St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Last Forest school session:

The children really enjoyed their last Forest school session and have gain lots from the amazing opportunities they have been part of. 

Exploring sheep wool:

We had a misconception about where wool comes from so we have been donated some sheep fleece for us to explore and for us to link back to the learning from the farm trip and the lamb visitors we have had. 

The reception have had a great experience puddling clay ready for our well dressing. The children explored and also made their very own clay picture. 

Forest school:

What a lovely forest school session great teamwork. 

Planning and building:


We are looking at how to keep ourselves safe we have looked at pantosaurus (pants are private), how to stay safe in the sun, around water, walking, crossing roads and in cars. We discussed scenarios such as, being in a  shop and no longer seeing your trusted adults what they would do we had a wider range of answers we have encouraged the children to find a member of staff in the shop to tell and reunite.

Working together:

Working together, sharing, taking turns and using our imagination to create. 

Another lovely afternoon in forest school. 

Silly soup rhyming:

We made silly soup to help support our rhyming.

Our new shop:

We have been gifted a lovely shop, plastic food and baskets.  

Lamb visit:

We had a lovely visit from two lambs that are being hand feed. 

We had an incredible day at the farm! We saw lots of farm animals and animals you wouldn’t normally see at a farm in the Uk such as Emus and meerkats. All the children had a go at feeding some of the animals and handling the rabbits and Guinea pigs. We then spent some time learning about the lambs and how to care for them. We saw twin lambs who were less than 24hours old and had a cuddle with some of the older lambs. 

Dinosaur eggs:

The children have made dinosaur eggs. 

Exploring our outdoor provision:

We have been enjoying the weather and exploring our outdoor provision. 

Mud pies!


We have been focusing on using different methods such as exploring the part whole model, ten frames as well as selecting the correct resources to help us. 


Exploring daffodils and drawing them. 

Explored a birds nest and made some food and drink on the fire. 

Stations of the cross workshop:

We participated in a stations of the cross workshop in church.

We had a fantastic day visiting the open centre, mosque and Gurdwara. 

Our cress is ready:

Our cress is finally ready! The children cut their own cress and made their own sandwich to eat as an afternoon snack. There was a mixed of children who enjoyed it but a few who didn’t and thought it was to plain. 

We have had a great time exploring and experimenting in the Eco garden once again this week. 

First Aid Training:

The children took part in First Aid Training and are now all first aiders. Well done Parks!


We have planted some cress seed in our tuff spot to grow to then make a cress sandwich with. 

The children have been exploring different areas of maths from patterns, measurement, part whole models and so much more. 

Forest school - trees:

The children did a great job this week preparing for planting of our trees. 

Billy Goats Gruff’s bridge:

After some guidance from the year ones the Reception children were able to work together to build the bridge that the three goats cross. 

Ginger playdough:

The children made their very own ginger playdough to make their own gingerbread people out of.

Building character:

The children acted out the gingerbread story and designed character out of different types of construction. 

The children had a great time in the Eco garden having some free time as well as making mud pies, stripping bark, exploring dens and a pulley system. 

Special police visitor:

We had a chance to explore a police car to check the lights and the siren work and see what equipment a police officer has in the car. The children even got a chance to sit in the car and try the seats out. 

Maths activities addition and subtraction:

The children have explored counting domino spots and adding them together, adding two parts together with counters and plates as well as putting the new parts together to create a whole and show this through a part whole model. 

We had an amazing afternoon buddy reading and sharing our favourite books. 


Encouraging independent writing using what they have learnt through phonic. 


Whole school Ramble!

Using stamps to print:

The children have been using different stamps to print with paint to create some new display backing paper to display their work. 

Phonic outside:

We had lots of fun recapping previous sounds and practising blending as we jumped across our chalk pond blending each word on the chalk Lilly pads. 

The children had so much fun making pancakes on the fire and then exploring the signs of spring as well as, using their imagination and creating a bridge over the big hole in the ground for them to cross like pirates. 

We have explored cornflour today lots of amazing describing words. 

7 little speck frogs:

We sang and acted out 7 speckled frogs. 

Stanley St. Andrew’s school shop:

We have had an amazing morning and we made a shop in our classroom. We sold food, toys, animals and lots of other items you could possibly need. The children’s decided to use the colourful counters rather than the money coins as they were brighter. Amazing communication between the receptions they even decided the shop would get robbed and we needed to call 999 for a police officer. The police offers came and caught the robber. 


Drawing around shapes to create a picture. 

Number lines:

Great number work with number lines. 

We had a huge amount of fun making houses out of junk modelling material. We made a house from 1666 in the past before The Great Fire of London: 

Forest school

Welcome to Reception!

Number and measurement:

Great exploring of numbers which are more and which are smaller, number lines and measurement. The children acted out being measured for roller coasters and waiting in line for their turn. 

Exploring numicon, making number lines with it and finding one more and one less. 

Paper chain lucky dragon:

We worked as a team to create a very long paper chain dragon to explore the Chinese New Year. 

Water beads:

Exploring water beads. 

Guided reading - re-enacting the story Steg:

The children listened to the story about Steg the dinosaur and then acted the story out with the toy dinosaurs. 

Exploring veg:

Developing scissor skills. 


Reception enjoyed making playdough and adding cinnamon to it to make it scented so we could use our sense of smell when using the playdough. 

Forest school:

Another lovely afternoon in the Eco garden exploring and making wishing wands. 

Our large box:

The children loved designing the superhero cave. The children used lots of different colouring items but found the chalk showed up the best.  

Exploring ice:

The children were very interested in the ice outside so are our number hunt we decided to come inside to warm up and exploring some ice; following the children's interests. We looked at the ice in the water tray and ice that had formed in a builders helmet and had a trapped air bubble for several layers of ice. It took four hours in our classroom for the large block of ice in the helmet to melt and only an hour for the ice to melt in the water tray.

Number hunting:

We went outside to find that all of our numbers had been hidden so we raced around finding all of our numbers before putting them in order to create three number lines. 

Making words:

The children found letters hiding in the sand pit and the challenge was to make words with the letters. 

Fine motor skills:

The children were using jumbo tweezers to move and sort  tiny objects. This was a bit tricky at first but the more the children practised and perseveredthe quicker they got. 

Sentence making:

Reception worked alongside the year ones to hunt for words to then build up a sentence around the room.  The children were able to work together to build a sentence and then read it to check it makes sense with guidance. 

Exploring 3d shapes:

The children had a lot of fun exploring the 3d shapes seeing which rolled which ones we could stack and what we could build using them. 

Tricky word dominoes:

Our Receptions have had great fun playing tricky word dominoes. They have transferred the skills from playing dominos in our maths earlier in the term to playing with phase 2 tricky words. 

The children had a fantastic time yesterday in the Eco garden for their first Forest school session.  We made a fire and cooked popcorn on it as well as having a hot chocolate to warm up. We then explored the Eco space and found daffodils and snowdrops bursting through the ground the first signs of new life and new beginnings as we move closer to Lent and Easter. 

The children worked together demonstrating our teamwork school value to help one another out of the small ditch in the Eco garden as well as making a muddy soup with rotting apples, mud, leaves, grass and a few herb leaves. 

Repeating patterns:

Reception have had fun making repeating patterns with two or more colours. 

Tricky word dominoes:

Tricky word dominoes working together to say the phase 2 tricky words and match them. Phase two trick pay words are: the, I, no, go, into, to. 

3d shapes:

The receptions have been identifying 3d shapes and exploring them can they roll can they stack can as well as following picture cards independently to build a type of structure using the 3d shapes. The children then built their own structure using the 3d shapes. Children worked independently and then in teams to build using the shapes.  We also went on 2 shape hunts one inside and one outside ( see yr1 page for pictures). 


We recapped animals fr9m last half term looking at which animals would make a good pet and which are to wild etc… as well as looking at what the animals eat. 

Science experiments awe and wonder:

We had a lovely afternoon looking at a science experiment of adding water to a paper towel with felt pen on it and observing what happens and asking why. 

Guided reading activities:

We have had a lovely morning completing a range of guided reading activities such as, time in the library, individual reading, listening to a story and exploring a story with an adult. 

Special visitor:


Sitting in the pews waiting to start our Christingle service. 

Ideas and activities to do over Christmas:

Our dress rehearsal for our Nativity: