor provision for our reception children. 

Our work:

We are very proud of all of our work so far this term. 


We have looked at The Wild by Emily Hughes and There's a Rang-Tan in my bedroom by James Sellick and Frann Preston- Gannon. We have focused on what it means to be wild and why it is important that we look after our environment to protect animals homes. 


Great discussion around what palm oil is and whether we should use products with it in. 


Well done Robins!

Easter garden winners:

Well done to those children who took part in the Easter competition! We had lots of different Easter gardens entered each individual and amazing. Well done!

Class seed collection:

We have added to our seed collection today lots of different types of beans as well as wild flower mix. 

New bricks: