St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


In normal circumstances we invite parents and carers into school to complete workshops on phonics; however, this year we are sadly unable to offer this. 


Therefore, we have set up this section on our website with activities to support your child and the adults at home. 


Phonic vocabulary:


Phoneme - smallest unit of sound such as, a

Grapheme - written form of a sound. 

Diagraph - two letters that make one sound such as, ar

Trigraph - three letters that make one sound such as igh

Split diagraph - two letter that make one sound but aren't next to each other such as, a-e in cake. 

Sounding out - saying each sound in a word such as c-a-t-

Blending - putting each sound ina  word together to say the word such as, c-a-t = cat 

Sound button -  We place a dot (sound button) under each sound to help sound out and then blend together to read the word. 

Letter name - is what we call a letter not the sound it makes we explain to the children we call L, L and it makes a l sound. Just like a tiger we call it a tiger but it makes a roar sound. 

Pure sound - saying each sound without the added extra uh sound such as, m not muh  

Capital letters - Capital letters are for the start of a sentence, name, place and personal pronoun I (proper nouns).  



Throughout school we use this vocabulary with the children as well as upper and lowercase letters not big and small letters. 



How we teach phonic at Stanley St. Andrew's:


We follow Active Learns' scheme of work  which is split into units:

Phase 2

  1. S,A,T,P
  2. I,N,M,D
  3. G,O,C,K
  4. CK,E,U,R
  5. H,B,F,FF,L,LL,SS

Phase 3

      6. J,V,W,X

      7. Y,Z,ZZ,QU

      8. CH,SH,TH,NG

      9. AI,EE, IGH, OA, OO,OO

     10. AR, OR,UR, OW, OI

     11. EAR,AIR,URE, ER

Phase 4 - Year One 

      12. Adjacent consonants 


Phase 5 - Year One

      13. Split diagraphs introduced 




Phonic games and activities:

  • Phonic playThere are lots of exciting games to play to support phonic knowledge.
  • Phonic BloomThere are lots of exciting games to play to support phonic knowledge.

Keep our children safe online:


Here at Stanley St. Andrew's we teach our children that to stay safe online by:

1) always being with an adult whilst online

2) If there is something they don't like they Stop, Get off and Tell and adult. 

3) Usernames and passwords are private. 


We advise all parents and carers to carefully monitor what your child is doing online by having parental controls on all device your child has access to, having devices in communal areas not in bedrooms and ensure content is age appropriate. 


October Half Term Holiday Homework Fun 

Open the following document to see the Half Term holiday homework tasks.

Choose one or more. 

Have fun making the re-cycled projects and send in lots of photos for our class webpage.


Superhero Day

Today Puffins welcomed Superheroes into class.



We have all written an acrostic poem and Ms. Middleton has sent them away to be entered in a competition.

Working at home, practicing phonics and spellings with a game.



If you have any queries about this work, do not hesitate to contact the Puffin Team by email.

Please ensure that your child's work is returned to school by Wednesday so that it can be marked and made ready for the next week's homework.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Science of Materials.

In Science, Puffin Class have been looking at different materials and thinking about which material would be the best for a particular application.

We searched the playground for as many materials we could find: bricks, tiles, wood, slate, tarmac, stone, plastic, metal.

Next we thought about the uses of all these different materials; we compared the different materials and found that they have many uses.  Some materials could be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched, others could not.

We designed our own coffee cup and found out all about recycling and why it is important.

Finally we learned about John MacAdam the inventor of the Tarmac used on our playground and roads.

Pop Art

We have been looking at the amazing Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein, he liked to use bright primary colours to create big, bold paintings.

Black History Month

During Black History Month we have been studying the life and work of Mary Seacole; a Jamaican born nurse who nursed the soldiers during the Crimean War.  Mary's wish was to work with and alongside Florence Nightingale, unfortunately the racial prejudice of the time meant she was prevented from doing this.  Mary was not put off easily: she funded her own passage to Crimea, where she set up her 'British Hotel'; a hospital for the soldiers injured at the battle front.

We like to read out our stories in class.

Puffin Class love writing and drawing at home. Have a look at their super work.

 laughStar Of The Weeklaugh

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week.

The Star Of The Week is awarded to the person who has been kind, helpful and dedicated throughout the week.

Each Star of the Week chooses a prize from Ms. Middleton's Special Prize Box.


Well done to everyone who has been awarded Dojos.

Dojos are awarded to people who have worked hard throughout week, showed acts of kindness, been helpful, listened to instructions and have been dedicated to their work. 

Everyone receives many Dojos through the week and the person with the most Dojos at the end of the week chooses a prize from Ms. Middleton's Special Prize Box.


Every week Puffin class draw a name out of our V.I.P. box.

That tells us who is our Very Important Person of the week. 

Our V.I.P. is responsible for many roles throughout the week, such as: being Ms. Middleton's  helper; lighting the Collective Worship candle; collecting the dinner register from the office; choosing their own helpers to give out work books and many other special tasks that arise during the week.

So far the following people have been V.I.P's.

We have been planning another amazing   'Aisha and the Aliens'

story.  Can you make up your own story using these picture prompts?

Celebrate Harvest Festival with us. 

We have used our acrostic harvest themed poem to practice our handwriting, while thinking about how wonderful our world is at this time of year.

Harvest Festival

Working as a team; Puffin Class have written an acrostic poem using our knowledge of alliteration to celebrate this year's harvest.

Puffin class have been writing stories at home. Can you find yours?

Year 1 enjoyed looking at the properties of shapes, then they sorted them using a Venn diagram.

The whole class have pledged to be more active this term. Have a look at our individual pledges.

We are trying to tie our own shoe laces.

Puffin class enjoying Stand Up Derbyshire Day

Puffin class wrote their own superhero story. We hope you enjoy reading it. Watch out for part 2 next week!

Oaka has been busy Home Learning: read her wonderful story about Aisha the Superhero and see her amazing Picasso style portrait.

This week, Puffin Class have been painting portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso.

Can you see their likeness?