St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Molly has been working hard on our Safety First topic

I love Aimee's design for her Carrier Bag of Concerns

Safety At Home by Olivia

Oliver not only has been working hard on his own studies, he has also been helping Roseanna with her work

Lily has created a PowerPoint presentation to showcase the wildlife in her local area

Aimee has chosen to use the knowledge she's acquired over the course of her PSHE lessons to do the Staying safe when we are out and about poster. She has done a combination of water safety and road safety.

Samuel has been thinking about safety. Some really good advice here Sam!

Lochlan caring for his tomato plants and sweet pepper plants.

Online Safety by Amelia

Aimee has been learning about how to stay safe online

Aimee's drug safety poster

Evie's Road Safety poster.

Lochlan is growing his own potatoes, he is ' earthing-up' his potatoes in this photo.

A beautiful poem by Eve that reminds us all that we can be whatever we want to be and that we are all special and unique

Road Safety by Aimee

Evie's Dare To Be Different story board.

Dare To Be Different story board by Molly.

Amelia's Dare to be Different story board.

Aimee has created a Dare to be Different storyboard

Sophie A has been identifying dangers around the pool.

Aimee has been thinking really carefully about potential hazards in our Safety First topic.

\eve#s responsibility tree/

Amelia's responsibilty tree

Molly has worked hard on the PSHE topic

Aimee has been thinking about her responsibilities when keeping herself safe.

Eve has worked on the Taxation topic

Amelia has been thinking about money.

Aimee has finished the PSHE Money in the wider world task.

Dalacey is enjoying some fresh air with her sister and dog

Mmolly's taxation poster

Eve had the opportunity to spend some time in a beautiful place called The Land. . It is normally a spiritual retreat for mindfulness, meditation and yoga and Eve loved learning about the spirituality and the medicine wheel in particular.

Borrowing and spending money.

Chloe has got her hands full with this little one.

Evie's budget poster.

Molly and Adam helped to beat a world record by joining over 84,000 Scouts across the world camping out on one night!

Excellent work from Aimee on the importance of budgeting

Caring for a pet

Scouting with dad.

Money balancing by Samuel

Mindfulness colouring is a great lockdown activity Lucas