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Homework to support our Rainforest topic next term.

Holiday Homework

Please watch the You Tube link to find out about our new, exciting topic in Literacy and Science. Then write fact files about trees. All the information you need is below. Also look at the list of spellings that children often spell incorrectly when writing. It would be beneficial to learn as many as you can ready for September.

Little Evie in the Wild Wood

Reading Little Evie in the Wild Wood, written by Jackie Morris, illustrated by Catherine Hyde, published in teh USA and UK by Frances Lincoln ( distributed i...

Go on a woody walk or even a stroll in the park and look at trees. Try and identify as many as you can. Use the pictures to help, then write fact files of the ones you like the best. Use the fact file guide to help you and essentially have fun looking at these beautiful and vital plants!

Creating a tree fact file​

  • Work with a partner​

  • Decide on six trees between you, and then build a page to include the following information:​

  • Picture of tree in summer​

  • Picture of tree in winter​

  • Picture of its leaf​

  • Picture of its seed​

  • Bark rubbing​

  • Distinguishing features​

  • How tall it grows​

  • Where is it most commonly found in the UK​

  • Your challenge is to create a fact file on trees, do as many as you can.​

  • The aim is to have an exhibition of your fact files available for Puffin class to look at.

Stanley St Andrew's amazing festival - what a fantastic day!

Now the action begins!

What a beautiful baby! Thank you to Zachary's Mum for bringing in baby Sebastian.

Look at Elsie's old car, it looks fantastic. How does it compare to cars of today?

We loved the Ramble today!

We even tried out some yoga moves!

Sports Day was amazing!

INJOY - so much fun!

Art and Music with Mrs Davies to celebrate our ART WOW WEEK!

Tie Dye T-shirts ready for the Festival.

A perfect painting afternoon, we had lots of fun!

ECO homework - well done, amazing work again!

When the Dinosaurs came to school!

DT - What fun we had creating different modes of transport, from transformers to high tech cars!

ECO - Puffin class had a great afternoon in the ECO area.