St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Puffins - Year 1 / 2

Last Friday Puffin Class took part in 'Stand Up Derbyshire'. Golden Eagles worked really hard to make up games for the whole school.

Bear is very impressed with all the caves Puffin Class have made, they are amazing! Thank you for all your help.

What happened when the circus came to Stanley?

Thanks to Lee, Puffin class had fun in the sun learning new Salsa moves!

Infant children completed their Skipathon and raised lots of money for our link school in Dum Dum. Well done!

Puffin Class tried to improve their core strength with Maya (Elliot's mum).

Puffin Class had an amazing time in the ECO Garden - weeding, planting and watering.

Fabulous French research, the children learnt lots of interesting facts to kick start our topic.

Puffin Class have written a newspaper report about Aisha saving the world from a terrible volcano. Can you spot any features?

The children loved using instruments to accompany the song ' The Little Green Frog '.

Puffins enjoyed acting out Matthew 9: 9-13 where Jesus chooses the tax collector to become one of his disciples. Ask your child to tell you what they learnt about forgiveness.

Elliot wrote a super ending to our shared superhero story.

Editing work is a very important skill as it improves our writing. Can you spot any of the changes Team Puffin made? We also gave our story two stars and a wish. Ask your child what we've highlighted.

Today Puffins had a great time in our Eco Garden - looking for habitats. Ask your child to tell you what they found.

Puffins have written a sequel to 'Aisha the Superhero Princess'.

Funny feet - Puffin Class compared their shoe sizes and worked out the surface area.

Despite the hiccups on the way to Magna, Puffin Class had an amazing time and enjoyed exploring the four pavilions!