St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Aimee met up with Edie, Imogen and Molly and had fun creating a socially distanced dance routine.

Molly has been thinking about staying safe around water

Lochlan had a close encounter with some of the local wildlife on his walk today

Lucas and Keira had a walk around the grounds of Kedleston Hall and enjoyed taking in all the beautiful surroundings and nature around them. They even made a new friend!

Aimee and her family had a very relaxing weekend walking around Wollaton Hall, doing the Nutbrook trail, and playing badminton

Wow look at that rainbow! Lochlan was on his walk when he noticed it :)

Aimee has been bike riding and enjoyed walks around Elvaston Castle.

A busy and active week for the Beardalls and a new haircut for Eve

The floor is LAVA! Such a fun game but a great way to keep active too.

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Water Safety activities by Jack

Aimee has made a water safety poster.

Elliot made a football training power point.

Whilst Aimee enjoyed her walk she fed some baby ducks and swans.

Aimee's cartoon strip showing how to be safe around canals

Aimee has made a poster about water safety.

Jack met up with his friends, climbed trees and had fun in the pool!

Water Safety by Olivia D

Water Safety by Amelia

Lily has created a fact file about the Downie sisters

Lucas, Keira, Lochlan and Arwen met for a socially distanced walk around Elvaston Castle. It's so lovely to see that you've been able to keep in touch with friends.

Aimee has been doing some of the gymnastic challenge

Livvy has been channeling her inner ice skater on her Heeleys.

Livvy's super skills

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Water Safety by Aimee

Joshua and Grace walked to the top of Mam Tor, they had a great time.

Olivia's short story (water safety).

Water Safety is very important. Well done Olivia!

Evie's water safety work.

Molly has made this fantastic gymnastics presentation.

Water Safety by Molly

Water Safety by Amelia.

Aimee has been keeping fit through gardening and badminton

Kayden has been learning how to drive a digger

Aimee has been looking at water safety.

A fantastic silver for Aimee in her 10 minute jogging challenge

Lucas and Keira have been taking regular 5 mile bike rides, and having competitions to see who can reach the top of the hill fastest!

Aimee has been practising her gymnastics in the garden.

Jack is practising keepie-uppies. He is getting very good. Keep up the good work Jack!

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Aimee enjoys cycling.

Jack bouncing away

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A spot of gardening and meeting friends on their walk for Lochlan and Arwen

George has been busy on his turbo trainer for his bike club

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Eve's family were supposed to be going to London to watch the London marathon so instead they ran their own ‘not London marathon’ and they ran exactly 2.62 miles from their home finding street signs that spelt out LONDON MARATHON using the first letters.

Lily keeping up her gymnastics practice..

Jack's got skills!

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Lucas showing us different ways of keeping active

Superstar footballer Jack with his Top Scorer of the season trophy! Well done Jack!

Joe Wicks Fancy Dress Friday - Our very own Captain America!

Keira and Lucas go out for a run.

A little bit of gymnastics and mindfulness.

Lily walking her cute dog :)