St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Summer 2 Week 7 Planning:

Summer 2 Week 5:

Camping Trip in the Garden
Award for Amazing Behaviour
Amazing Treasure Map
CVC Words
2 & 4 Colour Patterns
Lego 3 Colour Pattern
Family Games Night
Strawberry Picking in the Rain
Making a Treasure Map
Properties of Materials
Maths poisitioning score
Rainbow Games Certificate
Still Life Drawing
Diversity Poster
Making a Diversity Poster
Baking Healthy Cookies
Treasure Map
Visit to Cromford Mill
Birthday Pictogram
Purple Mash
Town and Village Work
Trixie trying her lead
Village work
Unicorn Island
Unicorn Island
Very own Island

Summer 2 Week 5:

Cutting skills
Paper House
Letter Formation
3D Shapes
Letter Formation
Missing Blends
Pictures and Captions
Tricky Word Train
Beautiful paper vases
Addition 1
A walk in Calke Abbey
CVC Words
Diary Entry
Dress Up
Fact File
Family Tree
Fun with Friends
Learning the Time
Letter Formation
Letter Formation 2
Map Reading Skills
Fact File Martin Luther King
Matching Tricky Words
Menu 1
Months of the Year
Paper Village
Rainbow Games
Spa Night
Strawberry Picking
Tap Dancing
What can i see?
Who am I - Fact File
Fact File
Who am I?

Summer 2 Week 4:

Amazing Paper Village
Family Tree
Making a Paper Village
Letter Formation
Odd and Even Numbers
Matching Tricky Words
Beautiful Picture
Bird Feeder
Making Bird Feed
Wonderful Fairy Garden
Coin Rubbings
Coin Rubbings
Excercise Class
Lego Building
Home made bird feeder
Numeracy and Tricky Words
Sentence Writing
Walk with Grandma
Letter Formation
Handwriting Letter Formation
Odd and Even numbers
Tricky words
What's for dinner
Wonderful Family Tree
Animal food chain
Number work
Paper village with a clock tower
Recount writing
Amazing writing
Amazing Mice
Making the Amazing Mice
Family Tree
High Frequency Words
Fabulous Paper Village
Spot the Diagraph

Summer 2 Week 3:

Recycled Plant Pot
Coin Work
Ordering Coins
Comprehension Work
Investigating Money
Solar System
Recycled Plant Pot Plans
Identifying coins
Exploring with hair
Outdoor fun
Crayon Doodles
Tree Hugging
I Spy
Phonic Work
Subtraction Work
Walk in the Countryside
Food Groups
Healthy Meal
Buying Stickers
Maths - Stickers
Menu 2
New Pup Trixie
Online Dance Class
Scientists - COVID 19 cure
Teen Numbers Using Coins
Den Building
Number Bonds

Stanley Squirrel returns to school:

Summer Two Week 2:
Book Review
Amazing handwriting
Ice Project
Bean Can Design
Favourite Place
Lockdown Changes
Problem Solving
Ice Challenge
Mindfulness Drawing
Number Square Challenge
Phonic Wordsearch
This is Me
What I can See
Learning a New Board Game
Amazing Maths
Favourite -Meal
Finding a Half
Halves and Quarters
Problem Solving Maths
Unicorn Beans
Walking in the Peat District
Catch of the Day
Making Ice

Help raise money for Dum Dum and CRS Covid-19 Appeal:

Go to our International link page to find out more! 


Summer 2 week 1:

Creativity with nature
Art with food
Number snake
Smoothie making
Recount of the half term
Making friends with a frog
Phonic practise
Volcano experiments
Counting backwards
Enjoying the sunshine
Favourite animal writing
After lock down writing
Looking at the globe
Number square work
Book review
Number square work
Place value Tens and ones
Book review
Number square
Place Value
Phonic work
RE - our special world
RE - our special world
Active learn maths
Book review
Book review
Computer skills
Exploring poems
Why is the world special
Number square work
Number work
Poem to my friends
Tens and ones
Tens and ones
Amazing writing

Half term week:

Bike riding
Andy Warhol - drawings
Homemade scrunchies
Den building
Teepee making
Adventures in nature
Petal drawing
Fun in the pool
Pebble painting
Pebble painting
Riding bikes
Plane making
More Andy Warhol - drawings
Train drawing
Baking banana bread and lemon drizzle cake
Balance bikes
Making lemonade
Using a sewing machine
Painting pebbles
Walking adventures

Summer 1 week 5:

Den building
Something to look forward to.
Fishing in the garden
Dressing up
Making faces with food
Up up and away
Obstacle course
Fun in the rain
Tree climbing
Superhero to the rescue
More obstacle courses
Paper aeroplane
Den making
Happy Birthday!

Summer week 4:

Clock making
Independent writing
When lock down is lifted
Writing continued
Phonic and science work
Amazing animal facts
Odd and Even numbers
Animal poster
Recount writing
Hand writing practise
Animal facts
After lock down checklist
Alphabet animals
Animal facts
Animal facts
Animal facts
Animal facts
Using reosurces
Halves and quarters
After lock down
Months of the year
Number on Active Learn
Recount writing
Resources for number
Story writing
1 more and 1 less
Writing about after lock down

Video (13).mov

Still image for this video
Tricky words!

Summer 1 week 3:

Family walks
Learning about Capacity
Measuring how much sugar is in different foods
Rainbows of hope for care workers
Phonic lessons on Active Learn
Tree climbing and exploring
Wall art
More wall art
Comparing weight
3D bird
Easter bonnet hat
Family Values
Time capsule
Looking at weight
World drawing
Writing for a time capsual
An acrostic poem
A fruit acrostic poem
Mini beast hunting
Comparisons of weight
Horse drawing
Instruction writing
Science experiments with bicarbonate powder
Number formation
Pizza instructions
Science experiments
The human body
Home made VE bunting
VE day celebrations
Home made VE flags
Writing simple sentences.

Video (10).mov

Still image for this video
Learning to ride a bike without stabilisers.

Jacob Riding.mp4

Still image for this video
Learning to ride a horse!

Summer term week 2:

Helping at home
Birthday cake
Birthday pool party
Climbing trees
Fun outdoors
Painting with items found at home
Science experiments
Number 7
Enjoying phonic
Making pie
Rainbow to bring hope to Nottingham hospital
Questions about the museum
Phonic and numbers
Slime instructions
Science taste testing
Things that are important to me
Diary writing
Drink making
Writing for different purposes
Making ice cubes
Science - material work
Number line work
Pattern making
Phonic work
Making pizza
Recount writing
Senses activity
Tap lessons

Museum tour:

Still image for this video

Summer term week 1 and Easter holidays:

Phonic work
Active learn rewards
Phonic work
Weather forecast
Home made Bug hotel
Helping Mum and Dad
Science - the human body
A range of learning
Helping Mum and Dad
Imagination with lego
Easter recount
Handwriting practise
Growing plants
Helping Mum and Dad
A range of learning
Guided Reading - creating a new front cover
Creating a Number square
Handwriting practise
Me as a baby and me now
Easter recount
Science - the human body
Relaxing walks
Independent learning
Relaxing with some colouring
Baking - Yummy!
Easter egg hunt
Number snake- 20-0
Phonic - or sound
Easter recount
Postcard writing
Using ICT to help learn new sounds
Handwriting practise
Postcard image
Rainbow painting
Addition and Subtraction
Handwriting practise
Phonic through ICT
Postcard writing
Baby and now pictures
Baby and now pictures
Den building
Easter recount
Painting for a Care Home
D&T Ammonites
Letter writing influenced by Harry Potter
Minecraft plans
Identifying coins
Beautiful butterfly
Handwriting practise
Number square
Postcard posting
Easter recount
Relaxing walk
Caring for our pets
Mud kitchen
Postcard writing
Postcard posting
Relaxing Summers walk

Science book - to support with science this half term:


Amazing work on up-cycling everyday home items. 

Story plans:

Adaptations to our favourite fairy tales:

The Great Fire of London:

The children have started to look at The Great Fire of London and started to discuss what it must of been like through our senses. 

Birthdays made special during this time:

Birthdays made special during this strange time. Happy belated Birthday wishes!

Outdoor learning:

It is great to see children enjoying the outdoors. Going on walks and learning outside. 

Life skills:

Children are having great fun learning a life skills such as baking. 

Independent writing:

Fantastic to see children are eager to write independently. 

PE with Joe Wicks / Real P.E resources:

It great to see children being active and enjoying PE lessons at home. 


Amazing imagination being used!

The Easter story:

Learning about Easter from home! What great ways of exploring the Easter story we have had acting, drawing and much more. 

Reading for fun:

20200403_151401_254392825608274 (1).mp4

Still image for this video
Great reading! It's lovely to see all the amazing reading going on at home. 

Maths work:

Children working really hard at home with their numbers and shape.

Seasons poster:

Great work on seasons and discussion about the differences in the four seasons. 

A little bit of hope from Robin class:

We set our class the challenge to create a rainbow for their windows to share hope with others walking past who may need it during the current times. Rainbows are a sign of hope for all much like in Noah's Ark.  


Children have also being aiding their local community by delivering information on community support during this tough time. 

Science - Water gauges and more:

Amazing work being sent to the class email address from Year Ones and Receptions. Mrs Fryer and I are very eager to see those tables written up with the water fall across a week or two. 


Along with other science experiments involving ice and a minibeast hunt!

Home Schooling timetable:

Please use your own timings to fit with your regular routine. Remember if you require anything just email the class email address. 

Fairs over time:

Still image for this video
Robin class researched lots of different fairs from ages ago to fairs now and brought in lots of photos for us to create our own picture of a fair ground and show how they have developed over time.

Using and playing with money: