St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Molly has been comparing and contrasting pilgrimages and learning about special journeys

Brilliant Aimee!

Aimee has been learning about special journeys

Jack's been very busy.

Amelia has written a letter

Aimee has been researching Jewish pilgrimages

Olivia's Hajj work.

Aimee has read the Hajj diary entries and has answered the questions.

Aimee has created a flowchart to show what happens during the Hajj pilgrimage

Aimee has been learning about Hindu Pilgrimages and wrote some fantastic questions for the Kumbh Mela quiz board game

Evie's pilgrimage work.

Amelia was able to match the place of pilgrimage with its significance to Christians.

Pilgrimage challenge by Aimee

Buddhist Pilgrimages by Aimee

Amelia's Hindu symbol poster

Aimee has made some delicious looking chapattis.

Molly's RE work on Hindu Symbols

Aimee's Hindu symbol poster

Sophie A's Hindu Symbol Poster is full of information.

Rama and Sita by Amelia.

Sophie's rangoli pattern

Molly's Rama and Sita work

Aimee has designed a symmetrical Rangoli pattern. She practiced her design first on paper and then recreated it on Paint before duplicating the pattern and putting it on Word.

Aimee has completed the Rama and Sita work

Molly's Holi poster

Holi poster by Amelia

Puja - Hindu Worship by Lucas.

A fact file about Diwali, thank you Sophie, it's brilliant.

Aimee has made a poster on Holi.

Olivia's work on Puja

Excellent RE work on Puja from Aimee

Great work Eve!

Samuel, Hindu gods

Amelia's RE work

Amelia's Hinduism work


Sophie A's Hindu poster