St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

My child doesn't want to work today.

15 Minute Reading Challenge

Toppsta would love to get everyone reading for just 15 minutes a day and have created a
30 Day Challenge for your child to complete, choosing their own rewards!
So whether they'd like a movie night, a picnic in the garden or a later bedtime, this is their opportunity to set their goals.


You could even win £25 Smyths Toy voucher if you enter their fun bingo game!


For more information click on the link below:

It is Father's Day on Sunday. 

Treat your father, step-father, granddad, uncle or friend with a beautiful home made card and gift.  Have a look at the powerpoint below for inspiration.  There are lots of projects to do,  read through to the end before you decide which one you want to do.  . 

Some projects you can do by yourself and some will need adult help:


 Staying creative helps us feel good!
   Are you ready to be creative, but not sure what to do?
Have a look at the amazing ideas below.

Click and download the Let’s Create Pack pdf.

Take a lookcool at these fun creative activities.
All you need is a pencil or a pen, some paper, and most importantly –

your imagination!


Have you ever made a mapstick? A mapstick is a map, on a stick, of a journey you have made. All you need is a stick (any shape and size), and oddments of wool of appropriate colours.


Go for a walk around your house or your garden. As you go, note the different colours you see. You can also collect small objects such as leaves etc.


When you are ready, you simply wind the wool around the stick to show your journey, fastening in the objects where they should go. For example, in my garden I might start with orange and cream for the roses. Then I might add green for the bamboo and blue for the water, with a piece of white for the silver birch tree behind. I might weave in a piece of birch catkin.


I wonder what it would look like if you went round your house? Would it be different to the garden?


Don’t forget to send your photos in.