St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


We have all been away from school for a long time now, but we are still Puffin Class. Everyone has been so busy working, creating, exploring and having fun. It is wonderful to see the photographs of everything you have been doing. Have a look at the Puffin Lockdown Album below - a celebration of Puffin Class at home.There are a few blank pages waiting for your new photographs, so keep sending them in.

Charlotte has been writing 'All About Me' for her new Kingfisher teachers.

Millie has written all about herself for her new Kingfisher teachers

mmmm...Millie's pizza looks delicious.

Charlotte is repairing her doorstop mouse.

Charlotte has been busy with the bubbles!

Can you believe how tall Anya's sunflower has grown?

Amazing hard work from Megan.

Betsy has been super creative: she's made a thumb pot & a coil pot from clay.

Rohan's dog , Trixie, is trying out her new collar & lead.

Fantastic fractions from Rohan

Super work from Millie - well done.

WOW! Look at all this hard work by Charlotte.

Rohan went for a walk around Calke Abbey with his family on Saturday

Brooke's hard work

Charlotte's beautiful theatre.

Millie's amazing puppet theatre.

Millie continues to work hard, bakes scrumptious muffins and explores Calke Abbey.

Rohan the Scientist

The Beardall family have been helping Granddad on the allotment, enjoying the summer sunshine and keeping fit.

Rohan's Literacy work.

Betsy has researched, sketched and written about various wild flowers for her Book of Flower Facts

Millie is working towards her ‘Skills Builder’ badge in Brownies. She is making her own bunting with various problems written on and then talks about how they happen and what can be done to help or solve them.

Millie is thinking about how to keep sun-safe and enjoying a scavenger hunt at Shipley Park

Millie is working hard to finish her work.

Grace working hard in the sunshine.

Read Nathan's poem with the theme of 'An Island'.

Rohan is getting some help with his school work!

Succulent strawberry picking with Isabel

Maths and English work from Rohan

Can you answer Megan's science questions?

Megan has been practising spellings.

Millie went on the hunt for scarecrows along the Oakwood scarecrow trail. The girls enjoyed making their very own scarecrow (Mildred Hubble, the worst witch) for the trail then had fun finding the other scarecrows and marking them on a sheet.

Rohan has got a new puppy - Trixie. Isn't she beautiful!

Yummy double choc chip cookies from Betsy.

Millie making the most of Oakwood Woods and adding to the pebble snake. She also did a mini beast and tree hunt as she went round.

Millie's maths, possessive apostrophe handwriting, spelling and active learn work.

Harrison has been out exploring with his family.

Well done Harrison, you are working hard. You should be very proud of yourself.

Lily has been busy learning her fractions and practising her writing. She is also helping doing jobs around the house!

Nathan has been very busy writing about Robin Hood and he should be very proud of what he has done! I love the verbs he has included as well as the brackets (that did make me laugh!)

Have a look at how busy Jesse has been; exploring, working hard and being creative.

Jesse has been helping his Daddy to build a patio.

Grace walked to the top of Mam Tor in the Peak District. She is enjoying Lockdown walks.

Rosie & Jacob are having fun looking after their hamsters, cooking and even taking part in a global camp out with scouting & guiding. They enjoyed a real camp fire 🔥 with hot chocolate & s’mores.

More fabulous camp photos from Rosie & Jacob. Amazing camp cooking skills Jacob. Camp food is the best and tastes even better when you cook it yourself.

They have also been doing English with Holly live most days on YouTube, started the 30 day art challenge & enjoy fancy dress Fridays with Joe Wicks!

Esme has planned her puppet show, completed her maths pages and made a super fruit poster all in French!

Rohan and his family went on a 6 mile walk in the Peak District, enjoying the lovely weather.

Megan has worked on maths and literacy. A fantastic definition of 1 and 2 clause sentences. Great work Megan.

Timetable for week beginning 8th June

Millie has added some painted rocks to the ‘pebble snake’ in Oakwood Woods.

Lily has been writing a story ready for her puppet show and drew how it will look, she has been busy on Active Learn and all the maths activities. She also went exploring in Shipley Park and has made some fairy cakes and a chilli with mum.

Betsy has researched all about shells and made her own book.

Rohan's beautiful handwriting practice

Enjoying the outdoors with Rosie & Belle

Rohan has been out exploring.

Anya has grown lettuce, peas, tomatoes and has entered a sunflower 🌻 growing competition!!!!

Playing Battleships with Anya

Millie has been exploring Shipley Park and Oakwood woods.

Great work Millie on the maths, literacy, Ancient Greece and French topics. Your huge smile shows how proud you are of your work.

Look at all the hard work Brooke has done. Keep sending your photos in for the website.

Have a look at the Wildlife Watch website that Mrs Richardson posted in Parent Hub.   It's full of great practical and creative ideas.  I've added a few below to get you started.

Some new creative challenges : Do you fancy a cup of Dandelion tea, or maybe a hot bowl of Nettle Soup?

Help the birds avoid flying into your window, or make a natural Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

Esme has taken Stanley's Challenge and made some origami with her mummy. She also went on a nature walk around Elvaston Castle and found some lovely leaves and foliage to create a nature picture.

Harrison took the Origami Challenge and has loved learning about it with his sister, Eve. It is great to see her teach Harrison and him to listen and follow her instructions. Fantastic teamwork: you are working together really well.

Isabel is excited to see that her chickens have started to lay eggs.

Joshua has got a beautiful new puppy called Rudy, they have been out playing football together.

Megan's amazing hard work for literacy, Ancient Greece and PHSE. What happened to the Titanic passengers once in the lifeboats Megan? I bet they were scared out of their wits.

Daisy making trusses - using triangles - to make a strong building for her Rainbows 'Construction' badge and finding fab walks around her local area and loving the beautiful nature all around.

Daisy's amazing Super Hero zipwire

Hello to everyone, we hope you are all safe and well!


 Ms Middleton, Mrs Adshead and Mrs Ellis​ are now back together as the Puffin Team and we are here to help. ​It has been a long time since we have all been together and we have missed you all.  We would love to hear from you to find out how you are and  what you have all been doing during Lockdown.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch via email if there is anything you are unsure of, no matter how big or small.  Remember to keep sending photos and videos for the website, we will upload them as quickly as possible so that your classmates can see how you are and what you have been up to.


Please refer to the timetable,​ posted on Puffin Class website, each week as this will provide the​ home learning information you need on a daily basis, as well as any challenges. Thanks to Mrs Adshead and her skills in Art and DT, there will also be a ​fun weekly challenge for you to get your ​creative teeth into.


In the meantime, stay safe and continue to send pictures etc. whenever possible so that we can celebrate all the hard work that you are doing.

Make a natural materials picture or have a go at origami. Remember to send in your photos.

Are you feeling creative, but need some new ideas? Have a look at Let's Create. Lots of fun, creative things to do. All you need is a pencil or a pen, some paper and most importantly - YOUR IMAGINATION.

Grace chose to design her name using different fonts for each letter.

Timetable for week commencing 1st June

Rohan's puppet show planning

That zip-wire looks amazing fun Daisy

Still image for this video

Daisy has been working hard in her den!

Millie is working towards the Charity badge with brownies - she will also be taking part in a charity run to raise money for the RSPCA

Lilly has been so busy: feeding the ducks at the park; exploring the countryside; making foil outfits for her dolls; learning to play the ukulele; baking and making slime (don't get those mixed up Lilly!); cycling, walking and practising her 2, 3 and 5 timetables.

A beautiful home grown miniature garden.

Millie working on arrays and double numbers, times tables and expanded noun phrases.

Having fun in the sun.

Brooke has been working hard.

The pizza and bread are making my tummy rumble Anya. What time is dinner?

Anya has been exploring too - visiting Little Eaton, Sherwood Pines and Draycott beach. Can you spot Tinkerbell's green light?

Harrison and his family have been exploring. It looks a lovely day out.

Well done, you have been working hard Harrison.

Good work on English and the Ancient Greeks Rohan. Did you have fun with the volcano experiment?

Rohan and Logan have been exploring and found a frog.

Rohan has been working on Expanded Noun Phrases

Millie's maths

Millie has been enjoying the sunshine: tasty picnics, book swaps, gardening and cooking.

Mille earned her Brownie inventing badge by designing a cat collar that sprayed water at the cat via a sensor every time the cat went near a bird. She also found out about female inventors like Nancy Johnson and Elizabeth Magie.

Rohan has made and programmed a mechanical coding robot. Well done Rohan, great STEM skills.

Still image for this video

Rohan has also been keeping fit by cycling and walking.

This weekend the Beardall Family should have been taking part in the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon weekend. Mum running a half marathon, Eve and Harrison running a competitive 5km and everryone (including Grandad Outram) running a one mile fun run. But it wasnt really ‘for fun’ - through the police force the family were asked if they would support the assistant chief constable of West Midlands Police who is suffering terminal Motor Neurone Disease. They joined a team of police officers and staff in a bid to raise £150000 - despite lockdown and cancellation of the event together the team had raised £16500 - incredible. Eve, Harrison and Thomas are the youngest members of the team and highly respected for their efforts and training across many Midland's police forces becoming something of a mascot. The family took a trip up to Sherwood Pines and ran a ‘competive socially distant 5k’ and a fun 1 mile at Thomas’s Pace. The actual races have been rescheduled for 25th of October. They even got a personal well wish from non other than David Walliams.

Millie has been busy during Half Term: lyrical dancing on Zoom: earning her Brownie painting badge: joining in a charity day with her dance school with lots of activities via zoom including craft and baking to raise money for the NHS; and taking a common exception word test. Fantastic work Millie

Week commencing 18th May 2020 - Some fantastic home learning -- well done!!