St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Half term Eco challenge:

Human sentences with the Year 1s:

We modelled sentence structure with whiteboards and changed two words every time before writing our sentence out in our books independently. 

Unscrambling words:

In our phonic lessons we had to use our sounding out and blending skills to unscramble the letters to make real words. We also introduced alien words and that is what we get when the letters aren't in the right order. 

Staying safe:

We have spent some time discuss how to stay safe and that PANTS ARE PRIVATE. We also discussed who pure trusted adults are. 

Morning in the Eco garden:

Guided read: Seren's seasons 


In the story Seren wants it to snow more than anything else and so creates snowmen out of clouds and mud etc.. we didn't to make our own snowman out of Autumn material instead of snow because we are in Autumn. 

More phonic:

Imaginative play:

The children block aided the bus so it didn't fall down the hole in the ground but that was getting bigger and bigger. 

Yr1 maths: number bonds to 10

Phonic with Year 1s outside in the provision:

Maths at snack time:

Children used their snack to count they had 16 pieces of orange peel. 

Reception phonic in our outdoor provision.


Still image for this video
This is our Harvest festival song.

Harvest scarecrows:

Thank you to the community:

We are looking at what makes a good superhero this half term. We have been discussing people in our community and their super powers and so, we created paintings of people who help us and gave a few away to the superheroes in our community. Keep a look out for our painting in the local shop. 


Children had great fun thinking of different foods for each letter of the alphabet. We spoke about health foods and which foods are better for us any why. 

Chalking sounds outside:

Enjoying the provision inside:

Maths: Number sentences with the year ones.

Reception children have been looking at patterns and had great fun making a long cube snake with two colours and then repeating actions to create a pattern. 
Children enjoying time to talk about who is special to them and why. 


We enjoyed our phonic lesson outside in he fresh air using chalk to write the sounds we have learnt. 

Stand Up Derbyshire:

We have had great fun today celebrating Stand Up Derbyshire! We started to talk a bout Derbyshire and Derby as a lot of the children said they lived in Derby. 


Challenge: Draw a simple map of where you live and bring in for us to share. Items to put on it such as, pounds, play parks, shops, doctors etc... 

Book Trust:


A big thank you to the Book Trust for providing reception children with a free story book. This years book was "The runaway pea". 

Our amazing classroom:

Look how bright our classroom is will all of the amazing work the Receptions and Year ones have done over the last three weeks. 
Enjoying PE outside. 


We looked at the body today and what the impact food ahs on the body for example, not eating can make us grumpy but eating to much can make us feel tired. We also discussed what food gives us such as energy to jump, run and listen. 

Team work:

Children working hard together to problem solve how to tidy the blanket away. 


Looking at the importance of healthy eating and how we feel when we either eat or are hungry. The children pulled some very grumpy faces for how they feel when they are hungry. We also looked at different foods and how that made us feel. 

Fine motor skills:

The importance of washing our hands properly:


Still image for this video
Provision set up outside for our transition morning. Children came throughout the morning to see us and their new school.

Key Information:



Your child will be provided with a reading record and two books to take home to read and share. Each child has two books; 1 to read for fluency (Can read independently) and 1 for challenge/choice. Reading books will be changed in school on a, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We encourage re-reading books to allow for questions to arise to ensure a better understanding. We advise parents to read at least 4 times a week with your child. Please ensure you record when your child has read and to who in their reading record. We also advice a mix between e-books and physical books.  


The purple stage / picture books: These books are to encourage your children to look at the illustrations and infer what is happening in the story and what might happen next. They are great to encourage story language and discussion around books.


Speaking and listening:

Please make a treasure box with your child ready for September. This treasure box will be used every half term throughout the reception year. 


The treasure box will be used as part of there speaking and listening activities.  Here at Stanley St. Andrews we hold show and tell the week before every half term where children will bring in their boxes with at least five items in. The content of the treasure box should be linked to that half term's topic and what your child has learnt (Can they answer the topic question with their treasure box). 


This activity is great for developing your child's speaking and listening skills and children enjoy this much more. 


ey information:



Year one spellings: Every Monday Year ones will complete the dictation sentences set for the spellings they are using. Examples can be found at the bottom of this page. 


The scores from the dictation are recorded in class and in their individual reading records for parent and carers to see. It is very important spellings and tricky words are practised at home written and orally. Alongside the Look, Cover, Write, Check (LCWC) sheet sent home they have a spelling game to complete on Purple Mash as well.


Each child will be provided with an A6 envelope wallet which will be labeled and should be kept in their bookbags. This envelope is for sounds and tricky words your child has mastered (can recognise and read on sight of the sound or word as well as being able to write the word independently). Everytime your child masters a sound or tricky word they will be used with a copy of it in their envelopes to take home to share their success with you. 



If your child reads four times or more in a week they will be given a raffle ticket which will be stuck in there reading record and a chance to win a prize in the Friday Collective Worship. 


Word reading + Understanding = A GREAT READER!



Home learning: 

 Home learning will be given on a Monday and due the following Monday, for example, given on the 14.9.20 and due on the 21.9.20


Home learning will be in their black/ blue home learning book that should be kept in your child's book bag and placed in the wooden basket on a Monday morning ready to be marked and new home learning to be given the same day.


Reception action/tricky words:

Each child will receive a set of action/tricky words to practise at home. These words are not phonetically decodable or are sight words (common words). Children are require to be able to read these upon sight and write them down (spelling correctly) independently. A set of action/tricky words are provided when your child has accomplished a set. 


Example of Phase 2 tricky words


Active Learn / Purple Mash: 

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of their home learning book. We use Active Learn during the school day so we ask that you continue the learning at home with logging in and out independently.  When using Active Learn you need to allow pop ups as the e-books open in new window. Each e-book has a small picture of a bug and these are for the children to click on and a question will be provided about the book for your child to answer. Once your child has finished the book and answered the questions a report is provided to the class teacher to show areas of success and areas for improvement.


Purple mash:

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of their home learning book. We use Purple Mash during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Purple Mash independently. Purple Mash has a range of activities that can be completed and saved to share with us at school. As well as this we can set tasks for your child to complete at home. Please note some activities will not save, however, like Active Learn we are sent an activity report. 



Each Reception child has a tapestry account which is an online recording tool that allows school and home to contribute to the same document; learning journal. All parents and carers are sent a link to activate their account to enable them to upload what their child is doing at home and to see what they are achieving in school along with their next steps.


We do encourage parents and carers to use this amazing tool to work together to create the full picture of each child’s learning journey.


Robin class notice board:

Our notice board is situated on the classroom door and is full of lots of information for each term. Such as key dates, topic, items to bring in, trips etc… This information will of course be on our website and sent out via Parent Hub.


Reward systems in class:

We have a class sticker chart on the wall and once a child has filled the ten sticker places they can pick an item from the treasure box and the process will start again. As well as class Dojos.


We also have a class marble jar for team work etc… which once full can be traded for a class treat such as, Baking activity, Eco garden activity and much more.