St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Welcome to Reception!


We looked at different numbers and tried to put them in the correct order as well as, looking at individual numbers and what they mean such as four and counting out four counters. 

Likes and dislikes:

Reception used their scissor skills to cut out pictures of different items for the children to demonstrate whether they liked it or not such as rain, spiders, chips, peas etc... We are encouraging our reception children to use their voices and share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

More puzzles and games:

Once again snap was a big hit. The Year 1 children worked really well with our younger children to model these games and puzzles. 


What board games do you play at home? Can you learn to play a new one and take some photos to share with us on Tapestry?


Exploring the equipment during PE. 

Listening activity:

The children have enjoyed developing their listening skills by listening to instructions then completing them for example colour the dogs nose red the children would then have to colour the dogs nose red. 

Parallel play:

The children are doing lots of parallel play and so we are encouraging them to find their voices and use it within their play. We are doing lots of modelling to demonstrate how we can ask others to play or how we can ask to play. 

Our library area:

Receptions have enjoyed listening to a story read by Mrs. Stals in our library area the children chose a big book. 


It was lovely to hear the receptions engaging with the book answering questions about what they could see and what they had just heard. We are encouraging our reception children to ask questions as well. 

Listening walk:

Reception children have enjoyed listening walks in our school grounds to listen to the sounds around them. Here are some of the sounds identified by the children:



"leaves moving"

"The flag flapping in the wind"


We have been learning how to take turns and follow instructions to play or solve a puzzle the children's favourite was snap!

Exploring our inside provision:

The children have enjoyed some choosing time in the classroom getting to know where everything is. 


It has been wonderful to start to see new friendships forming as well as seeing children communicating with one another. 

Exploring our outdoor provision:

Parks have enjoyed exploring their outdoor provision whilst developing new friendships. 

PSHE - Being healthy 7.9.22

Today we shared what we thought a human body needed to stay healthy. Receptions discussed lots of healthy foods and what we drink.