St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


We used pizza to discuss halves and quarters and then used wotsits to share and discussed odd and even numbers. 

Identifying coins:

We have been identifying coins and putting them in value order. 

Lamb visitors:

We had a lovely visit from two lambs that are being hand fed. 

Ten frames and estimation:

We had a huge pile of counters to count so we decided to do s9e estimations followed by a discussion of what is the easiest and quickest way of being able to count a large pils and we decided tens would be easiest and so we would need the ten frames. 


Using our small world animals to show the two parts when doubling. 

Number lines:

Year1s have been looking at number lines that go backwards for example: 20, 19, 18, 17 or 16, 15, 14 etc…

Looking at numbers to 20:

Using the resources to help support problem solving and being able to explain the answer. 

Chinese New Year- The Great Race:

We looked at The Great Race story and used it to complete some races of our own and order positions. 

Maths place value within 20:

We have been looking at numbers to 20. 

Making 20:

Children were finding the target maths problem a little tricky of showing all of the different ways of making ten by throwing beanbags at the target. 

Number hunting:

We went outside to find all of our numbers had been hidden and so the children explored our environment to find the missing numbers. We then made number lines to 20 and worked as a team to build three number lines. 

Repeating patterns:

We have had lots of fun making repeating patterns with 2d shapes looking at the different and same properties of the shapes. 

Maths deeper challenge:

Children’s shape:

The children have really enjoyed building the shape and then counting to check the answers of how many squares were used, how many circles were used etc…

Shapes in our environment:

The children have enjoyed completing a shape hunt inside the classroom were we voted to see which 3d shape we thought we saw the most of in the classroom the majority voted for cuboid. Later we completed a shape hunt outside and found lots of different shapes such as cones, squares, circles etc… we discussed whether we saw more 2d or 3d shapes outside and we the majority said 2d shapes. 

2d and 3d shapes:

Deeper challenge:

We have looked at identifying 2d and 3d shapes by their properties and started to uses these properties to sort the shapes into different groups. 

Using number lines:

We looked at how number lines can help us work out the answer to the missing part in the part whole models. 

we then introduced subtraction ahead of next week. 

Part whole models:

We have been looking at part whole models. The two parts at the bottom need to add together to make the whole number at the top. 

Yr1 selection of math resources:

We have been working on selecting the correct resources for what we need support with in maths as well as which ones we feel support us most. 

Using resources:

We have used lots of different kinds of resources to help address misconceptions and spot patterns. 

Whole and parts of numbers:

Children have used cubes to highlight parts of numbers and to physically put the parts back together as a whole. 

Number line counting:

We have counted using our number line and programmed Earl to move a certain amount of steps forwards to help our counting on from a number and number bonds to 10. 

Maths Wow week:

Children have enjoyed looking at number, shape and measurement as part of our Wow week for maths. 

Using maths resources:

Using the Greater than and Less than symbol in our maths.

Children enjoyed using our resources to create number sentences using greater than, smaller than and equal to. 

Teamwork in maths:

The children worked in pairs to discuss their work and their methods as well. 

Sorting, counting and number formation:

Yr1s did an amazing job of explaining how and why they were sorting the objects as well as modelling great counting skills. 

One more One less loop game:

Year 1s worked really well as teams and showed trust, respect and teamwork within their maths starter by working as a team to solve the loop game. Both groups communicated with each other well to find the next number in the loop. 


Yr1s have been looking at sorting! The children have decided that we can sort objects by colour, size and shape.