St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


MW - baking honey loaf, craft time, reading to Betsy, maths, BFG lesson 7 and 8 and a case of cash task

MW using measuring skills in "real life", working hard on the BFG and using her spelling words in sentences.

The BFG lessons 8 & 9 from BR.

MW has been super busy... pizza pittas, making a raindrop mobile with hamma beads, slime making, around the world in 80minutes book review, maths and the water cycle

Super work from LS.

BFG lessons and spellings from BR.

MW working hard with maths and PSHE

MW and DW exploring outdoor activities.

BR Literacy work

BR using spelling words in sentences.

MW working very hard on topic, maths and literacy.

BR working hard with maths and literacy skills.

AW learning the fundamentals of chess.

MW reading with Nanny and writing a Worst Witch book review.

Great measuring from MW

MW has found out about the different states of water alondside Nanny.

HB has been creating art with his brother and sister.

L S has written a fairy tale mix-up!

We are very proud of your efforts this term.

Chinese New Year fun and a maths workout by CH

DC is a gardener in the making.

Maths and writing from BR,

AW got a distinction in her tap exam from November 82%! We are very proud of her!

Marvellous masks and reading with Nanny for MW.

AW found out about local history on a recent walk through Horsley Woodhouse.

Super sentences and maths from BR

LS has been super busy with her Chinese New Year activities, Science and Maths.

AW has been working on maths and spellings.

BR has been working through her CGP books today, great work B!

RI completed 126 keepie uppies in one go! What a footballing superstar!

Still image for this video

AW has been weighing items from the kitchen.

HB - This morning we worked as a family team to talk about our feelings. We then went on to watch Inside Out which establishes a fun way out brain might work and the feelings we had.

MW you are a STAR!

LB enjoying maths and making her skeleton.

BR has been finding out about the year of the Ox. She has also completed a reading comp about an interview with Jacqueline Wilson.

BW has been learning about fractions, drawing, enjoying the snow and busy completing a jigsaw.

HB has been working very hard! I wonder what topping was on the pizza?

BR is showing great math's skills.

MW has using her maths skills with Brownies and has received a new book from her nanny. She has also been working hard on her reading comprehension and math's.

AW has been very busy all week!

NO enjoying his daily exercise.

DC practising his spellings and typing skills in one go!

DC Sentences – W/C 1 February 2021


  1. Doctor Octopus was putting together an evil scheme.
  2. The class was singing a song but they messed up the chorus.
  3. The man when to the chemist to get his medicine.
  4. When you shout in a tunnel it makes an echo.
  5. The story had a really cool main character.
  6. My foot started to ache when I was playing football.
  7. A Monarch rules a kingdom or empire.
  8. The man’s stomach was rumbling because he was so hungry.
  9. My Granma and Grumps has an orchid plant in their garden.
  10. The orchestra played to a massive crowd.


DC has been working very hard at home.

MH is proud of her work completed in school.

EC working hard in school.

IN using her computer skills in school.

MW has written a super alliteration poem, described an Anglo Saxon goddess and completed math's and English work.

Pronoun work and maths by AW

BR has been practising her spellings by writing them in sentences. She has also been doing some maths.

AW found an awesome tree!

BR practising SPaG.

LB smiling through her work!

Super work from MW today, I love the portrait that you have drawn.

AW has been working very hard in maths and SPaG.

LS has been doing lots of maths!

GR being fabulous with fractions!

ET bird watching and baking!

BR showing how much she loves reading.

MW was busy with maths, SPaG and purple mash spellings and sentences.

Baking and birdwatching from DP.

HB and his family have had a tough week. Their pet rabbits Cookie and Cream were poorly and had to make a special journey to the rainbow bridge. Sleep tight Cookie and Cream. We are thinking about you all.

HB enjoying the snow, getting his maths done and exercising with his brother.

Maths and SPaG by BR

MW has made some artifacts from clay, they look real!

MW has been working so hard in all subjects.

AW has been working very hard with all subjects.

BR using her spelling words to write exciting sentences and completing a SPaG exercise.

MW has been working so hard on her Sutton Hoo investigation, Maths and English. Your work is so neat M!

Spot the blue tit on GW's birdfeeder.

Topic, art, literacy and maths work from LB.

BR producing accurate math and literacy work.

Maths and Myths for MW

MW has done independent research to learn about Anglo Saxon helmets.

Brilliant BR has completed a reading comprehension. Super effort!

CH has been so busy with reading comprehension, SPaG, maths and science. Excellent work!

MW priced up some items and made a little shop, her nanny Les had her own shop back home and over zoom they purchased each other’s goods.

Spelling practice from AW.

LS has been busy.

NO & MO joined in the Scout's chilly challenge over the weekend. NO was the only Cub who took part from his Scout group.

BW worked together with her family to complete a 1000 piece puzzle and made some chocolate lollies.

MW working on money and apostrophes.

RI money work.

MW doing some maths followed by some fresh air!

LB getting arty :)

DC Anglo Saxon village.

RI has made his Anglo Saxon village.

CH doing the Active Learn dance!!!!

Still image for this video

MW keeping busy with math's and PSHE.

CH working hard on reading comprehension and math's.

BR solving math's questions.

NO working hard.

NO and MO have been experimenting with Gummy Bears and learning about the process of osmosis.

NO working hard with his writing.

GR the pizza chef! Look at these amazing creations. We hope she's taking orders!!

DP, getting a work / life balance, lots of work then a walk and litter pick!

NO is very proud of his medieval castle, which he designed and constructed himself!

CH has been a very busy bee!

GR reading comp and maths work :)

The finished painting, lovely!

DC has been using this weeks spellings in his sentence work.

Super work BR :)

I can't wait to see the finished painting, well done AW!

MW has been super busy today!

Brilliant work BR!

Tuesday Home Learning from MW.

Oops! AW fell in a puddle, but lit a lovely fire to dry out and warm up.

'It'll be alright on the night'.

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Outtakes from HB's healthy eating video to make you giggle.

Still image for this video

An amazing healthy eating video from HB.

Still image for this video

Last weeks work from CH.

LB is busy with numeracy.

AW is working on maths.

Some samples of work from CH.

LS is working from her CGP book.

A brilliantly captioned picture of an Anglo Saxon village from MW.

AW has been busy.

Super work from BR.

RI is having help with maths from Trixie.

GR has been working hard on her reading comprehension and sentence construction,

BR completed divisions during her Maths work.

MW cooking with Brownies and completing her inner and outer self task.

MW completing her math's work.

AW worked hard on division work.

ET completed some more Anglo-Saxons work and has helped mum make a slow cooked curry. She also enjoyed independent reading.

BR has been busy completing her work alongside enjoying her reading books on Active Learn.

MW has been very busy writing an exciting story, where her sister saved the day! She has also written a secret message using Anglo Saxon runes, can you read it?

CH completed her first book review and went for a 5.5 mile walk with her dad.

RI enjoying an 8 mile walk with his family.

LS trying sushi, making bath bombs and completing her work.

AW working very hard with maths work, showing perseverance!

MW working very hard with the times tables and enjoying getting "stuck in a book".

HB working on his SPaG, Math and french.

CH cooking a treat and completing her maths work.

Joe Wicks is keeping everyone fit and healthy.

CH and her dad took advantage of the lovely weather and went for a 5.3 mile walk. (That's nearly 8 1/2 km!)

Maths and SPAG work from AW

MW used the internet to research for science and she found some step by step YouTube drawing videos too.

BR is working on Literacy and Maths.

DC is busy Home Learning. He's using Purple Mash and Active Learn too.

Children in school are having fun too. P.E. with Joe Wicks.