St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


GR has been working hard on her reading comprehension and sentence construction,

BR completed divisions during her Maths work.

MW cooking with Brownies and completing her inner and outer self task.

MW completing her math's work.

AW worked hard on division work.

ET completed some more Anglo-Saxons work and has helped mum make a slow cooked curry. She also enjoyed independent reading.

BR has been busy completing her work alongside enjoying her reading books on Active Learn.

MW has been very busy writing an exciting story, where her sister saved the day! She has also written a secret message using Anglo Saxon runes, can you read it?

CH completed her first book review and went for a 5.5 mile walk with her dad.

RI enjoying an 8 mile walk with his family.

LS trying sushi, making bath bombs and completing her work.

AW working very hard with maths work, showing perseverance!

MW working very hard with the times tables and enjoying getting "stuck in a book".

HB working on his SPaG, Math and french.

CH cooking a treat and completing her maths work.

Joe Wicks is keeping everyone fit and healthy.

CH and her dad took advantage of the lovely weather and went for a 5.3 mile walk. (That's nearly 8 1/2 km!)

Maths and SPAG work from AW

MW used the internet to research for science and she found some step by step YouTube drawing videos too.

BR is working on Literacy and Maths.

DC is busy Home Learning. He's using Purple Mash and Active Learn too.

Children in school are having fun too. P.E. with Joe Wicks.

NO has planned his family's meals for the week: they're looking forward to afternoon tea on Thursday and homemade pizza on Friday. Delicious.

GR enjoyed her maths Home Learning. Well done you!

MW had help with her Home Learning from her nanny today. What a great idea!

BR has been busy.

Super pictures from JM, showing his maths and SPAG work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AW. We hope you all enjoyed your virtual party.

MW has produced some lovely, neat work.

Super work AW

LS has written a story, completed maths and finished myths and legends work. Well done!

This meal looks so tasty! Yummy!

Daisy has been so busy, working in school and at home, we are so proud of you Daisy!

DC has been doing maths and Active Learn :)

The children in school are working very hard too!

Maths and Mindfulness

Keeping fit with Just Dance!

MW has made a healthy meal with a little help.

HB has been planning a healthy meal and made a shopping list for his mum so she can get the ingredients ready. The cat is being very helpful again :)

GR has been making a sock doll, she did all the sewing by herself, a super skill to have! She has also been doing lots of SPaG.

ET has been getting on with her Anglo Saxon work.

CH has been super busy with her maths, SPaG, she has completed the alphabet scavenger hunt and the cereal box challenge.

The world looks frozen.

BR has completed her myths and legends work. I love the title!

NO has been working hard! Well done!

SPAG and maths by DC

Fresh air and some maths with the cat. Brilliant!

MW is playing the part of Moody Margaret from Horrid Henry.

Look how deep that puddle is!

AW has been working on SPaG and French: Days of the week.

LS has been working hard with, Maths, SPaG and Anglo Saxon mindfulness.

An amazing Anglo-Saxon brooch, designed and made by MW

Beautiful mindfulness colouring from MW

MW has been getting to grips with her maths today

SPAG work from BR

CH is working hard. Thank you for the pictures.

More Marvellous Maths, this time from GR and the title page from a new story.

MW watched the film Charlie and the chocolate factory then linked it in to her SPAG work. A great idea.

More Marvellous Maths , this time from DC.

Marvellous maths from LS

JM is keeping busy with his Home Learning.

ET has worked on maths and RE

Maths work from BR.

AW has worked on maths , literacy and geography today.

Millie has been working very hard, she has completed maths, her greatest achievements of 2020 and also has been learning about Anglo Saxons.

Betsy shared her achievements of 2020.

Megan Answered questions about the Anglo Saxons and shared her thoughts on 2020.

Daniel has been very busy completing reading, maths and topic work.

Lily has worked very hard with reading comprehension, Maths and topic work.

Rohan has completed Maths, Reading and Topic work.