St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


smileyWorld Book WOW Week  smiley


2nd March - 6th March


We have a full week of engaging, stimulating and fun activities  planned. 


Read for meaning; read for fun is our motto!


We have many reading sessions when key skills such as:  questioning, clarifying, predicating and summarising are taught, encouraged and promoted to  help create confident and happy readers.


Let's talk, allowing groups and couples (reading buddies) time to discuss what they have read is KEY. It  allows children the opportunity to form opinions and enhance understanding. Be WORD AWARE!


Monday 2nd Marchsmiley

BUG CLUB DAY - please can children come dressed as their favourite BUG, this can be as simple as a child coming dressed in their favourite, brightest clothes and making a bug mask ( over the half term) to wear on the day. This will help bring our BUG CLUB reading to life. We have exciting plans for the morning – promoting reading, and learning new vocabulary with our WORD PARADE!


Thursday, 5th March - WORLD BOOK DAYheart

Please can children come dressed as their favourite book character, and bring in their favourite book to read with other children. 

There will also be a table outside for children to bring in their personal books - that they are happy to swap for a new one . We will discuss before, the importance of  children bringing in books that they are only  happy to give away, or replace for another one. Sharing is caring!


Friday 6th Marchenlightened

Chris White, a famous author, will be visiting our school to give all the children a master class in writing for fun and meaning. 

He will be reading out his work, and promoting the love for reading, writing and being creative!




The Makory Museum Bus Experience:


With the help of Gill Lynam, Liz Jackson and the Parish Council - we have secured a great, exciting experience for our Stanley children.  At the village hall, for a two hour session, each class will be led by Derby Museum Learning Facilitators, and get to  use the Makory Bus to focus on one-two of the following themes:






On Tuesday, 3rd March Kingfisher Class and Robin Class will have their session.

Wednesday, 11th March Puffin Class and Golden Eagles will have their session.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Let's exchange our books - let's be book smart!

Amazing work this half term:

All children have really enjoyed our Space topic and have learnt lots as well as, sharing their knowledge with adults and I know I have learnt something new nearly everyday thanks to Robin pupils. Parents and carers are more than welcome to come and have a look at our work in the classroom and in our books. 

Space themed treasure boxes:

The class are asked to create a treasure box each half term based on our topic question; which they will then present during the last week of term to their class. This is a great opportunity to developing speaking and listening skills as well as, confidence. Further information on this activity is at the bottom of this page or on our class news display. 

Balance bike experience:

Balance bike experience: 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
What an amazing experience at Rutlands! All of the children and adult enjoyed the morning of great fun and lots of learning. The children played lots of games as well as, rode lots of balance bikes to aid all of the children with a set of skills to keep them safe and to develop their skills further on bikes. 

Fun in the snow:

Fun in the snow: 1
We explored rain, hail and big fluffy snowflakes all in a matter of half an hour. This was a great learning opportunity for the class and lots of fun as well!

Home made number square:

Home made number square: 1
The children were really engaged when we created number cards for Mrs Davies to take to  Dum Dum and so we created our own number square for the children to use during the day. 

Salt dough planets:

Salt dough planets:  1
Salt dough planets:  2
Salt dough planets:  3
Salt dough planets:  4
Salt dough planets:  5
All the children really enjoyed making our salt dough solar systems. All children listened really carefully and used so many skills such as, estimating, teamwork, listening skills and so much more. 

Reception acting:

Reception acting: 1
Reception acting: 2
Reception acting out getting ready for a trip to space like Shelia did in the story The first Hippo on the moon. Amazing Receptions great imagination and use of the text we have been looking at. 

Yr1 Shared Write:

Yr1 Shared Write:  1
Shared write based on our book "The first Hippo on the Moon" 

Enjoying a range of books:

Enjoying a range of books:  1

A pupil took the time to pick a book from home to bring in to share with her class. This is a lovely book which we shared at the end of the day. The book has lots of new vocabulary within it which we enjoyed exploring!

Living out our Christian school values:

Living out our Christian school values:  1
Amazing! We had snack after our internet safety workshop and a Robins pupil took our fruit over to the gentleman and asked if he would like a piece. 

Internet safety:

Internet safety:  1
Internet safety:  2
Internet safety:  3


Still image for this video

Robins had an internet safety workshop. We learnt that passwords need to be easy for us to remember but hard for anyone else to think of as well as that at 4 and 5 years old it's ok to tell three people your password your mum, dad and teacher (trusted adults). We also learnt that if there is anything we don't like when on the internet if there is something that upsets us or we don't like we need to do three things 1) stop 2) get off 3) tell a trusted adult. Please continue this important discussion at home it is surprising how much children know about technology and especially he internet. 

3D shapes:

3D shapes:  1
3D shapes:  2
We have been looking at 3d shapes as a class. The children were asked to find 3d shapes in the environment as well as, looking at the different properties of the 3d shapes.  

Perseverance with number work:

Perseverance with number work: 1
Perseverance with number work: 2
Perseverance with number work: 3
Perseverance with number work: 4
Reception and year one worked together to support one another in creating and writing number skills. Fantastic number, team work and perseverance skills , once again living out our School Christian values in everything we do. 

Learning about the Chinese New Year:

Learning about the Chinese New Year:  1
Learning about the Chinese New Year:  2
Learning about the Chinese New Year:  3


Still image for this video

website dhdh.MOV

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website 56.MOV

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
We learnt about the great race and the different characteristics of the animals that took part in the race. Children took part in lots of different activities such as creating a Chinese dragon out of 2D and 3D shapes as well as having a go with writing numbers in Madarin. 

Computer skills:

Computer skills:  1
Computer skills:  2
Yr1 worked alongside the Yr6 children to develop their ICT skills with computers. Yr6 supported turning on and off, logging in and out of the computer as well as, purple mash and started typing skills on their purple mash account. 

Exploring the Eco garden:

Exploring the Eco garden:  1
Exploring the Eco garden:  2
Exploring the Eco garden:  3
Exploring the Eco garden:  4
Exploring the Eco garden:  5
Exploring and discussing the weather changes as well as, looking at different natural materials. Children discussed what they could use to make a sculpture out of great planning Robins. 

Problem solving:

Problem solving:  1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Group work on scripts:

Group work on scripts:  1
Group work on scripts:  2
Group work on scripts:  3
I am so proud of the year One children this week they have worked in teams and created their very own Whatever Next script. Amazing year Ones great example of living out our school values! 

Fun with Pre-School:

Fun with Pre-School: 1
We had a great opportunity to spend additional time with Pre-School strengthening our links with them. It was fantastic to see Robins interacting with the Pre-School children and once again living out our school values. 

Phonic work:

Phonic work:  1
Year ones worked really hard today in their guided read session using their phonic knowledge!

Naughty number square:

Naughty number square:  1
Naughty number square:  2
Naughty number square:  3
Naughty number square:  4
Naughty number square:  5
The naughty number square stole some numbers! The children identified numbers that were missing and their correct places. 

Whatever next!

Still image for this video
We have been focusing on Whatever next and so the children worked in groups to act out the story. Amazing teamwork, listening skills and patience.


Medicines:  1
We discussed medicines, what we know about them and how we can stay safe. 

Whatever next!

Whatever next!  1
Children have worked really hard at using the information on the front and back of the book to help aid their predictions of what might happen in he story. 

Sentences and lists:

Sentences and lists:  1
Sentences and lists:  2
Sentences and lists:  3
Making sentences and lists with tricky words. Keep practising those tricky words! 

Space pictures:

Space pictures:  1
Space pictures:  2
Space pictures:  3
We used chalk to create space pictures. The children's artwork is fantastic and looks great in the classroom. 

Maths in the New Year:

Maths in the New Year: 1
Maths in the New Year: 2
Maths in the New Year: 3
Maths in the New Year: 4
Maths in the New Year: 5
Maths in the New Year: 6
Maths in the New Year: 7
Maths in the New Year: 8

We worked together to complete visual and verbal number sentences. We then had a quick recap of the days of the week, months of the year and identifying different coins. 

Christmas party:

Christmas party:  1
Christmas party:  2

Great moves everyone.

Merry Christmas! 


Reading:  1
Reading:  2
Reading:  3
Reading:  4
Children exploring their new books from Santa! 


Christingles:  1
Christingles:  2
Christingles:  3
Christingles:  4
Christingles:  5
Christingles:  6
Christingles:  7
The children had great fun making their christingles ready for our Church service. Year one children could remember the orange represents the world and the ribbon the blood of Christ. 
Children worked together to play maths games, rhyming games and board games. 

Teamwork to read:

Teamwork to read: 1
Teamwork to read: 2
The children selected the game and then opened it looking for the instructions and had a good go at reading them before seeking adult support to read the instructions on how to play the game. 

Exploring paint:

Exploring paint:  1
Exploring paint:  2
Exploring paint:  3
Exploring paint:  4
Exploring paint:  5

Children were tasked to make paint in teams using powder paint and water. They needed to work out whether they needed more of the powder or water to make the right consistency.

Children also experimented with making colours by mixing different paints together.  

Christmas hats:

Christmas hats:  1
Christmas hats:  2
Christmas hats:  3
Christmas dinner day! 

Superhero speaking and listening:

Superhero speaking and listening: 1
Superhero speaking and listening: 2
Children were asked to create a treasure box based on what makes a good superhero and then asked to present their treasure box to the class. 

Phase 2 tricky words / action words:

Phase 2 tricky words / action words: 1
Phase 2 tricky words / action words: 2
Phase 2 tricky words / action words: 3
Reception were playing with phase two tricky words / action words matching them, writing them and reading them. Keep practising them at home! 

Christmas jumper day:

Christmas jumper day: 1
Christmas jumper day: 2


Dominos:  1
Dominos:  2
Dominos:  3
Dominos !! Great teamwork Year one. 


Nativity:  1
A lovely set of great Grandparents lent Robin class a beautiful Nativity set for us to use and explore as a class. The Nativity set created a lot of discussion from the children come and see our class RE book. 
The children really enjoyed being scientists for the morning to investigate which materials would be good to create a doormat out of. Lots of great discussion and aiming predictions. 
Picture 1
Picture 2

A Grandparent brought in a lovely Nativity set for the class to have a look at during the festive season. This Nativity set provoked a lot of deep thinking and discussion. Please come and see our class RE book!


The children have also had great fun being part of acting out A little bird told me. 

General Election Day:

General Election Day:  1
General Election Day:  2
General Election Day:  3
General Election Day:  4
We had a big choice to make today which box the class wanted to use. The children each had a green and yellow pencil green represented one box Andy yellow represent another box and the children voted with the pencil. We then added up the green pencils and the yellow pencils and found the yellow pencils had won the vote. The next day I was told that our Prime Minister was Boris Johnson once again.  Well done Robins! 

Celebrating writing

Celebrating writing 1
Amazing fine motor skills and name writing. 

Jam sandwiches:

Jam sandwiches: 1
Jam sandwiches: 2
Jam sandwiches: 3
Children have experienced  making play dough and jam sandwiches to add with sequencing events. Children enjoyed both activities but I think the Jam sandwiches were enjoyed more. 

Demonstrating our school values:

Demonstrating our school values:  1
Demonstrating our school values:  2
Demonstrating our school values:  3
The children creating a farm. The children worked as a team they shared, took turns and ensured all were included within the game. 

Play dough making:

Play dough making: 1
Play dough making: 2
Play dough making: 3
Play dough making: 4
Play dough making: 5
Children enjoyed making their own play dough to use in class. The children helped measure the ingredients and discussed what we needed to  do next and why. 

Our class treat:

Our class treat: 1
Our class treat: 2
Our class treat: 3
Our class treat: 4
Amazing behaviour, manners and attitude yesterday on our class trip. I am one very proud teacher well done Robins you were fantastic. 

Class trip to Brackenhurst:

Class trip to Brackenhurst: 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Children enjoyed there bus trip to Brackenhurst on the white and purple bus and were very excited about the activities for the day. 


The children enjoyed walking to Bethlehem and acting out the nativity as well as the Christmas crafts. later on the trip back to school our bus broke down high meant the children had to leave the bus and we had a short trip to the VW garage to wait for a new bus to arrive. The children were given colouring books from the VW garage for how well th echildren sat and waited. The children had a great time and couldn't wait to tell parents about their trip. A trip that will stay with them for life. 

Mary Seacole:

Mary Seacole: 1
Children worked in pairs to organise what items they would find in a hospital and what would have been used in the past. 

Real PE:

Real PE:  1
Real PE:  2
Real PE:  3
Real PE:  4
Real PE:  5
Real PE:  6
Real PE:  7
All children enjoyed and were actively engaged throughout the session. The children were great and managed to fill all of the cones and gained a high five.

Class visitors:

Class visitors:  1
Class visitors:  2
Class visitors:  3
Class visitors:  4
We had a visit from some hedgehogs and guinepigs and learnt lots about what they need and where they live. The children then went away and created some amazing drawings and writing about the animals. 

Estimating game:

Estimating game: 1
Estimating game: 2
Reception estimating marbles and working together to do this. 

Sharing what children are doing at home:

Sharing what children are doing at home:  1
Sharing what children are doing at home:  2

A special visitor:

A special visitor:  1

Poppy the French Bulldog  puppy came to meet Robin class. This was a great experience for the class as we have a wide variety of experience with animals throughout the class. 

Children in need:

Children in need: 1
As a class we learn all about Children in Need  and create new versions of Pudsey. One of our Robins wanted to help further and so was sponsored to ride his bike up and down his street 20 times and raised over £100 for Children in Need. WOW!

Wellbeing time:

Wellbeing time: 1

As a class we took some time to concentrate on our breathing in our class worship time. We asked the children to clear their mind and later asked what they are thankful for:




"pets and animals"


"the world because it's nice" 

Gravel donation!

Gravel donation!  1
Gravel donation!  2
Gravel donation!  3
Gravel donation!  4
Gravel donation!  5
Gravel donation!  6
A huge thank you to DERBY AGGREGATES and parent support for there amazing gravel and tyre donation to help create a new outdoor construction area. The children have been amazed bey the new area being able to dig and use the gravel as part of their building site. The children loved putting the gravel in our new area. The children used fab communication skills to work as a team to ensure the gravel was safely transported to the new area including tidying up after we had finished. Thank you! 


Superheros:  1
Superheros:  2
Superheros:  3
Superheros:  4
We had a great time designing our very own superhero! Great discussion and fab reasoning.

Character descriptions:

Character descriptions:  1
Can you guess the character? 

Autumn 2: 7 weeks

Literacy –

Week 1- Comic strip writing (Supertato)

Week 2- Comic strip writing (Supertato)

Week 3-Letter writing (Great Women of the World)

Week 4-Letter writing (Great Women of the World)

Week 5- Nativity trip Recount writing

Week 6- Poetry (Rhyming)

Week 7 – Poetry (Acrostic Poem)

Topic - What makes a good superhero? (Fearless Flynn)

Science – identifying and comparing materials

RE – What times are special and why? (Christianity)

PE – Dance

PSHE – Being safe

Art – LS Lowry

Music -  Music express book

Yellow day:

Yellow day:  1
What a great rainbow of yellow to show our awareness and support! The children were learning about Jamaica and have great amazing pieces of art work of the Jamaican flag. Alongside this the children have been learning about Rosa Parks and enjoyed creating a bus fair for all. 

Experimenting with colour:

Experimenting with colour: 1
Mixing powder paint and experimenting with colour and consistency. 

Tidy up time:

Tidy up time: 1
Tidy up time: 2
Tidy up time: 3
Tidy up time: 4
Tidy up time: 5
Tidy up time: 6
The children cleaned their own paint pots ready for after half term, brushed up the sand and picked up any rubbish in our outdoor area. 

Teddy bears picnic:

Teddy bears picnic:  1
Teddy bears picnic:  2
Teddy bears picnic:  3
Teddy bears picnic:  4
We have been reading Percy the park keeper the rescue party which inspired our own teddy bear picnic. 


Skeleton!  1
We have been learning about parts of the body and so, we had a visit from a child sized skeleton to help wit our learning. Alongside this we have been learning about senses what they are and what they are used for. 

More problem solving!

More problem solving!  1
More problem solving!  2
More problem solving!  3
More problem solving!  4
More problem solving!  5
The year ones and reception worked really hard together to ensure they could use the water wall but not run out of water. The children tried the different pipes and attached more pipe work to ensure the water came back into the water tray. Well done Robins! 

Speaking and listening activity:

Speaking and listening activity:  1
Speaking and listening activity:  2
Speaking and listening activity:  3
During each half term the children have been asked to create a box at home about our topic  to share with the class at the end of the term. This has been a great opportunity for children to speak and share what they haven't during the term, or more about themselves. Please find more information about the nest box challenge at the bottom of this page called show and tell or on our notice board in the classroom. 

Problem solving:

Problem solving: 1
Problem solving: 2
Problem solving: 3
Problem solving: 4
Robin class received a train track and so they all got stuck in trying to solve how to create a train track as a group and how to make the train as well. 

Exploring the Ramble:

Exploring the Ramble: 1
Exploring the pictures taken during our wet and muddy ramble ready to write recounts of our amazing experiences during the walk. 

Bringing maths alive:

Bringing maths alive: 1
Bringing maths alive: 2
Visual additions and subtractions. 

Celebrating children's experiences outside of school:

Celebrating children's experiences outside of school: 1
Celebrating children's experiences outside of school: 2
Celebrating children's experiences outside of school: 3
Wow! Busy children outside of school. 

Sharing books:

Sharing books: 1
Sharing books: 2
Child initiated learning. Several children have decided to bring in their favourite book from home. We have loved reading and sharing children's love of books. 
Reception have been busy painting the sounds taught so far. Very impressive reception! 
The children had great fun in the rain collecting leaves and exploring the Eco garden. As well as jumping in the muddiest puddle. 

Reception ordering numbers:

Reception ordering numbers: 1
Reception ordering numbers to 10 and then to 20.  Introducing them to one more and one less as well as counting rather than reciting numbers. 

Team work:

Team work: 1
Team work: 2
Team work: 3

Great team work from Robins today. We have four fantastic skeletons thanks to fantastic communication skills, cutting skills and excitement of making a human skeleton for our science topic. 


Group zoo map:

Group zoo map: 1
Group zoo map: 2
Group zoo map: 3
Group zoo map: 4
Group zoo map: 5
Great teamwork year ones!

Exploring our outdoor area:

Exploring our outdoor area: 1
Exploring our outdoor area: 2
Exploring our outdoor area: 3
Exploring our outdoor area: 4
Exploring our outdoor area: 5
Exploring our outdoor area: 6
Reception enjoying the outdoor area and relaxing in our shell reading areas. 

Toast break on a Friday afternoon:

Toast break on a Friday afternoon: 1
Robins enjoyed a lovely toast treat ! 

Experimenting with music:

Experimenting with music: 1
Experimenting with music: 2
Experimenting with music: 3
Experimenting with music: 4
Children developing their listening skills whilst experimenting with sound and how we can change it. 

Reception created 3d animals:

Reception created 3d animals: 1
Reception created 3d animals: 2
Reception created 3d animals: 3
Reception created 3d animals: 4
Reception created 3d animals: 5
Reception created 3d animals: 6
Reception created 3d animals: 7
Reception created 3d animals: 8
Reception created 3d animals: 9
Reception created 3d animals: 10
Reception created 3d animals: 11
Amazing home learning!

Creating the human body:

Creating the human body: 1
Creating the human body: 2
Creating the human body: 3
Creating the human body: 4
Fantastic discussion of the different parts a body needs and what they do. 

Creating a 3d zoo map:

Creating a 3d zoo map: 1
Creating a 3d zoo map: 2
Creating a 3d zoo map: 3
Creating a 3d zoo map: 4
Creating a 3d zoo map: 5
Creating a 3d zoo map: 6
Creating a 3d zoo map: 7
Creating a 3d zoo map: 8
Creating a 3d zoo map: 9
Creating a 3d zoo map: 10

Zoo building outside:

Zoo building outside: 1
Zoo building outside: 2
Zoo building outside: 3
Zoo building outside: 4
Zoo building outside: 5
Zoo building outside: 6
Children had great fun creating a 3d zoo map after the visit from the wild animals. Children have created some amazing animal inspired artwork as well as creating wild animals from play dough. Children worked as a time and used topic specific language such as enclosure. 

Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind:

Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 1
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 2
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 3
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 4
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 5
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 6
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 7
Exploring poo the zoo animals left behind: 8
Picture 1
The children used gloves to explore the poo to find out which animals had been in the classroom. Don't worry it wasn't really poo!

Footprints left by wild animals:

Footprints left by wild animals: 1
Footprints left by wild animals: 2
Footprints left by wild animals: 3
Footprints left by wild animals: 4
The children discussed which animals they thought made the footprints in our classroom. 

Wild animals found in Robin classroom:

Wild animals found in Robin classroom: 1
Please ask your child what has happened over the weekend. 


Zumba: 1
In the moment picture of our zumba lesson. 

Postcards for Bramble Lodge:

Postcards for Bramble Lodge: 1
Yr1 children created postcards for Bramble Lodge to share our Harvest experiences with them. Children posted the postcard with parents, to allow parents to see the amazing writing!

The lost sheep:

The lost sheep: 1
We learnt the Bible story of The Lost Sheep. Great discussion and great questioning to find our sheep in the classroom. 

Number bonds to 10:

Number bonds to 10:  1
Number bonds to 10:  2
Yr 1 children have been working on number bonds to 10 and so we have used lots of numicon to support their learning and building human number sentences. 

Shared reading:

Shared reading: 1
Robin  and Golden Eagle class join up on an afternoon to share either their reading book or another book from our library. This has been a great opportunity for the children to develop their confidence and make friendships with the older children. This will continue throughout the year to develop reading skills and social skills. 

The human body:

The human body:  1
We have started learning about the human body and so sang Head , shoulders, knees and toes. We also drew around each others' bodies so that we could label the body.  Great team work between the year ones and reception. 

Postcard writing:

Postcard writing:  1
Yr 1 children have written a postcard to bramble Lodge to share our harvest celebrations with them. Fantastic postcards!

Harvest in church:

Harvest in church:  1
Harvest in church:  2
Rev Alan lead our Harvest celebrations in church along with his trusted friend the skunk. A lovely celebration!

Outdoor provision:

Outdoor provision: 1
Outdoor provision: 2
Outdoor provision: 3
The new reception exploring the outdoor provision. The sand and water trays were a big hit! 

Foam jigsaw pieces:

Foam jigsaw pieces: 1
Foam jigsaw pieces: 2

Fantastic child led activities with the foam jigsaw pieces and 2d shapes. One minute the pieces have been made into a plane and the next a road. Great imagination Robins! 

Autumn 1: Overview

Literacy –

  • W1 All about me
  • W2 Egg to penguin
  • W3 The Lion Inside
  • W4 The scarecrows wedding
  • W5 Oi Frog
  • W6 Vet
  • W7 The Hare and the Tortoise
  • W8 A hole in the bottom of the sea

Maths –

  • Counting (forwards and backwards) and ordering
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Doubling
  • 1 and 2 more
  • 2d shapes
  • Read and write number names

Topic - Why are animals important to our world?

Science – parts of animals

RE – Bible stories, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit

PE – Getting changed and

PSHE – Being me

Art – Andy Warhol

Music – Music express book

Show and tell for 2019/2020:

Home learning: 

 Home learning will be given on a Monday and due the following Monday, for example, given on the 9.9.19 and due on the 16.9.19. 


Home learning will be in their black/ blue home learning book that should be kept in your child's book bag and placed in the wooden basket on a Monday morning ready to be marked and new home learning to be given.


Year one books in the basket near the window.

Reception books in the basket under the snack area.  


Year one spellings:

Every Monday Year ones will use the spellings given the Monday before and a score will be recorded. The spellings will be in their home learning book. It is very important these are practised at home both orally and written down. As well as this it is important the child understands what the word means and how to use it and that is why we complete spelling checks in context. To aid with this we use Purple mash to help make spelling fun and memorable. 


Active Learn / Purple Mash: 

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of the black home learning book. We use active learn during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Active Learn.  When using Active Learn you need to allow pop ups as the e-books open in new window. Each e-book has a small picture of a bug and these are the children to click on and a question will be provided about the book for your child to answer. Please ensure your child answers the bugs.


Purple mash:

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of the black home learning book. We use Purple Mash during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Purple Mash. Purple Mash has a range of activities that can be completed and saved to share with us at school. As well as this we can set tasks for your child to complete at home. Please note some activities will not save, however, like Active Learn we are sent an activity report.  



Your child will bring a reading book home each night these will be changed regularly in school; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We encourage re-reading books to allow for questions to arise to ensure a better understanding. We advise parents to read at least 4 times a week with your child. Please ensure you record when your child has read and to who in their reading record. We also advise a mix between e-books and physical books.  


The purple stage / picture books: These books are to encourage your children to look at the illustrations and infer what is happening in the story and what might happen next. Therefore, these books will not be changed each day to allow your child to build up their confidence. 



If your child reads four times or more in a week they will be given a raffle ticket which will be stuck in there reading record and a chance to win a prize in the Friday Collective Worship. 


Word reading + Understanding = A GREAT READER!


WOW moments: 

If your child has a WOW moment please record it and inform Robin class staff of the WOW moment and any photos you may have of it. These moments can be record in their reading records or just simply passed on.  WOW moments can be things like riding a bike, baking a cake or achieving something they had found difficult.


Robin class notice board:

Our notice board is situated on the classroom door and is full of lots of information for each term. Such as key dates, topic, items to bring in, trips etc… This information will of course be on our website as well. Also, there is a large cloud for any WOW moments please write down on a post it note and pop it on. 


Reward systems in class:

Each child has an individual sticker chart in their draw and once they reach an amount they will have a chance to pick an item from the treasure box and the process will start again.


We also have a class marble jar for team work etc… which once full can be traded for a class treat such as, Baking activity, Eco garden activity and much more.