St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Remote learning spring 1 week 3:

Bear discussion:

Discussions about the bear :


We talked about the bear cub and he said Mrs Gresswell is very lucky to find it in her garden and that it is sad it’s mummy has left. Perhaps they got lost or separated. He  firmly believes that Mrs Gresswell should keep it as a pet. Perhaps she could feed it nice things from the house and failing that some cat or dog food from the pet shop might help. Above all else he says it needs cuddles because it’s cold and lonely.


'Oh my goodness it’s a baby bear, has that really been in Mrs Gresswell’s garden mummy?' 


She said ‘wow’ 
She thinks it was probably blown in to your garden in the wind, and that it’s mum is probably in a cave.
She feels it would be best to take the cub back to the cave to be with its mummy.


"He smiled and said the bear is lovely". 


So I've been told that he thinks the bear either got in your car and jumped out when you got home, or came in through a hole in your hedge.  He's there because it's warm and he wanted somewhere to sleep. His mum and dad will be looking for him and we need to try and find them.  We might have to tell the Police.


 'She said it was very cute, looked warm and cosy and she thinks Santa got it for you'. 

Remote Learning Spring 1 Week 2:

Remote learning spring 1 week 1:

Visit to the dentist

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A little video to show everyone inside a dentist.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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We took cover in our den in the Eco garden as the weather took a turn and the children decided to sing Christmas songs!

Christmas dinner:

We enjoyed our lovely Christmas dinner in school.  

Memory game:

Children had great fun playing our memory game. Each child found a small object and put it in the circle then they had to close their eyes whilst an object was taken away and the children had to guess which one was missing.

Christmas dressing up:

Children enjoyed using the nativity clothing to dress up and act out the nativity story which they have been learning about in RE this half term. 

Pin the nose on the reindeer:

We had great fun playing pin the nose on the reindeer and musical statues for party day!

Enjoying our range of big books:

Reindeer dash:

Robin children enjoyed our REINDEER DASH in their wellies to raise money for school! Thank you FOSS for arranging such a lovely activity and a huge thank you to the people who sponsored Robin children to complete the reindeer dash!


We have been looking at numbers and  which are bigger. 

Art in the Eco garden:

The first task was to create your very own Christmas tree out of the resources in the Eco garden. The second task was to explore further in the Eco garden which consisted of children adding leaves and spoiled apples to the compost bin, spotting worms, rolling apples races and much much more. 

Robin fair ground art work:

Reception each drew a ride and then placed them together to make one big piece of art work of their very own fair ground. 

Using playdough:

We used playdough to see who could roll the longest piece. 
Great fun!

Christmas jumper day!

Morning exercise:

Stanley Village:

Exploring compasses:

Within geography we have been looking locally and thinking about the similarities and differences between villages, towns and cities as well as, what is in our local area. We have also spent some time looking at compasses and what they do. 


Children had great fun playing with their individual pots of playdough to create pieces of art work by changing the change  the dough. We learnt lots of new vocabulary such as pushing, pulling, squashing, rolling and many more. 

Robin class decorated for Christmas:

Robin children made lots of beautiful decorations for the classroom this year to make sure it looked extra special. 

Acting out a Nativity story:

Children had great fun acting out a Nativity scene and learning actions to represent each character. They all liked donkey's actions and sound affects as well.


Team work: