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PACE Club is no longer running. Please see our Ready Steady Cook Club and Sports Club pages for more information on healthy eating and exercise.
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Summer term dates


29th April 2019 – Beginning of term - No PACE Club meeting

6th May 2019 – Bank Holiday

13th May 2019 - Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

20th May 2019 - Cooking – Awesome Breakfast Oats & Apple & Carrot juice  (finishes 5:15pm)

27th May 2019 - Half Term

3rd June 2019 – Inset Day

10th June - Cooking – Couscous and Pitta Pockets  (finishes 5:15pm)

17th June 2019 - Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

24th June 2019- Cooking – Raisin & Banana Cookies  (finishes 5:15pm)

1st July 2019 -  Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

8th July 2019 - Cooking – Pleasing Pasta  (finishes 5:15pm)

15th July 2019 – No PACE Club meeting

22nd July 2019 - Inset Day

Making shortbread biscuits

Olly and Georgi's Powerpoint presentation

Lily, Natty, Molly & Logan's Powerpoint

Pace Club members have made a few Powerpoint  presentations for you to view.

This week at PACE Club we made our own bread.This week we made our own bread.

"The feeling of kneading the dough was great."  Amelia Year 6

"My bread tasted fabulous!" Mollie Year 3

"My bread tasted scrummy!" Adam Year 5



PACE Club  meets on a Monday evening after school.  The Club concentrates on how to be healthy; each week we alternate between playing active games and learning how to eat  healthily. 


One week we think about how our bodies work and how to keep active and the next we prepare healthy food and snacks.

During Spring Term the Club has been extended every alternate week so that we can prepare and cook a variety of dishes.


Spring Term dates:

14th January 2019 - Cooking- Quick Bread Dough (finishes 5:15pm)

21st January 2019 - Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

28th January 2019 - Cooking - Shortbread  (finishes 5:15pm) Cancelled

4th February 2019- Cancelled due to Staff Training

11th February 2019  - Cooking - Shortbread  (finishes 5:15pm)

18th February 2019- Half Term

25th February - Inset Day

4th March 2019 -  Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

11th March 2019  - Cooking - Cheese and Apple Scones  (finishes 5:15pm)

18th March 2019 -  Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

25th March 2019  - Cooking - Orange Flapjacks  (finishes 5:15pm)

1st April 2019 -  Activity Week (finishes 4:30pm)

8th April 2019  - Cooking - Pizza Wheels  (finishes 5:15pm)




Click on the files below to see which recipes we are using this Spring Term: