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Maths - please go to White Rose/Bitesize and revise areas you found tricky.

Timetable week beginning 20th July

Timetable week commencing 13th July

Tuesday 14th July

Spend time today finding out all about the Ancient Greeks.  Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below.

Funday Friday

You have made your puppets...

You have made your theatre...

You have improvised your play...

Today is the day to write your playscript.

The document below will guide you through the features of a playscript and it will help you set out your playscript properly.

When you have finished,

read through your script ...

Look at the check list: have you set out your script properly?

Does your script contain 3 characters?

Have you remembered to add stage directions?

Have you included scene changes?

Now you are ready to perform your very own play.

If you get someone to help you perform your play, remember you will need to give them a copy of your playscript so they know how to act and what to say .

Don't forget to send in photos of your performance to be added to Puffin's webpage.

Timetable for week commencing 6th July

Friday 10th July



You have made your puppets...

You have made your theatre...

Now it's time to act.


Timetable 29th June.

Friday 3rd July


Today we are making the puppet theatre for the puppets we made last Friday.

Use your imagination to create an original

and amazing puppet theatre.




The size of your theatre you will need will depend upon the size of the puppets you made last week.  Follow the simple making instructions on the slide, use any size box you can find.


If you haven’t got a box big enough you could even use your dining table or doorway as a stage.


Don’t forget to send in the photos for the webpage. 

Timetable w/c June 22nd

Friday 26th June


Today we are making the puppet characters for our puppet theatre (we will make that next Friday).


Are you going to make string puppets, shadow puppets, finger puppets or stick puppets or a mixture of different styles?

Think about how you want your puppets to move and what materials you will use to make them.


Read on to find instructions for different types of puppet;

choose your favourite and make the characters for your play.


Don’t forget to send in the photos for the webpage.

Click below to find out how to make your puppets.

Timetable week commencing 15th June

Friday 19th June    Funday Friday! 

Get creative; start making & baking


It is Father's Day on Sunday.  Treat your father, step-father, granddad, uncle or friend with a beautiful home made card and gift.  Have a look at the powerpoint below for inspiration, read through to the end before you decide which project you want to do.  . 

Some projects you can do by yourself and some will need adult help: