St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


We have explored cornflour today lots of amazing describing words. 

7 little speck frogs:

We sang and acted out 7 speckled frogs. 

Stanley St. Andrew’s school shop:

We have had an amazing morning and we made a shop in our classroom. We sold food, toys, animals and lots of other items you could possibly need. The children’s decided to use the colourful counters rather than the money coins as they were brighter. Amazing communication between the receptions they even decided the shop would get robbed and we needed to call 999 for a police officer. The police offers came and caught the robber. 


Drawing around shapes to create a picture. 

Number lines:

Great number work with number lines. 

We had a huge amount of fun making houses out of junk modelling material. We made a house from 1666 in the past before The Great Fire of London: 

Forest school

Welcome to Reception!

Number and measurement:

Great exploring of numbers which are more and which are smaller, number lines and measurement. The children acted out being measured for roller coasters and waiting in line for their turn. 

Exploring numicon, making number lines with it and finding one more and one less. 

Paper chain lucky dragon:

We worked as a team to create a very long paper chain dragon to explore the Chinese New Year. 

Water beads:

Exploring water beads. 

Guided reading - re-enacting the story Steg:

The children listened to the story about Steg the dinosaur and then acted the story out with the toy dinosaurs. 

Exploring veg:

Developing scissor skills. 


Reception enjoyed making playdough and adding cinnamon to it to make it scented so we could use our sense of smell when using the playdough. 

Forest school:

Another lovely afternoon in the Eco garden exploring and making wishing wands. 

Our large box:

The children loved designing the superhero cave. The children used lots of different colouring items but found the chalk showed up the best.  

Exploring ice:

The children were very interested in the ice outside so are our number hunt we decided to come inside to warm up and exploring some ice; following the children's interests. We looked at the ice in the water tray and ice that had formed in a builders helmet and had a trapped air bubble for several layers of ice. It took four hours in our classroom for the large block of ice in the helmet to melt and only an hour for the ice to melt in the water tray.

Number hunting:

We went outside to find that all of our numbers had been hidden so we raced around finding all of our numbers before putting them in order to create three number lines. 

Making words:

The children found letters hiding in the sand pit and the challenge was to make words with the letters. 

Fine motor skills:

The children were using jumbo tweezers to move and sort  tiny objects. This was a bit tricky at first but the more the children practised and perseveredthe quicker they got. 

Sentence making:

Reception worked alongside the year ones to hunt for words to then build up a sentence around the room.  The children were able to work together to build a sentence and then read it to check it makes sense with guidance. 

Exploring 3d shapes:

The children had a lot of fun exploring the 3d shapes seeing which rolled which ones we could stack and what we could build using them. 

Tricky word dominoes:

Our Receptions have had great fun playing tricky word dominoes. They have transferred the skills from playing dominos in our maths earlier in the term to playing with phase 2 tricky words. 

The children had a fantastic time yesterday in the Eco garden for their first Forest school session.  We made a fire and cooked popcorn on it as well as having a hot chocolate to warm up. We then explored the Eco space and found daffodils and snowdrops bursting through the ground the first signs of new life and new beginnings as we move closer to Lent and Easter. 

The children worked together demonstrating our teamwork school value to help one another out of the small ditch in the Eco garden as well as making a muddy soup with rotting apples, mud, leaves, grass and a few herb leaves. 

Repeating patterns:

Reception have had fun making repeating patterns with two or more colours. 

Tricky word dominoes:

Tricky word dominoes working together to say the phase 2 tricky words and match them. Phase two trick pay words are: the, I, no, go, into, to. 

3d shapes:

The receptions have been identifying 3d shapes and exploring them can they roll can they stack can as well as following picture cards independently to build a type of structure using the 3d shapes. The children then built their own structure using the 3d shapes. Children worked independently and then in teams to build using the shapes.  We also went on 2 shape hunts one inside and one outside ( see yr1 page for pictures). 


We recapped animals fr9m last half term looking at which animals would make a good pet and which are to wild etc… as well as looking at what the animals eat. 

Science experiments awe and wonder:

We had a lovely afternoon looking at a science experiment of adding water to a paper towel with felt pen on it and observing what happens and asking why. 

Guided reading activities:

We have had a lovely morning completing a range of guided reading activities such as, time in the library, individual reading, listening to a story and exploring a story with an adult. 

Special visitor:


Sitting in the pews waiting to start our Christingle service. 

Ideas and activities to do over Christmas:

Our dress rehearsal for our Nativity:

Pictures from our dress rehearsal of our Nativity play. All of our children worked extremely hard on this production. 

Balance bike activities:

We had a fantastic time at the balance bike activities as well as all of the excitement of going on a bus for the first time with school. 

Exploring the Eco garden:

The children explored the Eco garden and found several animals and could name them as well. 

Number lines:

Yr1s have supported Reception in the use of a number line and how they can help us with math sentences. 

We have enjoyed using the resources to help us care ful count, one more, one less and recognise numbers. 

Science: which are our favourite animals bar chart

We had great fun building a bar chart to show which was the most popular animal. 


Reception have been exploring our new phonic pots. This has been really interesting identifying the different objects, their purpose and which sound they belong to. Thank you to Phillip Ellis of Bowmer & Kirkland for the donation of them. 

The Nativity:

Children acting out the Nativity story in a tuff spot with the characters whilst exploring the texture of salt and flour. 

Children have enjoyed exploring the wide range of maths resources we have for the children to use to aid their maths. 

Phonic outside:

We recapped our sounds outside as well as name writing with chalk. 

Number lines:

We have been us8ng our magnetic numbers to create number lines to 10. 

Buttercup farm:

The children did an amazing job at building their very own Buttercup farm. 

Phonic on our new screen:

Phonic using our new screen. The children have really enjoyed using this in class. 

Bonfire night:

We have learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night. We then made firework paintings with forks to get the effect of a firework. 

Number line and counting:

We have had lots of fun counting using our new number line.  We used cubes, numicon and earl to help us count.


Children explored musical instruments. 

Harvest festival:

The children were welcomed into our school and church once again and blessed by Rev Jan. 

Working with Rashford class:

The children enjoyed working alongside the Rashford class on our topic question about animals for Autumn 2. 

RE workshop:

Mrs Gresswell has worked in each class to unpick the Lord’s prayer, the big frieze and discuss our Collective Worship what we like what and how we can make it even better. 

Maths Wow week:

Creation story workshop:

Receptions joined the year 1s to learn more about the Christian creation story. 

Maths in our provision:

Receptions have enjoyed exploring the numicon and learning what it represents. 


Phonic inside and outside in the provision. 

A love for reading:

Developing a love for reading in our outdoor reading shells. 

Fine motor skills:

We have been doing some threading and peg board patterns to help their fine motor skills as well as creating two step patterns using colours. 

Messy play exploration:

Children have had a fantastic time exploring water beads, clean mud, flour and paint. 

Exploring our Eco garden:

Receptions enjoyed exploring the Eco garden and collecting items. We wonder if you can create a picture using the items you have collected? 

Handa’s surprise fruit tasting:

Children tried a range of fruit from Handa’s surprise . The pineapple and passion fruit were favourites. 

Exploring our school I-pads:

Reception have spent some time taking photos on our school I-pads. 

Water beads!

All of the children have had a great time exploring the water beads and creating patterns. 

Exploring numicon:

We have had lots of fun playing with the pieces of numicon as well as our large wooden pieces. We made snail shells out of our numicon pieces today. 

Number lines:

Children made a caterpillar numberline to 5 today and used cubes. 

Play dough:

Developing or fine motor skills. 

Messy play:

We have really enjoyed playing with the clean mud and shaving foam. 

Name writing practise:

Shape hunting:

The reception children really enjoyed identifying 2d shapes and hunting for them in our environment. 


Playing farms:

We introduced dried pasta and broccoli into the farm tuff spot. The children enjoyed this activity we focused on making animal sounds and naming baby animal names such as a baby pig is a piglet. 

Cutting skills:

We have been practising our cutting skills by cutting a cabbage up. We have also talked about scissor safety and how to safeguard ourselves and others when using scissors. 

Lord's prayer walk to church:

We enjoyed a lovely walk to church and back. The children had time to explore church and the different items. 

Name writing:

Reception have enjoyed practising writing their names in flour. 

Repeating patterns:

Receptions have worked on repeating patterns with cubes and then moved onto caterpillar pattern colouring with more than two colours. 

Special visitor:

Parks' class had the lovely chance to welcome a new baby into our school family. Parks' class enjoyed asking lots of questions.